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Gris : New metal stuff in our catalogue!

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Displaying 1 post
May 10, 2012 6:42 PM ET #1 (permalink)
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SILENT KINGDOM “Path to Oblivion” (Bosnia Herzegovina) CD
11 killer compositions in a sort of old raw way across a perfect balance through aggressive style and technical execution with Bosnian traditional touches...Do not miss the merely opportunity to listen some important steps into kinds like black, death, doom and archaic anthems in the name of true Music Art!

WORSTENEMY “Under Ashes Of Wicked” (Italy) CD
…is a good underground album that sounds like an obscure mix of blackened death metal style with old doom feelings and a rough brutal sound melts in a rude and raw attitude with distinctive and original solutions. A must for all Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Gorefest, Avulsed, fan...

BLOODSHED WALHALLA “Legends of a Viking” (Italy) CD
Italian viking pagan metal like Bathory, top level quality execution and production: killllllllleeeeeeeeeeeerrrr release !!!!! For true Bathory fans era “Twilight of the Gods” and for all epic viking metallers!

CELE KULA "The Moonlight and the Misty Night" (Italy) DigiCD
Monolithic Psycho/Doom/Goth with deep funeral clean vocals. Based on obscure lunar cycle concept: only for lycanthropic damned souls... Last copies in world distribution!

3RD “Highest Human Form” (Italy) mCD
3RD combo preserves primitive 90's raw aggression of thrash/death metal music melts with an unique own musical style and shocking (guttural/screams/clean) vocals. Project is influenced by bands like Sepultura/Necrodeath/Machine Head (for Killer refrains) and by more other extreme metal acts (Obituary, Meshuggah...).

AABSYNTHUM “Inanimus” (Romania) CD
The next album of as much as possible depressive project … Funeral doom metal in the best traditions of style, the sample of old school. Sincere sounding...

More info in our illustrated catalogue of extended production:

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