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Scum of the Earth “The Devil Made Me Do It” review.

Posted in: Forum Home >> General Music Discussion >> Scum of the Earth “The Devil Made Me Do It” review.

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Displaying 1 post
Sep 4, 2012 9:57 AM ET #1 (permalink)

Hmmm….this is a difficult CD to properly review.
For those of you who don’t know the SOTE’s history, here’s a brief intro.
Guitarist/vocalist Riggs played with Rob Zombie on Hellbilly and Sinister Urge.
Zombie bailed to go make the Halloween movie remakes.
Riggs and Tempesta decided to carry on and continue making the same kind of horror/rock.
Tempesta is gone and just Riggs remains with a new dubstep guy named Volkstoker (Almost called him Voldemort lol)
And here is where it becomes difficult to review.
Yes the comparisons are there between early solo Rob Zombie and SOTE.
The basic sound is the same but throw in some Mechanical Animals Marilyn Manson and some Powerman 5000 on top of the Zombie and you basically get SOTE.
Is it original?
But then again, was Rob, Marilyn or Powerman?
Alice Cooper’s image and Ted Nugent’s howling and you basically get Rob Zombie.

Here’s what works…its party rock, its nu metal.
I know a lot of people really and I mean REALLY hate dubstep but it works wonders here.
Its club metal, like I said.
You either really hate this kind of music or you don’t.
If you like early Zombie then you’ll love this.
I hate to call it a copy cat because Rob Zombie hasn’t sounded like Rob Zombie in over a decade.

Stand out songs.
Born Again Masochist.
The Devil Made Me Do It III
Zombie Apocalypse

Good songs but not amazing…
The rest of them.

Bad songs...none.
And that's saying a LOT considering with any cd you're lucky to get two or three decent songs.

The production is awesome, very punchy and clear.
The artwork is what you’d expect, bloody.
Lyrics, I didn’t read them, I never do.
So…there you have it.
Love it or hate it SOTE is simply too catchy and too much fun to deny them a place in the music scene.
I guess the Jersey Devils already used the title track a while back and let’s face it. SOTE was made for sports, clubs and video games.
Out of ten, I’d give it a strong 7.
It won’t take its place in the metal pantheon along Reign in Blood or Master of Puppets.
But for nu metal, party music it’s darn good.
Compared to Zombie's early stuff...I'd say it's on par with Hellbilly and a step above Sinister.
I won't even bother comparing it Rob's next two releases as this is superior in every way.
I give it a thumbs up.

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