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Shiny Beast Mail Order

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Displaying 3 posts
Aug 14, 2012 10:27 AM ET #1 (permalink)


We're a music mail order website specializing in metal, thrash, doom, stoner, and all thing heavy. Our catalogue currently counts more than 110.000 titles, with new ones added daily. Take a look at our website and you'll find lots of obscure gems, cult classics, and rare reissues on vinyl and CD. Shipping worldwide!


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Aug 14, 2012 10:28 AM ET #2 (permalink)


425gsm heavy cardboard cover, cardboard lyric insert, black vinyl, ltd. 150.

2010 edition. The debut full length album from ALTAR OF PLAGUES, 'White Tomb', is 2 parts (split into 4 actual songs), and 50 minutes of organic, ambient black metal played with a taught looseness with hints of shoegazer introspection.

This EP contains two "shorter" pieces, by the band's standards, at least, titled 'After The Water' and 'The Decade Plan'. Both tracks continue in the band's often-praised and characteristic melding of power, heaviness, and delicacy, while exploring new sonic textures and composition. To further solidify the concept for this release and to distinguish it from its precursor, the records were pressed in white vinyl. Emotionally charged doom metal that pensively slashes and burns by Chicago ballcrushers with a history in Vertonen, Flying Luttenbachers, No Funeral, Bloodyminded a.o.

Their 2012 mini album features two previously unheard Arabrot compositions, a Lee Hazlewood cover and interpretations of two different Death In June-songs. 'Maesscr' is another fundamental outburst from a group that never stops being unpleasant.

Ferocious late 80s death-grind from UK pioneers.

French heavy metal goliaths Gorija with their fifth album and first for Roadrunner Records, L'Enfant Sauvage'

425gsm cardboard cover, lyric sheet, poster, black vinyl Hellbringer is an Australian Thrash/Speed Metal band formed in 2010 and previously known as Forgery.

Officially licenced by Displeased Records. Reissue of Florida's technical Thrashing Death pioneers most popular recordings. "Syzigial miscreancy" recorded at Morrisound Studios by Scott Burns originally came out in 1990 on Wild Rags and hasn't been repressed on vinyl since then. This double LP is also adding all the extra demo material (1984-1989) featured on the latter CD remaster on Displeased and some rare unreleased live tracks from the Syzigial days. Totally repackaged in a high glossy laminated gatefold with photos, liner notes and a detailed biography. Hellwitch, along with Atheist and Death, among several others, stumbled onto a new (for 1990) style of extreme metal with brilliant results. "Syzigial miscreancy" is just so far-out and well-made for 1990, and even by todays standards, that it deserves to be held in the highest regard and treated with the utmost respect, as it was bands like Hellwitch who truly advanced the development of extreme (and technical) death metal.

425gsm heavy cardboard cover, cardboard lyric insert, black vinyl, ltd. 150.

New Arrivals

Belgian thrash metal band. Printed innersleeves with lyrics, 1st edition in 180g black wax.

Heathen black metal. Very heavy cartonstock with embossing, 2 sides printed poster, noble booklet.

LP reissue of Bitch's stunning debut full length album, originally released in 1983. Comes with original artwork and labels.

Vinyl reissue. Although BITCH never became well known or headlined any arenas, the Los Angeles-based Heavy Metal quartet enjoyed a cult following that loved its amusing odes to bondage and S&M. Bitch's main attraction was lead singer Betsy Bitch who portrayed a dominatrix from hell and sang about the pleasures of whips, chains, handcuffs, gags and other toys. Originally from New Jersey, Betsy spent much of her adult life in L.A. And was in her twenties by the time Bitch formed in 1981. Bitch signed with Metal Blade and recorded its debut EP 'Damnation Alley'.

Cancer - Spirit In Flames, for the very first time on vinyl! Limited edition of 250 copies! Flaming splattered vinyl and individually hand-numbered. No need to explain further! Total cult! Buy or die!

Forever Scarlet Passion" was the first album released by Dutch Doomsters CELESTIAL SEASON far away in 1993. This great band was hailed as one of the pioneers of Doom / Death Metal alongside ANATHEMA, PARADISE LOST & MY DYING BRIDE. Now and 19 years later, ISHTADEVA VINYL PRODUCTIONS presents, for the first time on vinyl, this unique masterpiece full of melancholy and desperation. For this vinyl edition, we have maintained the original Cover but Backcover and inserts have been reworked.

CYNIC LP with all the four demos with great sound and killer presentation. Includes insert with lyrics and demo credits. Demo 1988 (tracks 1-3), Reflections of a dying world - Demo 89 (Tracks 4-7), Demo 1990 (Tacks 8-10), Demo 1991 (Tracks 11-13). Limited Edtion of 400 copies.

