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The Count's Movie/ Varg Vikernes' Forebears

Posted in: Forum Home >> Extreme Metal >> The Count's Movie/ Varg Vikernes' Forebears

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Displaying 1 post
Mar 18, 2013 10:46 AM ET #1 (permalink)

Greetings good masters,
although seemingly secondary and peripheral to the actual entity of black metal or related music, the "scene" tends to bring forth a variety of oddities that catch our attention for the mere fact of therefore being accidentally related to it.
Few of these are for sure some products belonging to Varg Vikernes Œuvre, which contains besides brilliant pieces of music also books and a movie.
My primary attempt now and here is to initialize a discussion about the movie and to get the question answered by some very knowledgeable person where the hell I can watch it (for educational purpose only) on the internet.
For all of us who share an interest in the odd anthropological works of the beginning of the last century and are into pure fantasy literature and such which is the blend between those two - literature that dwells in a realm between fantasy and anthropology - surely Vargs book about european ancestral cults was a delight.
You cannot deny the absurdity as well as genius in this ultra-frazerean account of romantic transfiguration of facts.
So to cut the crap short: - Hlióðs bið ec allar kindir -
- What do you think of the movie ?
- And foremost: Where can I watch it?? the internet must have it; (okok sooner or later i'll buy the real version of it anyway) but I want to see it NOW ! (dont you also?)

and don't forget: Intensity comes at the cost of wisdom !

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