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Music for sale

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Displaying 4 posts
Displaying 4 posts
May 29, 2012 12:36 PM ET #1 (permalink)

Here’s my combined sale list. Please read all instructions before you make order!

- I am in Ukraine.

- I accept VISA transfer, bank account transfer (PM or e-mail me for info), cash (USD, CAD, EUR, CHF, PLN, GBP, RUR) in registered letter. You can also use any kind of international money order. Ask for details.

- Use very fast and convenient method of payment https://www.liqpay.com. I’ll see money immediately on my account. But you should pay VAT 20% and fees of your bank.


- Prices are shown in EUR but I also accept USD, GBP, CHF and PLN.

- NEVER send banknotes in bad condition!

- All orders will be sent ONLY after PRE-PAYMENT via REGISTERED MAIL or via bank transfer! Your stuff will be sent in 48 hours after payment receiving.

- After your payment receiving I send your order and inform you with tracking number of your package.

- All stuff is in mint/good or new condition. All regular CD’s will be sent without jewel-cases exept digi-cd, dvd or special format cd. It saves your and my expenses and prevents them from damages during shipping.

- If you need jewel cases you should pay extra money (1 EUR for an item) for additional weight and packing. Pay attention that you add the value of plastic independently from the value of stuff and postage.

- If you send your money by regular mail you do it on YOUR OWN RISK! I do not take any responsibility for losing or stealing your correspondence “somewhere” between of our countries. So please be rational!

- Calculate the total amount of your order! The main principle of pricing is more buy - cheaper price for item!

- Approximate transit time of shipping from Ukraine:

to Europe - 4-11 days
to Northern America and Australia - 7-14 days
to Southern America and Asia - 14-21 days.

Anyway, sometimes exclusions happen and shipping takes a bit longer.

Prices (unless another stated):

Tape – 1 EUR; 5 tapes – 4,5 EUR; 10 tapes – 8 EUR
CD – 3 EUR; 5 CD’s – 14 EUR; 10 CD’s – 27 EUR
LP, picLP – 9 EUR
jewel case - 1 EUR. [color=red]Order jewel-cases only if you really need them. Sorry but I can't give you any discount 'cause of additional weight of postage. Ordering them you agree to invest money in UKRPOSHTA (Ukrainian Post) but not in my pocket ))) [/color]

Shipping costs:
1st item – 3 EUR (fees increased 05/05/12 due to actual tariffs of UKRPOSHTA)
Each next – 1 EUR

Minimal order - 10 EUR (p&p included).
Buy more than on 80 EUR and I will pay shipping.
Buy more than on 150 EUR and I will pay shipping and give you 5% discount.

TAPES (unless another stated):

