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Top 5 Best Metal Vocalist

Posted in: Forum Home >> Classic Metal >> Top 5 Best Metal Vocalist

Displaying posts 26 - 34 of 34 1 2 Last
Displaying posts 26 - 34 of 34 1 2 Last
Jan 19, 2012 1:07 PM ET #26 (permalink)

rob halford
bruce dickinson
steve grimmett- gim reaper
klaus meine- scorpions

Jan 26, 2012 11:12 PM ET #27 (permalink)

1. Joey Belladona
2.Ozzy Osbourne
3. Vince Neil
4. Sebastion Bach
There are others but im too lazy too think

Jan 6, 2013 3:18 PM ET #28 (permalink)

1. Daniel Heiman (Lost Horizon, Heed)
Listen to Highlander (the one) or Cry Of A Restless Soul by Lost Horizon. Few to none singers can match him. His delivery, range, power, emotion and prowess is untouchable. If you think you can handle one of the greatest metal bands ever, check out Lost Horizon. Song to Listen to: Heart Of Storm, Sworn In The Metal Wind, others previously mentioned

2. Hansi Kursch
(Blind Guardian, Demons and Wizards). Is there more I need to say? From the Bards song to Wheel of Time to Imaginations from the other side to Nightfall. Everything about him is the essence of a metal vocalist. He is not of this world. Songs to listen to: Mirror Mirror, Sacred Worlds, others previously mentioned

3. Eric Adams
(Manowar). No band is like Manowar. And no man has such a powerful and heavy voice as Eric Adams. His range is astounding and He uses it well. The Blood of The Kings opening is unbelievable. Songs to listen to: Mountains, Warriors Of The World, Battle Hymn, Blood Of the Kings.

4. Roy Khan
(Kamelot). His voice is a lot different than most power metal singers. It has a lot of meaning. Every note and word is important to listen to. He was opera trained for 3 years. His delivery is amazing and he is a spectacular front man. Songs to listen to: The Human Stain, Karma, The Haunting, Center Of The Universe

5. Fabio Lione.
(Rhapsody of Fire). Another voice that is very special. Rhapsody can be cliche sometimes but who the hell cares? Its all good music. His range is huge, he uses heavy vibrato in places that is very hard to do. He can sing very legato clean things and some incredibly raspy stuff. Songs to listen to: The Magic Of Wizards Dream, Dawn of Victory, Emerald Sword, Reign of Terror.

I did not put Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, simply because they are impossible to compare

Jan 6, 2013 4:27 PM ET #29 (permalink)

Jari Mäenpää from Wintersun also deserves to mentioned me thinks.

Jan 18, 2013 11:56 PM ET #30 (permalink)

HitlerVSJesus vocalist is sick, they're brand new from central illinois! they're defanitely worth a listen and a like!


Jan 22, 2013 1:21 PM ET #31 (permalink)

Warrel Dane
Andi Deris
Jeff Scott Soto
King Diamond

Jan 28, 2013 10:36 AM ET #32 (permalink)

not necessarily my fav bands but they are my fav voices
robb flyyn
ronnie james dio
corey taylor
till lindemann

Jun 22, 2013 11:41 AM ET #33 (permalink)

vocal of System of a down
vocal of Cradle of filth
vocal of metallica
vocal of Silencer
vocal of Death

Jul 21, 2013 1:49 PM ET #34 (permalink)

1 chuck billy
2 kingdiamond
3 angela gossow
4 george fisher
5 phil anselmo
and in this order it needs to be

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