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Not like Black Label Society

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Displaying 1 post
Aug 16, 2012 5:49 AM ET #1 (permalink)

You may want to throw me off because of this and you may not? first let me say I love metal though I only listen to the likes of Mexican /Latino metal bands it is still good music, without the Norwegian influence, who the uck is this guy? I am one of the founding members of Septimo De Sangre, (La 77) a back patch club started on pagan theology not a bike club however still a back patch like Mongols MC but soldiering a back patch much similar Black Power or Mongrel Mob New Zealand on a much much smaller scale though being about the red skin paganism influenced with differing agendas, our patch is based on paganism our stronger influence is Mesoamerican/indigenous American paganism, it is not secret that the indo Indian paganism depict them selves as warriors of blood 7 being the 7th letter of the alphabet being (G) for Guerrero (warrior) and Sangre being Spanish for Blood hence Warriors Blood , so what the hell am I harping on about Septimo De Sangre? simple we don't like this name being associated with metal bands and I let me explain it to you because a lot of you guys are alright but we don't want you tagging us with a metal identity, all of us wearing this ink have either been in a jail or police cells, fought and cracked heads, been dissed on by uniform member's at some point , met with real members from different gangs/frats, earned our inks , done or are doing our rep, the fact that I am posting this on the net has no reflection on me whatsoever since I have done time, cracked heads, met differing members from varied gangs and frats, I can afford to sit here and take time out, my rep doing the shit to earned patches dates back to being on lockdown with reel members for shit that the everyday metal head never dose, so what I am saying is no free rides, no matter who you are? At the same time I must outline that the Chicano scene a very real scene showing a different meaning with one word Sangre are not us though we respect the the name however we're about the Pagan ink putting aside the childish Satanaic label we once had, you lads all know what happened to the Black Label Society for trying to fly patches in Manchester, BLS all had there pathces drawn, unlike the Septimo De Sangre have a name not a hierarchy name but a name that has met with violence and conflict all the same holding it's own corner , served time don deal don, we do not want to be associated with the new name going round in Leeds England take from the Chicano, by a bunch of Lilly liveried gelled fagot boys trying to blees them selves here in England not Outcasts MC Great Britain, East Coast and Bison, Outcast America California see that differing dont associated us with your Lilly livered fag fake quif wannbe never served I want to be in I would rather find your enemies and crack your skull open,of and one thing when a man is in a clothes shop by shit, dont go crusing him to see if he would make a good member because know I just think you gringo blanco boy is queer, stay out of Primarily you fruitcake mens shops is not were you recruit members, get down town if you not too scared which you are (819)

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