Algol "Gorgonus Aura" (melodic sympho-gothic black metal, USA)
APRAXIA "Ideology" (pagan slavonic ns cult black metal, White Russia)
Astrofaes "Ancestor shadow" (heathen black-metal, Ukraine)
Astrofaes "Heritage" (heathen black-metal, Ukraine)
Bestial "Satanic metal" (true satanic black-trash-metal, Russia)
BLEEDING "Donors" (brutal death-metal, Russia)
Cancer "Death Shall Rise" 3 EUR
Capitollium "Symphony of possession" (sympho BM liturgy, Ukraine)
Capitollium "Undivine antipathy" (sympho BM liturgy, Ukraine)
Casket Garden “…of grief” (melodic death-metal, Hungary)
Corpus Christii "Fire god" (true BM, Portugal)
Corpus Christii "Torments continue" (true BM, Portugal)
Dark Inversion “Into The Pagan Depths” (black-metal, Bulgaria)
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult "Follow the calls for battle" (raw BM, Germany)
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult "Nocturnal March" (raw BM, Germany)
DEMENTOR "The Art Of Blasphemy" (brutal death-metal, Slovakia)
Demiurg/Blodulv/Monomania split tape (harsh and raw black-metal)
Denial of God "The Ghouls of D.O.G." (raw cult BM, Denmark)
ENTOMBED "Left Hand Path" 3 EUR
Evthanazia "Captured by instinct" (very strong heavy melodic modern DM! Killer!! White Russia)
EXHUMATOR "Shadow of cross" (death-metal, very rare tape of this White Russian band)
Festerguts “Bloodsoaked” (melodic perversick black-death metal, cult album! Russia)
FINIST "Awakening"
FINIST "Cross shall burn" (white power heavy metal, Ukraine)
GAUNTLET SWORD/STUTTHOF (true NSBM from both bands, Greece)
GREAT HORNS "In the Vortwx Of Universe" (death-black-electronic, Ukraine)
INNER CELL "Valley Of The Unrest" (techno-death-metal, Ukraine)
Kamo Gryadeshi "V bojestvennyh rukah" (pagan-metal, Ukraine)
Lucifugum "and the wheel keeps crunching" (the most hated and charismatic band all over the world, Ukraine)
Lucifugum "involtation"
Lucifugum "sociopath:philosophy cinicism"
Lucifugum "Stigma Egoism"
Lucifugum "the supreme art of genocide"
Lucifugum "Vektor33" (only 1 copy left)
Lucifugum/Sundusk split MC (NSBM from both Spanish bands)
Lutomysl "Call"
Lutomysl "Catarsis"
Lutomysl "Decadence"
Lutomysl "Winter of humanity" (Luciferian BM, Ukraine)
NIGHTSIDE "Oneiric reign" (tekkno death metal, Italy)
Odor Mortis “Spasi I Otsosi (Save and suck)” (abusive and derogative black-metal, Russia)
Primigenium "Intolerance" (BM, Spain)
Samhain "Saligia" (true satanic BM, Russia)
Sieged Mind "Lost in Evidence" (death-metal in the vein of old DEATH, Russia)
SLAYER "SOUTH OF HEAVEN" (thrash metal, USA)
SOULREST "Pathological processes" (death-metal, Ukraine)
SVARGA "Symbol of Will" (NSBM, Ukraine)
SWASTYKA "Prophecies of The Aryan Moon" (ns black-metal, Poland)
Tengkorak "Its a proud to vomit him" (cult grindcore from Indonesia)
Thron' "Seduction Of The Unbaptized Darkness" (Cult melodic black-metal, Russia)
Typhus "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" (true perversick cult BM, USA)
VARGLEIDE "Only the Ashes..." (NSBM, Russia) only 1 copy left
WITCHMASTER "Masochistic devil worship" (satanic black-death-trash metal from Poland! Fucking must!!)


