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Judas Priest

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Displaying 3 posts
Displaying 3 posts
Nov 1, 2011 2:54 PM ET #1 (permalink)
ZMA's avatar


I was just thinkin' about Judas Priest to pass the time recently and I started thinkin' about what the new album is gonna sound like. There are so many possibilities fluctuating in my head. Judas Priest has always been a band that has kept relevant in metal. They've always taken what's popular and put their own spin on it (Turbo and Painkiller are just 2 examples of that).
So I'm curious to see if they'll do something similar with this last album and go out with a bang. With K.K. gone I wanna see what sort of influence this new guy, Richie Faulkner, brings in. I'm sure it won't to much influence since Halford and Tipton have written a large amount of material already but you never know.
Also vocally I wanna see where Halford is gonna take it. He did a little experimenting with his vocals on the last Halford album. One of the few times he did some heavier vocals on "The Mower." I'm not sure what song it is but if you listen through Defenders Of The Faith, there is an instance where Halford does a lower end growl scream. I believe it's on "Love Bites."
Anyway ever since their "Rising in the East" DVD I've noticed that during their live sets he does some low end, almost death metal like screams. Listen to "The Ripper" off their 30th anniversary British Steel live DVD to see what I mean. My point is it'd be interesting to see him do some more of that. He even said at one point he is interested in death/black metal stuff. It'd be nice to see them experiment a little and keep up with the times like they always have been. I mean Tipton can still rip up those frets. Hill and Travis have always kept a solid pace for Tipton and Halford to do their thing and I don't think that'll change.
They came back hard with Angel Of Retribution in '05 and showed they still had what it takes. And even with K.K. gone I'm sure they can still bring it hard and show us why they've been the metal gods for up to 40 years. I just hope it's not another Nostradamus. I'm sure it won't be.
But I'm absolutely positive it'll be better then Lulu. =]

Any opinions on what the new Priest album could or should be?

Nov 1, 2011 3:47 PM ET #2 (permalink)
R10's avatar


I thought Angel of Retribution was a criminally ignored and under rated album Z. I thought it mixed old and new elements of Priest really well. The last Halford album i thought was his weakest by far. With exception to the Christmas album he put out. I really hope Priest can go out on top,put out a killer album similar in style to thier 80's greats,with a modern.sound. I dont worry about Halford abit. Guy still has one of the best voices in metal,still! Looking forward to seeing them the 20th,could very well be the last time i get to. Im hearing and reading great reviews on the tour. The new guy has worked quite well from what i hear.

Nov 1, 2011 4:38 PM ET #3 (permalink)
ZMA's avatar


I definitely agree with that R10. I don't see anyone talking about that album really. It was an amazing comeback album that should've rocked the foundations of metal as we know it. Sadly nothin' doin' chief.
I also agree with what you said about the Halford album. I only really enjoyed 2 maybe 3 songs off that album, "The Mower" being my favorite. That song showed me that he still has it vocally, and it showed me he wants to experiment a little with the low end growl at the end. I'd like to see him dig a bit deeper in that direction on the new Priest record. Because I have no doubt that Tipton, Hill, and Travis will be in top form as they always are. And if you said Richie Faulkner is doin' well on the tour I'm sure he'll be great as well. So honestly I'm just curious to see where this goes vocally.

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