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Posted in: Forum Home >> General Discussion >> Christmas

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Displaying posts 1 - 25 of 92 1 2 3 4 Last
Dec 9, 2009 5:39 PM ET #1 (permalink)

Am I the only one excited for Christmas this year? I know money's tight for everybody, but I still like getting together with my family and spending time with them. What about everybody else?

Dec 9, 2009 6:16 PM ET #2 (permalink)

I'm pretty excited for Christmas, I think i'm finally getting a drum set.

Dec 9, 2009 6:29 PM ET #3 (permalink)

well i am excited to go buy some presents. i am getting a couple friends 5fdp tix and another one a camera. my wife and i are waiting until after christmas to buy eachother something. but just having her in her kate beckinsale latex outfit from underworld is enough for me. she even has the real gun the kate uses in the movie :-p i may have her get me a drum machine though to jam with- not sure yet. neither of us have family here and this is the only time i wish we did. at least i can still play my nephew ps3 online. my wife and i have been going to the gym alot so we are in great shape now so she will be extra sassy this christmas. i think i may have to go looking for a whip.

Dec 9, 2009 7:22 PM ET #4 (permalink)

My usual plan is to get really drunk so I won't have to be bothered by Christmas and how incredibly lame my family gets. Then again I am an Atheist, so I really would rather get drunk than do something that goes against my lack-of beliefs. I'll probably get some cheap Canadian whiskey.

Dec 9, 2009 7:33 PM ET #5 (permalink)

I am pretty stoked for Christmas, if anything because I get a paid day off of work. We will probably get a halfday on Christmas Eve, so yeah Christmas is cool.

Dec 10, 2009 9:17 AM ET #6 (permalink)

Yea I'm pretty happy about Hannukah being right around the corner.

Dec 10, 2009 9:30 AM ET #7 (permalink)

I wonder why, HEBREW Hammer. lol. Sorry, I just had to point that out :P

Dec 10, 2009 10:05 AM ET #8 (permalink)

even if you are atheist one can rejoice in a time of year that people tend to come together and go out of their way for others.thats what tbe real spirit is about. it should not be a religious holiday. one month out of the year people put others before themselves and give to the less fortunate. and eggnog and rum is the seasonal drink for me. and agreed with bruno a paid day off is always a joyous occasion. i just got word that in fact i am getting a christmas bonus!

Dec 10, 2009 10:24 AM ET #9 (permalink)

I like what Agent said. I'm an atheist as well, but I still celebrate Christmas not as a religious holiday, but as a time to give and get together with my family.

Dec 10, 2009 11:19 AM ET #10 (permalink)

Fuck that! I'm poor. I'd rather get drunk and forget about the little money that I have. :P Also, my family's on the crazy side so I'd rather die than spend time with them. As I said: getting drunk. Perhaps on some good old whiskey, fairly cheap Canadian beer or anything with a really high alcohol content lol.

Edit: Look up Fine Seve. That looks really gooood.

(This post was last edited on December 10, 2009 at 11:25 AM ET.)

Dec 10, 2009 11:25 AM ET #11 (permalink)

lol. That does sound nice too. Mmm, whiskey. *drools like Homer*

Dec 10, 2009 1:03 PM ET #12 (permalink)

well to celebrate and still be in the spirit get drunk and then do some volunteer work at a food drive or shelter. especialy if your poor it will really help you apreciate what you have and you get connected with people. you never know when it may come back to you. i used to feed this homeless guy all the time when i worked at a fast food joint and every now and then i would invite him over when it was rainy and we watch movies and smoke out, he was good company. then one day i lost my job and ended up homeless myself and at that time he had just got an apartment and was working. he invited me to live with him and even gave me the bedroom and he took the couch.

Dec 10, 2009 1:25 PM ET #13 (permalink)

im with inferno on the cheap canadian whiskey thats for sure!(im thinkin CC). otherwise bahhumbug...not a big xmas fan would rather be playing, or watching hockey, both while drunk mind u.

Dec 10, 2009 2:06 PM ET #14 (permalink)

Agent- You lucky bastard! No Christmas bonus for my company this year. I still spent a little over $200 on gifts and then the next day I had to put an unexpected $400 towards repairing my car. Man, I could use a bonus this year...

Dec 10, 2009 2:41 PM ET #15 (permalink)

fucking cars- sorry to hear that man. hopefully you get a good surprise this year.

Dec 10, 2009 3:33 PM ET #16 (permalink)

haha KanadianKorn, we should be best buddies lmao you read my mind. Especially the hockey part. And the drunk hockey part. I used to be a goalie on a local hockey team.

Dec 10, 2009 5:19 PM ET #17 (permalink)

I am avoiding family on Christmas. I cannot stand my aunts and uncles complaining and I can't stand the annoying brats that are my cousins cry. I hate them.

Dec 10, 2009 5:20 PM ET #18 (permalink)

god damn it they do not sell Fine Seve around here, and then I tried to look up Sortilege as an alternative since it also has maple wine but I could not find it. I am amazed that I cannot find Seve in this city of all places!

(This post was last edited on December 10, 2009 at 5:20 PM ET.)

Dec 10, 2009 5:34 PM ET #19 (permalink)

x mas what is that
have to work on these days
than home eating and drinking lots same as everyday on this island

what i cant stand of xmas is the gifts you get you ask for music and what do ya get underwear or a shirt from grand mother what you never will put on
last years gift i got i did give it way as a birthday gift to a co worker a fucking poloshirt

for the rest i dont believe in a god so why would i believe on these days just a freaking jesus day

Dec 11, 2009 1:32 AM ET #20 (permalink)

Couple of atheists in here? I'll just leave this link here then, ahem..............


Dec 11, 2009 9:26 AM ET #21 (permalink)

LMAO PINTO that is awesome! i must remember that.

Dec 11, 2009 11:32 AM ET #22 (permalink)

I just sent that to about fifteen people. Thank you Pinto.

Dec 11, 2009 11:41 AM ET #23 (permalink)

pinto: lmao, that's awesome. I still stand by my beliefs though.

BB: A drum set? Awesome. I've always wanted one of those, but I'd have nowhere to put it in my tiny apartment.

Bruno: I hate cars too. Mine's been nothing but trouble, and it's a 2006... not even old!

Dec 11, 2009 11:54 AM ET #24 (permalink)

HH, I don't have anywhere to put it in my duplex, either. I'm putting it over at my brothers, who has both a basement and a garage, So much easier to maintain that way.

Dec 11, 2009 12:22 PM ET #25 (permalink)

Wow Pinto, that link you gave was incredibly stupid. The only actual value that constitutes an Atheist is not believing in any gods. We're far too complex to be summed up in that incredibly low-intelligence statement. I won't bother getting myself angry over this though, because if I got angry over this every time someone made this statement, I'd be angry all the time.

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