Abysmal Gates “Divine Deception” (Black Recs) black-death metal
Asphyx “Last one on Earth” (Mazzar records) death-metal
Asphyx “The Rack” (Mazzar records) death-metal
At the gates “Slaughter of the soul” (SOYUZ) death-metal
Autumnia “In Loneliness Of Two Souls” (Griffin Music) quality melodic Ukrainian doom-metal
Benediction “Grind bastards” (Nuclear Blast/Irond records) licensed
Cannibal Corpse “Bloodthirst” (Metalblade/Gema) legendary album with video-clip
CAPITOLLIUM "Symphony Of Possession" (sympho black-metal, Ukraine)
Carbonized “For the security” (Irond records) Sweden melodic alternative death-metal
Christ Denied “Drink… Drink the Blood” (Goregiastic Recs) brutal death-grindcore
CONQUEST “Endless Power” (Irond)
Corprophemia “Arrived in pieces” (CDN) brutal death-metal
Dark Funeral “The Secrets Of The Black Arts” (No Fashion/Irond re-issue) black-metal
Deaden “Displaying The Art Of Carnage” (Epitome Prods) brutal death-grindcore
Decaying Form “Chronicles Of Decimation” (Dan’s Crypt Records) brutal death-grindcore
Definition Sane “Psychodelirium” (Antinomian/Blackmetal.Com) old school death-metal from Ukraine
Devilish Impression “Piramid Mortis Imago” (Conquer Recs) black-metal
DIMMU BORGIR “for all tid” (Moon records)
Dodsferd “Denying with Arrogance your Pathtic Existence (Years of pure hatred and disgust)”(Infernal Profundus Records) true balck-metal
Doominhated/Ringwraith “6 Tears Of Pleasure/Tales From Middle Earth” (Blackmetal.com) true black metal
Drunkard “Hellish Metal Dominate” (Blackmetal.Com) death-trash with blackened essence
FEAR FACTORY “Transgression” (Roadrunner/Moon records) licensed
Final Breath “Mind explosion” (Irond records) trash-metal with touch of technical death-metal
Fleshgore “Killing adoption” (Moon records)
Full decay “Голод, война, болезнь, несправедливый суд\Воин зверя, рожденный Гееной огненной” (satanic death-metal) (Thou shalt kill records)
GARDENIAN “Sindustries” (Nuclear Blast/Moon records) licensed
GRAVEWURM “Warbeast” and “Command of Satan’s blade” selfreleased demo cd-r
GRENOUER "The Odour O'Folly" (brutal technical death-metal, Russia)
Gromm “Cold old thorns” (Blackmetal.com) true ukrainian black-metal
Gromm “Happiness – it’s when you die” (Ravenheart productions) true ukrainian black-metal
Guttural Engorgement “The Slow Decay Of Infested Flesh” (Amputated Vein Recs) brutal death-grindcore
HAMMERFALL “Legacy of King” (Nuclear Blast/Moon records) licensed
Hellveto/Phorcys/Forestdome split CD black metal
Immolation “Harnessing ruin” (Moon records) death-metal
Immolation “Shadow in the light” (Listenable/Irond records) licensed
In Tha Umbra "Midnight in the garden of Hell" (Hibernia Production) something strange but I suggest it's true portugese black-doom
Incantation “Primordial Domination” (Listenable/Irond records) licensed
Infected Guts/Tamakeri/Sadistic Butchering/Soaking In Entrails “Slamseason split” 4 way CD brutal death-grindcore
KATAKLYSM “In the arms of devstation” (Moon records)
Khors “The Flame Of Eternity’s Decline” (Oriana Music) heathen-metal from Ukraine
Konkhra “Reality check” (CD-maximum) death-metal
Masqim Xul “Plague Of Our Age” (Terranis Prods) death-metal
Massemord “Skogen Kaller” (Blackmetal.Com) true aryan black-metal
MISCREANT "Occult philosophy" (technical death-metal, Russia)
Moon “Daemon’s Heart” (Pagan Records) black-metal
MORBID ANGEL “Gods of all heretics” (Fallen) live bootleg
Mucopus “Undimensional” (Sevared Recs) brutal death-grindcore
Namtar “Crucified Egoism ” (Evil Barber) the original band of Stabaath from LUCIFUGUM
NOSFERATOS "Pandemonium" (death-grind, Russia)
Rebaelliun “Annihilation” (FONO) grindcore mixed with black-metal
Runes of Dianceht “Eternal call of darkness” (Battlelord production) black-metal from Ukraine
Rusich “Велич богів в наших сердцях” (Ancient Nation Prods) ns aryan and heathen. I think those words are about it.
Sadist “Tribe” (Beyond Prods) techno-death-metal
SAMAEL “Eternal/Exodus” (Agat productions) electronic death metal. Two albums on one disc, licensed for Ukraine.
Satyricon “The Age of hero” (Moon records) licensed for Ukraine
Triglav “When The Sun Is Rising Above The Earth” (CCP) heathen black-metal from Ukraine
Unlight Order "Through The Gates Of Torment" (Temple Of Darkness) true black-metal
Uvall “Obsidian Torment” (Antinomian/Blackmetal.Com) mCD true black-metal
VADER “Blood” (Fono records) death-metal
VADER “The art of war” (CD-maximum)
Vemoth "Kottkroksvals" (Temple Of Darkness) black-metal
VENEREAL MESSIAH “decoration of decapitation” (Imbecile entertainment) brutal grindcore
VILE “The new age of chaos” (Listenable/CD-Maximum) licensed
Vinterriket “Retrospective” (Nordsturm Prods) ambient and black-metal
VX/Coprobaptized Cunthunter/Oneroid Blood Pressure - 3 Way Split CD brutal death-grindcore

