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Posted in: Forum Home >> General Discussion >> MY SPIN DOCTORS NIGHTMARE............

Displaying 3 posts
Displaying 3 posts
May 4, 2013 9:57 AM ET #1 (permalink)

This clusterfuck of a night will forever be enshrouded in my memory. Had no clue the S.D. were in town and had no idea I would end up at the show. A buddies gf wanted to get out for a night and have some fun. It was decided that is where we would go. Scary Movie 5 was the other choice (although I wish we would have gone to the movies now). We showed up at the North Carolina Music Factory, a plethera of venues and attractions. We went to the beer garden area first and ordered food and drinks. I had a triple Sprite on the rocks and an Angus Beef burger. DAMN GOOD FOOD!!!! It occured to me that we were surrounded by yuppies and hipsters. IT WAS AS IF I HAD BEEN SUCKED INTO THE TWILIGHT ZONE..........They were playing some game with bean bags and wooden planks with a round hole in it. Back and forth they would toss the bags trying desperately to make the hole. It was curious to watch such primordial behavior like you would see in some National Geographic show. As if the Human was being tested by aliens to see how smart they are. As we went to the stage area where the S.D. would be playing we walked in front of the Charlotte Fillmore. There was some show going on there as well. We arrived at the open court stage area and it was jam packed. The band playing was very forgettable but apparently there was a huge gathering of fans. I believe the band is called Paper Tongues, but Im not betting any $ that is it. it consisted of 3 female back-up singers, keyboardist, 2 guitarists, singer, bassist. They gave their all but it was rather dull stuff.

The Spin Doctors took the stage to a thunderous applause. They played as if it were still the 90s with the energy they gave out. The crowd was giving the energy right back. Not being a fan I wasnt really into the band and wasnt overly impressed, no disrespect intended to the Spin Doctors at all. they played Little Miss Cant Be Wrong and 2 Princes and older and newer material from the new album, which the singer made sure to let everyone know it was just released last Tuesday repeatedly. Then, like the winds of evil blow, the night went tragically downhill. Thanks to liquid retarded (alcohol) my buddies gf began flippin trips on him. Talkin all kinds of shit to him, pushing him, and at one point began hitting him. As I manuveur my way between them, 2 cops appear and grab her off him, and almost grabbed me, which would have made me go to jail over because I wasnt about to be taken down for no reason!!!! He realized that I was just seperating them and he backed off (WHEW). The cops who grabbed her off him told her to get out which made everyone in our party have to leave. Then it really goes to shit now!! We get back to the ride and she fliips again and busts his mouth open with a punch. It causes him to flip and begin talkin smack and without realizing it he talked shit at me and my wife. Im not stressing it because I know he didnt mean it, but was in a different mind at that moment, but it did irk me a tad. My wife, however, is absolutely livid!!!! So my wife and I look for a cab to get away from the BS circus going on. As if the hand of fate was guiding it, one appeared almost immediately. It was dropping someone off at the Fillmore. We grabbed it and began our journey home. I was thinking it would cost around $100 for the ride but thankfully it was only $25.50. I popped a sleepin pill upon arrival home and was so happy once sleep set in and I was unconcious......................

May 4, 2013 10:07 AM ET #2 (permalink)
R10's avatar


Damn, thats a hell of a review. Didn't know the Spin Doctors were still around. They had a couple catchy songs in the early 90's. They seemed to draw maybe a "hippy" type crowd who play hackysack and wear tiedye shirts. Im pretty surprised they still draw so well. Literally haven't heard that name for years.

May 5, 2013 8:42 AM ET #3 (permalink)

Too bad we dont have delete buttons for memories we dont want to remember.........

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