An early signing of the mighty Metal Blade label, Demon Flight were a pick up band thrown together by by three L.A. Studio musicians, Rick Gerard (Bass/Vocals) H. Michael Osuna (guitar) and Rick White (drums). This is their sole known recording and was one of the very first Metal Blade releases: a must have if you like heavy music with doomy atmospheres. Track listing - Side A: 1. Dead Of The Night 2. Search And Destroy Side B: 1. Flight Of The Demon.

First time ever on vinyl for this 1999 Bongload album. This is the band's third album, produced by Chris Goss (of Masters of Reality). Features the original stripped-down, killer line-up of MARIO LALLI on guitar and vocals, LARRY LALLI on bass and TONY TORNAY on drums.

The long awaited proper full length album by Seattle's KING DUDE. Dark pagan-fueled folk wrapped tight with outsider Americana, steeped in themes of love, death and redemption. 'Love' showcases an atmosphere filled with hope and salvation, drawing sound influence akin to Death In June and Sol Invictus, but also sewing together a hybrid of true folk tradition alongside Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash.

Originally released on cassette, now available on LP. Modern neo-folk, suitable for fans of Death In June, Sol Invictus, etc.

Limited edition 250 copies in gatefold vinyl! Sixth studio album by the American heavy metal band Lizzy Borden, released in October 2007. The last hole in Lizzy Borden discography is now filled with vinyl

Back in the mid/late 80s Germany were world leading in the field of raw Thrash metal. Tons of artist today considered as legends or "cult" sprung onto the scene. Among the more violent acts where Protector, Sodom, Poison, Necronomicon, Darkness and MINOTAUR - artists that by todays standard could have had their early works equally much placed in the Death/Thrash or Thrash/Black genres as elsewhere. MINOTAUR started out 1983 and managed to record 3 demo tapes before their debut album "Power of Darkness" finally arrived in 1988. "POD" was/is an album to be worshipped by everyone into extreme 80s Thrash metal; crushing riffs, total devotion and the ability to write both raw and catchy material - something seldom found in metal of today! After 22 years MINOTAUR has decided to make the first official re-release of POD (an earlier re-release done without the bands permission is to be considered as a bootleg). As bonus material the band have recorded a couple of new studio songs who displays the same kind of lethal energy as on MINOTURs 2009 comeback "God May Show You Mercy...We Will Not". "Power of Darkness" is an important piece of German history that should be included in all serious Thrash collections!

A milestone of the L.A. power metal scene of the early '80s. Originally released by Metal Blade in 1983. Track listing - Side A: 1. Fight For Your Life 2. Curse The Night Side B: 1. The Dominatress 2. Live To Burn 3. Too Young to Die.

Limited CLEAR VINYL VERSION. Reissue of an undisputed masterpiece, SLEEP's 63 minute long ode to weed, available once again as 2LP! 'Dopesmoker' remains unrivaled in the annals of (stoner) metal. Remastered, now including the unreleased live track 'Holy Mountain', recorded in 1994.

With etching on side "b". Mandala poster, din A2 (pics will follow), silver/golden print on solid black cartonstock Printed innersleeves and black wax. Urfaust is an occult audial vessel of madness that was invoked in 1999.

The rituals on "Ritual Music For The True Clochard" were previously released under different formats in close cooperation with various bands and labels. Thanks to Herr Deportator for his insane efforts to mix and master them very thoroughly the Urfaust way and compile them to a homogene full length. 2x12" black wax, etching on side "b", golden / silver print on solid black cartonstock, mandala poster, din A2.

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Sep 4, 2012 9:59 AM ET #3 (permalink)

Atlantis played their first show in 2007 and released Carpe Omnium with Field Records in that same year. In 2009 they released a double LP containing Carpe Omnium and San Diablo EP on vinyl. The story continues in 2011 with Mistress Of Ghosts. This time released with dunk!records. Mistress Of Ghosts is available on 180g vinyl in a very nice layout. The LP is good for almost 40 minutes of noise, rock, electronica and psychedelic doom metal riffs, all mixed into 8 intense songs.Standard mat varnish cardboard sleeve with white inner sleeve. 180 gram.

4 page insert, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, red vinyl. Jorge Franke is a man of ideas. While playing with Tantalos, Skylla, Ballantinez and later Calderone (or assiah for that matter), he also developed numerous side projects. One of them was Black Burn (another one was called Crypt who eventually turned into Calderone). And, given the right timing and the right support, Black Burn could have been huge! One listen to "Necrophile" (1984), "Skylla", "Dr. Vollin", "Priest of Dread", "The World is an immeasurable War" (all from 1985) and the tribute "Black Burn" (recorded posthumously in 1999) and you get an instant feeling of Black Burn's uniqueness.