ANOTHER CD-list (individual prices):

ACHERON The Final Conflict (Last Days Of God) CD (Displeased Records) 8 EUR
ANAAL NATRAKH The Codex Necro CD (mercenary music) 5 EUR
ARCHGOAT Whore Of Bethlehem CD (No Sign Of Life Unentertainment) 8 EUR
ARMAGGEDON “I.N.R.I. (I, Nazarene, Recognize my Impurity) CD 7 EUR
ARMAGGEDON Ave Satan digi-CD (God is dead records) 8 EUR
ASTROFAES “The eyes of the beast” CD (Adipocere distribution) 8 EUR
ASTROFAES Those whose past is immortal CD (Supernal music) 10 EUR
Autopsy “Severed survival+Retribution for the dead” (Peaceville/Futurist label) 7 EUR
BAPTISM Morbid Wings Of Sathanas CD (Northern Heitage) 14 EUR
BEHERIT Drowning down the moon CD (Spinefarm records) 22 EUR
BELPHEGOR “The last supper” CD (Last episode) barcode hole-punched 6 EUR
BESATT “In nomine Satanas” digi-CD (Seven gates of hell) 8 EUR
BRUTAL TRUTH Evolution Through Revolution CD (Relapse Records) 8 EUR
CARCASS Necroticism Descanting The Insalubrious dual CD-DVD (EARACHE) 13 EUR
CELESTIA Frigidiis apotheosia abstinentia genesiis sleeve-CD (Paragon records) 11 EUR
CORPUS CHRISTII “Carving a pyramide of thoughs” CD (Agonia records) 6 EUR
CORPUS CHRISTII “The fire god” CD (Sadolust) 7 EUR
CORPUS CHRISTII “The torments continue”CD (Undercover records) 7 EUR
CORPUS CHRISTII In The League with Black metal CD (Hiberica) 10 EUR
CRADLE OF FILTH The principle of evil made flesh CD (Cacophonous records) 13 EUR
Daemonlord “Of War and Hate” CD (Ketzer) 6 EUR
DEICIDE “Serpents of the light” CD (Roadrunner records) 9 EUR
DEICIDE Legion CD (Roadrunner records) 15 EUR
DEICIDE Scars Of Crucifix (Earache Records) double CD-DVD 13 EUR
DEICIDE Till Death Do Us Part CD (Earache Records) 7 EUR
Dimentiation “Seven suicides” CD (Paragon records) 5 EUR
DISSIMULATION “Prakeikimas” CD (Ledo Takas) 7 EUR
DYING FETUS Descent Into Depravity CD (Relapse Records) 8 EUR
EXPERIMENT FEAR “Assuming ”the Godform” CD (Massacre records) 8 EUR
FOREFATHER “The Fighting man” CD(Angelics enterprises) 16 EUR
FORGOT Burning Down CD (Propaganda) 5 EUR
GOSFORTH Hornlust CD (Blackmetal.com) 5 EUR
GRAVEWURM “Dark souls of hell” CD (Barbarian wrath) 6 EUR
Haemorrhage/Dead split CD (Rotten Roll Rex) 5 EUR
HAEMOTH Vice, Suffering and Destruction CD (ISO666) 7 EUR
Hate Forest “Blood and Fire” CD (Red stream) 9 EUR
Hate Forest “The gates” CD (Miriquidy production) 8 EUR
HATE FOREST “The most ancient ones” CD (Supernal music) 10 EUR
HECATE ENTHRONED “Kings of Chaos” CD (Blackened) 10 EUR
HELVETO “In Arms of Kuprian Phantom” CD (God is myth/Black plague) 6 EUR
Horrid “Rising from the hidden spheres” CD (Xtreem music) 5 EUR
Korpse “Mirror distance” CD (Aphelion productions) 6 EUR
LEGION OF DOOM “God is Dead” CD (L.O.D.) 8 EUR
LUCIFUGUM “Involtation” CD (Propaganda) 6 EUR
LUCIFUGUM “The supreme art of genocide” CD (Propaganda) 5 EUR
LUGER Kill, worship, die CD (Regimental records) 5 EUR
MACTATUS Blot CD (Moribund Records) 6 EUR
MORBID ANGEL “Heretic” (SOYUZ Records) death-metal, very good release from EARACHE 6 EUR
MUNRUTHEL “Yav, Nav i Prav” CD (Oskorei music) 5 EUR
My Dying Bride “As the flower withers” CD (Peaceville) 11 EUR
NAPALM DEATH “Noise For music sake” double-CD (EARACHE) 6 EUR
NOKTURNAL MORTUM Nechrist CD (Oriana Music) 7 EUR
Octinomos “Welcome to my planet” CD (Baphomet records) 9 EUR
POGROM 1147 Black Metal Complete A5-CD (Old Temple Production) 7 EUR
PRIMIGENIUM Intolerance CD (Drakkar productions) 10 EUR
RIGOR SARDONICOUS Principia sardonica CD (Paragon records) 5 EUR
SACRED SIN Translucid dream mirror CD (Demolition records) 5 EUR
SATANIC WARMASTER Strength and Honour CD (Northern Heritage) 14 EUR
THANATOS “Angelic encounters”CD (Hammerheart) 6 EUR
THE CHASM Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire CD (Utterly Somber Creations) 6 EUR
Throneum “Deathmass of the Gravedancer” CD (Disorder) 8 EUR
THUNDERBOLT “Thr burning deed of deceit” CD (ISO666 releases) 7 EUR
Vrolok “Resurgence II: Where the dying peet the dead” CD (Alpha drakonis records) 4 EUR
Vrolok “Resurgence III: Order of the sphere” CD (Alpha drakonis records) 4 EUR
WATAIN Rabid Death’s Curse CD (Drakkar Productions) 7 EUR


