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Bullet For My Valentine

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Displaying posts 1 - 25 of 89 1 2 3 4 Last
Jan 19, 2010 1:02 PM ET #1 (permalink)

Yes YES...I do know that pretty much all of you hate them...but I don't and I'm confused and I want to know why they're so awful.
Also why they're called metalcore...I don't quite get that either.

So if you'd be so kind as to respond :) without being really outrageously mean and rude...I'd appreciate it.

Jan 19, 2010 2:45 PM ET #2 (permalink)

They aren't, since there's no real hardcore influence in their music. But they were clearly influenced by metalcore bands who actually do incorporate hardcore. So... post-metalcore? I dunno, haha. They're just kind of a mix of metal, emo (for lack of a better word), and rock. I like them.

A lot of people don't because of a few different factors. Their image, lyrics, and style of singing, for one. Also, they were kind of late arrivals on the metal scene. Metal had already made a comeback in the mainstream, and Bullet came in and reaped the benefits (more than a lot of other bands) by playing a style of music (Iron Maiden and melodeath-influenced harmonized guitars, screamed verses/sung choruses) that was pretty safe to play at the time. The majority of their fanbase doesn't help much either.

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Jan 19, 2010 3:47 PM ET #3 (permalink)

i dont really like this band, i listened to their one album in a store when it first came out, i forget what it was called, i will abmit that some of their instrumentals are good but the vocals just ruin it

Jan 19, 2010 7:15 PM ET #4 (permalink)

I find that their style is alot fo mixes of other bands .. like hearts burst into fire .. before they starts singing is clearly an influence of metallica .. were as tears dont fall is a big more of there harder style .. but yeah they ahve that emoish voice that i dont care much for .. their guitars arnt too bad .. they just need to kick it up in the hardcore part for me .. but they are better then the used thats for sure !

Jan 20, 2010 3:14 PM ET #5 (permalink)

As Nat said, the image, lyrics and vocal styles are a major factor in me not liking them. I also think they simply don't write good music or have a good stage presence. As I've said before, worst live band I've ever seen.

Jan 20, 2010 5:12 PM ET #6 (permalink)

I can think of literally nothing about that band that I like. So think of something about that band, and there's my answer. That's partly why I hate them.

Jan 21, 2010 12:08 AM ET #7 (permalink)

I really enjoy the bass, drums and guitar in Bullet For My Valentine's songs. I'm not huge on the vocals, so usually I mute the vocals out in my stereo and just listen to the instruments.

Overall, they are a good band and play their instruments well. I wouldn't mind seeing them live. :)

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Jan 21, 2010 5:39 AM ET #8 (permalink)

some how dont get exited by this band dont know why

Feb 6, 2010 3:13 PM ET #9 (permalink)

I randomly found a burned copy of Scream Aim Fire in my bag one day at school and I've liked them ever since. Liked, not loved...I don't know, some people might not like the synchronized song structures. Supposedly their new album is supposed to sound more "mature" whatever that means! They're not one of my favorites but I'm still looking forward to the new stuff.

Feb 6, 2010 3:38 PM ET #10 (permalink)

^Whoa, hotty!

...Bullet For My Valentine, you say? hahah

Feb 7, 2010 4:02 AM ET #11 (permalink)

lame as band live the suck balls
like what oz said not stage show boring to see them live

Feb 17, 2010 6:03 PM ET #12 (permalink)

on the comcast cable metal channel they constantly play that one song, i think its called scream aim fire or something. i get all excited cuz the guitars and shit are AWESOME in the beginning, im like "holy god, this is good" then everything starts and my hopes and dreams are crushed, only for about 10 minutes, but its rough.

i dont think the image of them is something that would turn me away from that band but i think its the vocals that do it. the clean vocals are maybe a little too whiny. its a love/hate situation for me with the whole clean vocals. whiny=bad, vortex (ex dimmu)=fuckin awesome. metalcore=usually bad, spice (spiritual beggars, mushroom river band)=awesome. i dont know, its all opinion. like what you like.

Feb 17, 2010 7:43 PM ET #13 (permalink)

I wouldnt say image has an overpowering effect on whether I like a band, but if you look like abunch of fucking idiots, you damn well better have good music. Genghis Tron is one of my favorite bands(new album this year,FUCKIN YAY!!!), yet if you took one look at any of the members you would swear to god that at some point they sucked a dick covered by rainbow glitter; that's how scene-gay they look. YET, the music is awesome.