This is the start of the "Band Of The Week" vinyl series - wwww.bandoftheweek.net is the blog from Darkthrone-drummer and metal philosopher Fenriz. Exclusive live material from Italian BUNKER 66. Black Vinyl. Strictly limited to 300 copies.

Split lp between 2 great Italian doom metal bands. LP comes with a 2-sided poster. One could say those bands were due to one day share a split in the first place. Lets face it, BUNKER66 and BARBARIAN have more in common than most: both bands are Italians, both are power-trios whose music is rooted in the 80s heavy/thrash scene, both have been officially endorsed by Fenriz from DARKTHRONE in his band of the week blog andboth bands have had releases on DOOMENTIA before. Oh yeah and born under the sign of the black mark, they both have the kind of fuck off attitude that would make any emo fans weep! So this partnering wasnt simply due to happen, it HAD to become reality. So there you go, 25 minutes of glorious black/thrash/punk and whatever for all those warriors to headbang to until you bleed. A glorious throwback to CELTIC FROST and VENOM (BARBARIAN) but also DISCHARGE, BULLDOZER and SODOM (BUNKER66) performed and produced the way it always should be! And to make the whole thing even more special, as an extra, both acts are paying tribute to their elders. While BUNKER66 have resurrected from the grave "Psychopharmax Convulsions" originally committed to tape by the obscure Italian hardcore band CONVULSED waaaaay back in 1988 and blasted here in less than 53 seconds, BARBARIAN have chosen "Murder Angels" by the legendary DEATH SS, originally released in 1981 on "Horned god of the witches demo".

Very limited special MARBLED GOLD/BLACK vinyl version. "Psalms for the Dead" is the Swedish doom metal legend's swansong. Contrary to the rampant rumors, the band will not be splitting up, but rather concentrating on live performances. CANDLEMASS' final studio album shows a band at the top of their game and it will soon earn the cult status it well deserves. The release is filled with such highlights as "Dancing in the Temple of the Mad Queen Bee" or the sweeping opening track "Prophet", which beautifully showcases the band's strengths. Singer Robert Lowe (SOLITUDE AETURNUS) embellishes the songs with his characteristic vocals and sounds as though he has been a part of CANDLEMASS from the band's early beginnings. The powerful and crystal-clear production delivers a first-class sound that will send shivers down one's spine.

One-sided LP with engraving on the B-side. 8-page booklet cover artwork: Andrei Bouzikov. The greatness Crux had managed to achieve with such limited means is strengthen by the facts that this was the only recording made by this specific line-up and that less than eighteen months later, after one more demo (Terrific Visions), they sadly were no more. Buried but not forgotten by the true maniacs. Now, after being reissued on CD by Leviathan and I Hate respectively but long out of print despite the high demand, thanks to DOOMENTIA RECORDS and its now well-respected Czech Demo Series Rev Smrti is for the first time available on vinyl, with extensive liner notes and tons of unreleased pictures. And through this perfect format for this kind of purely analogue and old-school recording, you can relive the beauty of the early Czech extreme metal and (re)discover one of its most unique if ephemeral hidden treasure: Crux!

Kasan is an instrumental postrock/postmetal band from Leipzig, Germany. After releasing a self-titled demo in 2007, the Soma EP in 2009, a 12" split LP with Kokomo in 2010 and a 10" split LP with Galvano in 2011 they have now released their first full length album named Drown together with dunk!records. Standard mat varnish cardboard sleeve with white inner sleeve.

'If Wolves' is the second album by Kokomo. Kokomo is a German instrumental rock band based in Duisburg, Germany. After doing 'Matterhorn Bob and the Black Fair' all by themselves, they still follow the diy philosophy with their latest album 'If Wolves' by recording everything themselves. Of course it is not easy and pretty expensive to get music out there in a good quality and package. Therefore they decided to join dunk!records as the very first band of the new label. They proved their amazing song writing qualities and energetic live performance at dunk!festival2010 and confirmed that again at dunk!festival2011. Check this album and be carried away into a world of beautiful rifs, massive climaxes and floating outros. Gatefold cover with white inner sleeve. 180 gram, grey colored or black.

500 x black vinyl, 425gsm heavy gatefold cover, poster With "Crystal Logic", "Open the Gates" and "The Deluge" Manilla Road had released three mighty fine albums in a row. In 1987 "Mystification" followed. It might appear that this album was heavily influenced by Thrash Metal, somehow a true product of its time. "We were always on a conquest to get heavier and faster but I was listening to really heavy and even some Thrash music at the time", confesses Mark Shelton. "So it was a bit of both, I suppose. I would agree that there is a bunch of Thrash influence going on in 'Mystification' but I would have to say that 'Out of the Abyss' was our furthest incursion into the Thrash genre. We still touched on Thrash over the years and next albums with songs like 'Vlad The Impaler' and even on into our reformation era that we are still in now with songs like 'Siege of Atland' on 'Atlantis Rising'.