DEICIDE "Doomsday L.A." (19 live performed songs, 2 video-clips "Homage for Satan" and "Desecration", backstage interview with Glen Benton, Ralph Santola, Jack Owen and Steve Asheim) licensed



Haemoth “Satanik Terrorism” pic LP (Battlesk RS)
Nunslaughter “Hell’s Unholy Fire” pic LP (Ordealis)
Pest “Daudafaerd” (No colours)
Sombre Chemin/Ornaments Of Sin “Durch Ruinen und Duestere Kriegsfelder” split (Sabbath’s Fire)

Probably you'd like to be the last owner of any below-mentioned VHS':

Six Feet Under "Maximum Violence" (Metalblade)
Cannibal Corpse "Live Cannibalism" (Metalblade)
Abyss Videos "The vings of Death 2" (18 clips featuring God Dethroned, Napalm Death, Entombed, Altar, In Flames, Pestilence, Morbid Angel etc.)

Successful deals on Metal Archives:

Metalrecords (x2), Forbinator (x2), Shangoth (x3), funereal_luxuria, turboeye (x2), CombatFront (x4), Madcow (x2), moka, forest07, Stalingrad, Korgoth, moose_of_doom, Valgrinder, weakling_goat (x6), BMORGIA, planiol, Pallando, Mr_Belvedere, destructSEAN, TheSonOfDarkness, ChristCrusher(x2), MOTGLchris, Kubrat, hewhay, SwarteHeap, blackwolf81 (x2), TheRealThing, matsch, Travis_Bickle



e-mail: fpt333@hotmail.com
His address: Gram Shirer
116 Edgewood Drive
South Windsor, CT 06074

Stole 25 USD paid for 2 cd's and disappeared.

Sep 21, 2012 4:19 PM ET #2 (permalink)

Як з тобою зв'язатися? Дещо зацікавило.

Dec 16, 2012 10:39 PM ET #3 (permalink)

фургони для продажу

(This post was last edited on December 16, 2012 at 10:41 PM ET.)

Feb 15, 2013 2:55 AM ET #4 (permalink)

I'm interested in Belphegor CD. is it still available?

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