Bullet, at least for me, makes mediocre metal that's trying way to hard to seem cool, while still holding a gay tone throughout even their heaviest songs. I like the song, Hand of Blood, but I wouldnt dare play ti out loud when my friends are over. At least my non-deaf friends anyway.

The reason I HATE Bullet however, is the fact that "Waking The Demon" is a blatant rip-off of SLayer's "Spirit in Black". Listen to both songs and tell me that isnt the same exact riff and song. They fuckin ripped off SLAYER?!?! Bullshit. That's my reason.

Feb 17, 2010 9:22 PM ET #14 (permalink)

on some random slayer note (this is goin a bit off topic bodombeach, sorry): but does anyone remember those rap songs that sampled the slayer riffs? i think the riffs were from "reign in blood" and "angel of death" i think it may have been 5 or 6 years ago. does anyone remember or did i have a nightmare? hehe. but seriously, if someone knows then tell me so i can go punch someone in the face for creating such a disaster...thanks.

Feb 17, 2010 11:01 PM ET #15 (permalink)

That would be Lil Jon. Feast your ears.


Back on topic, the new Bullet for My Valentine song is pretty neat. The riffs are standard Bullet and good enough, but the chorus and solo (though slightly excessive for a couple seconds with the pinch harmonics) are pretty damn strong.

However, if you don't like the band, I highly doubt this song will change your mind about them, haha.

(This post was last edited on February 17, 2010 at 11:01 PM ET.)

Feb 17, 2010 11:20 PM ET #16 (permalink)

do you think lil jon will read this: FUCK YOU! if not, then could someone tell him. also, slayer would have to give him permission, right? what a crock of shit.

Feb 17, 2010 11:46 PM ET #17 (permalink)

why are people still posting here?

Feb 22, 2010 8:03 PM ET #18 (permalink)

My buddies 14 year old little sister likes Bullet For My Valentine. Nuff said.

Feb 22, 2010 9:35 PM ET #19 (permalink)

My mom likes Bullet for My Valentine. She's pretty cool.

Feb 23, 2010 2:02 PM ET #20 (permalink)

Well I appreciate the comments :)

I like the new Bullet songs...I've heard three of the new ones now excluding the one they played live a few times live. It's definately not gonna be The Poison...but its different to Scream Aim Fire....the new songs are worth a listen...its not completely 'un-metal'

Feb 24, 2010 6:13 AM ET #21 (permalink)

well if my sister and our mothers start likking this band
well what can we say more
end of discusion
they remind me of britney spears

Feb 26, 2010 3:18 AM ET #22 (permalink)

I've been a fan of them for...a year now? And, I really don't understand the hate. Nor do I really care. :P
As for their image? I really could care less how a band LOOKS. :/ I LISTEN to music. I don't look at it. It's entertainment for the ears, not the eyes. If they wanna look sorta emo, or wear fuckin' frilly underwear for all I care, it's not my business. They put out good music (as far as I'm concerned. :P), so, if they wanna dress the way they do, all the power to 'em. :)

Feb 26, 2010 2:00 PM ET #23 (permalink)

I really don't like Bullet For my Valentine, not because of their image or style. I just don't like them. Calling Bullet music is like calling bald a hair colour. :/

Feb 26, 2010 2:01 PM ET #24 (permalink)

Hey, bald IS a hair color!

Mar 2, 2010 9:32 AM ET #25 (permalink)

BB, like i've mentioned before on an article about bullet, i don't appreciate the bashing of bullet NOT being metal, which is retardedid imo too, but i DO understand y most ppl here do NOT like them. but everything about them is exactly what i like, harmonized guitars, good solos, just enough heaviness, scream/clean vox, deep lyrics, etc. the main prob seems to me is that matt tuck's voice isn't metal enough for most ppl here, which i understand completely, kuz it rlly isn't, BUT it does go well and sounds awesome!! basically tr00 metalheads don't like metal with feelings, which is exactly what bullet is, metal with feelings. oooh no!! a metal band.. with... feelings?! nope, THAT is NOT metal then... what i would consider them to be is quite possibly a FUTURE metal subgenre, which is POP metal. ex.'s: bullet, kse, 5fdp (fucking hate them), a7x, escape the fate and aild is on their way. ALL are metal bands in some way, shape or form, but the ONLY differences are the clean/screaming vox and the lyrics about feelings, kuz god forbid there's a metal band that's human.

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