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3 BANDS Underground Unsigned ONTARIO CANADA

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Displaying 1 post
Oct 12, 2012 2:39 PM ET #1 (permalink)

* SmellKellHell is not a member of any of the following bands.
Simply a music fan spreading the goods ...


This is a small selection of what is going on around SOUTHERN ONTARIO CANADA ...


Enjoy a few VIDEOS featuring footage of bands playing live at the local taverns,
rehearsing / jamming / recording in the studio, album previews, and a compilation ;

all on my YouTube channel * Amateur / Hobby Videographer, please enjoy the performances!



KYNESYS ( death , progressive ) Ingersoll Ontario

- A solid five man act with a focus on musicianship. Each new song is a display of their duel guitarists and dynamic rhythm section ability to provide an ever changing soundscape that continues to push the envelope of what metal can be! During live performances the bassist has no problem with literally getting in your face and making you groove. And many remark on their uncommon vocal delivery, which is usually described by listeners as mind altering narrations, along the lines of old style death metal. Although two EPs have been released, there is much demand for a full-length. Keep a look out for it in 2013, perhaps?!

Albums ; Horizon DEMO and Illusion EP ( 2 EPs 4 Original Tracks Each)
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D3ATHCHARG3R ( death , thrash ) London Ontario

- Greatly dedicated to preaching the metal faith! While most bands barely rehearse once a week ... these four dudes will usually be performing live delivering a dose of metal; dirty canadian style. This is a band you cannot ignore, when playing live they provide some of the purest guttural vocal intensity laced with a decent amount of guitar riffage and solid grooves. With songs like The Dark, Habitual Castration, Sexual Deviance, Risen and now they even have a MUSIC VIDEO for Buried In The Basement, you can experience some not so conventional views of upholding honor to oneself and beliefs about love, life, family, blood, lust, and gore.

Albums ; Forged In Steel ( Full-Length 8 Original Tracks )
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INVITATION TO DIE ( thrash , death , black ) Strathroy Ontario

- What started out as a one man project has evolved into a full forced band. The main operator; Rick the Horned King, is a shredder hellbent on delivering bone rattling onslaughts by any means necessary! Having released a variety of demo tracks featuring his own demonic vocal stylings and even a full length album where the vocals were provided by one known as Cannibal Christ, now with a new vocalist and second guitarist they may finally have solid five man line-up. For those whom like it fast and heavy, here is your invitation to die!

Albums ; Septicemic Plague ( Full-Length 8 Original Tracks )
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All have been at ' Liquid Metal Music ' a recording studio
Located in ... you guessed it; Ontario Canada.


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