350 x black vinyl, embossed 425g heavy cardboard cover, uv spot, 4 page lyric insert. It's no exaggeration to say that Marquis de Sade, formed in late 1979/early 1980, is one of the most legendary bands of the entire New Wave Of British Heavy Metal period. Their sole 7" single "Somewhere up in the Mountains"/"Black Angel" (issued in 1981 on X-Pose Records) has over the years turned into the holy grail for serious N.W.O.B.H.M. collectors.

Limited to 300 copies on transparent yellow vinyl + insert. Some would have pretend that this is some stupid journo obsession. Or that theres much more to it than we actually think. But none of that bullshit with MINKIONS. After all, those self-proclaimed kings of raw hardcore splatthrash punk have never been beating around the bush regarding the bands theyve been influenced from day one back in 2006 when they got together after what must have been one of the biggest binge party even known to mankind! When youve put to tape a raging WEHRMACHT cover ("Drink Beer Be Free"), have shared splits with CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY or BARBATOS and have a logo which is an obvious tribute to the one used by the mighty ACCD for the last twenty-five years or so, lets say the writing is on the wall. So there you go, you do now know the score: raging thrash/speedcore the 80s way, full of two minutes blast, stupid lyrics about getting fucked up and the kind of insane mosh parts that even your senile grandma wont be able to resist. Something a bit on the same wave-length as label mates LAHAR and as rooted in the old-school way of doing things but with a punk, much less serious but with lets get fucked-up type of attitude! So yeah, recorded last winter, clocking at just under half an hour (perfect timing for this kind of spontaneous and bursting style) and also released on CD by FOAD Records, Distorted Pictures From A Distorted Reality doesnt fuck around and goes straight into the pit. So what are you waiting for to join the party damn it???

A great 2LP issue of their debut album, which is a crushingly heavy and beautifully melancholic piece of traditional doom metal.

Limited grey vinyl version. The Perfect Mix of Stoner, Danzig & Iron Maiden. Svolk finally releases their highly anticipated new album "Nights under the Round Table". The first sounds of the new longplayer will take the listener by surprise. It shows that the band was able to improve tremendously since the release of the highly acclaimed and fantastic debut album. The Norwegians riff enthusiastically over the entire album without showing any signs of slowing down. It's quite the opposite, the listener feels the love and the excitement of the musicians in each and every second. Svolk's Stoner Metal can be described as an explosive and dirty mix of Stoner Rock, Metal, Danzig and Iron Maiden. "Nights under the Round Table" has huge potential to be embraced by Die Hard Metal fans and 70's worshippers and Stoner Rockers alike.

350 x halloween orange vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, cardboard lyric insert. "Based On Evil" is the debut album of the Scandinavian Thrash Metal band Tantara, with headquarters in Norway. The album has songs from the EP "Human Mutation", which the band released independently in 2010. The plans for the album started right after the band had released their EP, where the band contacted several names who had worked and knew the genre well. One of these names was the legendary sound engineer and producer Flemming Rasmussen, and he was one of the first to answer back to the band. The band chose Flemming because of his background with big names like Rainbow, Metallica, Blind Guardian, Morbid Angel, etc., including that he had a good offer and knew how the production of the music should sound. The album was recorded during four weeks in July 2011, in ARK Recording Studios and Sweet Silence Mix Suite, both in Copenhagen, Denmark. "Based On Evil" has fast riffs, aggressive vocal and drum performances, melodic and virtuosic solos, and the band do also have some progressive elements in the songs as well. Although the songs are longer than what people are used to in the genre, the band still makes the listener interested during the whole album. Apart from the music, a lot of the originality is in the lyrics. "Based On Evil" is a concept album where the lyrics are critical of society. The lyrics can be linked to events that are happening now, and have happened in the past. Still, the lyrics are open, so its up to the listeners to interpret how they want. With "Based On Evil", Tantara shows the world that there are still lots of undone things in the genre, and like Flemming said himself in an interview: "Its gonna be great. Its an old school Thrash album, with everything played as it should be. No sampling and editing but almost live."

350 x black vinyl, 4 page lyric insert It's fair to say that Italy, together with Sweden (including such brilliant acts like High Roller recording artists In Solitude and Portrait), is the most fertile breeding ground for current Heavy Metal bands. Witchunter are another new and very talented act from the land of Bulldozer and Baphomet's Blood.

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