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New Member Intro/Welcome Thread

Posted in: Forum Home >> General Discussion >> New Member Intro/Welcome Thread

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Displaying posts 251 - 275 of 742 1 2 ... 9 10 11 12 13 ... 29 30 Last
Oct 7, 2010 6:40 AM ET #251 (permalink)

harry welcome the more metal brothers the beter we need to spread the word

Oct 7, 2010 12:17 PM ET #252 (permalink)


Oct 7, 2010 12:39 PM ET #253 (permalink)

Yo HC, welcome to family..............

Oct 7, 2010 2:05 PM ET #254 (permalink)

Welcome HC, but I gotta tell ya... Chicks dig the man scape over harry cox any day. Lol. \m/\m/!!!

Oct 7, 2010 2:43 PM ET #255 (permalink)

Manscaping for the win.

Oct 7, 2010 4:17 PM ET #256 (permalink)


Oct 8, 2010 1:26 AM ET #257 (permalink)

thats part of my macho thing going on

Oct 8, 2010 8:00 PM ET #258 (permalink)

Welcome HC!

Oct 13, 2010 8:18 PM ET #259 (permalink)

Where's all the n00bs at? I have an extremely disgusting pile of monkey shit to smear with some lucky bastard. It's a right of passage around here. Just ask DB. Excrement... It's what I do.

Oct 15, 2010 5:17 AM ET #260 (permalink)


Oct 17, 2010 5:15 PM ET #261 (permalink)

Hi, this is Nucewolf. I´m an average metalhead just expanding my consciousness here and maybe also sharing my own knowledge and expieriences. Ahm... I´ve been listening metalmusic for almost 8-10 years now. Favorite bands being mostly black metal bands like Bathory, Arckanum or Peste Noire. But I enjoy other genres as well as long it is metal.
So this is my introduction and hope you enjoy having me here.

Oct 17, 2010 6:38 PM ET #262 (permalink)

another wolf! welcome to the MU family.

Oct 17, 2010 6:42 PM ET #263 (permalink)

Welcome Nucewolf - I prefer Mortifera to Peste Noire, but great band none the less!

Oct 17, 2010 6:42 PM ET #264 (permalink)

He's gonna be Wolf's bitch.

Oct 17, 2010 7:39 PM ET #265 (permalink)

Hmm. Hi there, i suppose i am pretty new. But not a lurker, i just find that a little weird, sorry. it's like that guy across the room who listens to the convo and looks, but never says a thing. O.o eep. Creeper.
I recently just came onto REAL metal, not that bullshit that the media classifies in under. and i got to say, it effin awesome. So yeah i am a bit of a newb. But i am not naive or stupid, so don't treat me like that

Oh forgot to mention whom i am, names Sylvia. and the nln is a middlefinger for anyone that didn't catch that...

and for some goddamned reason i happen to be the only one posting round here lately sept maybe Cythic (spellin?) it's starting to seem a bit bare.

(This post was last edited on October 17, 2010 at 8:00 PM ET.)

Oct 17, 2010 8:06 PM ET #266 (permalink)

Many others have posted as well. Guess you missed those posts! Welcome to the MU family!

Oct 17, 2010 8:10 PM ET #267 (permalink)

Nah i meant for like the past two days. (im that new lol). There always seems to be like this awesome convo going on and like i walk in just as it died. lmao
and thanks :)

Oct 17, 2010 8:50 PM ET #268 (permalink)

Welcome Wolf and Sylvia!

Oct 17, 2010 8:55 PM ET #269 (permalink)

Hi there Sb

Oct 17, 2010 9:10 PM ET #270 (permalink)

Hi hi ^^

Oct 17, 2010 9:16 PM ET #271 (permalink)

So what are some popular bands on here that aren't bullshit?

Oct 17, 2010 9:48 PM ET #272 (permalink)

Depends, what are you into?

Oct 17, 2010 9:49 PM ET #273 (permalink)

everything n anything. im open minded :)

Oct 17, 2010 9:50 PM ET #274 (permalink)

a perfect circle
corrosion of conformity
acid bath
birch hill dam
final curse
black label society.......just to name a few

Oct 17, 2010 9:57 PM ET #275 (permalink)

oh durn i know alot of those. i m not to bad metal newb

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