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UFC 142 recap............

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Displaying 2 posts
Displaying 2 posts
Jan 15, 2012 11:27 AM ET #1 (permalink)

crazy night of fights and controversy calls.....

the spinning wheel kick that KOd terry etim was one of the most insane KOs ive ever witnessed. definitely a contender for KO of the decade!!!

referee Yamasaki once again showed why he doesnt deserve to be a ref in MMA with that DQ call. only 1 hit was to the back of the head and even after he saw he fucked up he still tried to make us think he made the right call.

was glad to see belfort beat johnson, and johnson be given his discharge papers from the ufc. he is a fake ass and cant fight opponents who are evenly matched with him. good riddance.........

stout was robbed by the biased judges. IMO he won rd 2 and 3 but due to the brazilian crowd being as stupid as it was screamin "death chants" to the non brazilian fighters they gave the fight to his opponents to avoid any kind of retribution that could be aimed at them....

aldo definitely showed he can handle business, and running into the crowd was epic! and then trying to fight the security guys to let him go so he can be with his fans was even more epic!!

Jan 16, 2012 10:06 PM ET #2 (permalink)

Good night of fights! I think the reason Yamasaki made the call is that it looked like one of the first two punches that hit the shoulder area hit the head. People I was watching with thought so until a couple replays even... So if that was the case, his call would have been correct. It's a tough job and they need instant replay for specific cases like this.

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