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How can we make the discovery process more fun/magical?

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Displaying 9 posts
Sep 21, 2011 2:44 PM ET #1 (permalink)

Reading Joe's latest Op/Ed and the commentary got me thinking... (See: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=71890 )

It's always been a goal of Metalunderground.com to help readers discover new metal bands they like, and many people have commented how they have done so. But how can we make these discoveries more interesting or fun? Something like a recommendation engine lacks the human touch (I don't even pay attention to them on Amazon or Last.fm anymore). Even so, they won't be AS magical as the tape trading days simply due to the ease and frequency of discovery. Any ideas from our readers or staff?

Sep 21, 2011 5:31 PM ET #2 (permalink)

We could have an underground recommendation column - just a sentence or two about a band from a few staff members, and readers could submit bands too. The most important thing is that this would be for recommending bands we really like, sometimes I feel the Unearthing articles are focusing on just giving exposure to bands in a certain locality.

EDIT: Also give Fuck_A_Name his own column!

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Sep 21, 2011 6:20 PM ET #3 (permalink)
R10's avatar


Its difficult to explain,but the metal community was much tighter back in the day. I mean watch ' Heavy Metal Parking Lot' for christs sake. Less debate adout sub genre description,it was fucking metal,a clique. Not to insult anyone,but i respect some of the oldschoolers on this sight, writers and members. No names,we know who they are. Imptessed by alot of the newbies also,some really know thier shit! I have little respect for downloaders,those experts who rape the genre,offer nothing more than thier useless opinions. Big deal,they bought a 15 dollar t-shirt at the one show they saw this year. I wish i had some suggestions,but really i dont. Less fluff,like Ax7 shit maybe,that gets the masses riled a bit. Not me,i really havent heard thier shit,then again,metal wise,im in my own little world. Im afraid crap like spotify,other song streams will kill metal as most of us once knew it. Thats ok,i got my physical media,3000+ cds. Thats my rant,for better or worse.

Sep 21, 2011 7:02 PM ET #4 (permalink)

Lol I have no idea what I would do with my own column, I'm too jocular these days to write anything serious, and my reviews are just getting more and more offensive and rediculous, but thanks for the suggestion Cynic.

What you could do, maybe, is feature some sort of "underground band of the week" or some shit. Since your site is unusual in that it's largely member-involved, with lots of staff/member interaction, as opposed to just posting news and watching the masses gripe in the c-section (comment section, as my friends now call it), it should be member generated.

As in, have a bunch of people vote on, or submit certain albums or bands they want highlighted in the underground metal scene. I know it might be more difficult to implement than that, but it's a thought. I know a few months back a whole bunch of members simultaneously found Allegaeon, and most fell in love, and I'm still recommending them to people who didnt catch on when everyone else jumped on the band, and still to great thanks.

I would have done the same for After The Burial before when I was recommending them here and there right before the djent craze exploded, and I feel Fleshgod Apocalpse deserves that same sort of recognition now, especially because of their latest work.

I'm not sure how this would be easily user implemented, but it's a thought. It depends on community interaction to find bands, sort of a streamlined version of what we do with each other on the forums I suppose. So it lends that air of accountability and discovery, coming from your peers.

EDIT: I just reread my post and realized, if I had my own column on here, ^thats exactly what I would do with it lol Oz's Sunday Old School is essentially the same thing but non-contemporary, seeing as he asks people who he should cover each week sometimes, and I know for a fact Ive found new respect for bands I had passed by through his columns.

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Sep 21, 2011 7:15 PM ET #5 (permalink)

Ha! As if I would want to read anything from you other than offensive and ridiculous rants :P

Actually FAN's idea of focusing on one band might be better than a bunch of recommendations like I said. I would expand on that though - maybe focus on a band that has a current buzz because they just released a great new album. Fleshgod Apocalpse for example, now I haven't even heard the new album or really know about the band but I have seen a ton of buzz around the net about it. We could have done similar stuff on bands that were a hot topic at the time: Ghost, Braindrill, Origin, Blotted Science - bands that for good or bad, are causing stirs in the metal world.

Sep 21, 2011 8:48 PM ET #6 (permalink)
R10's avatar


I can get behind those ideas. But it would have to be on the main page of the site. For watever reason,alot of the main commenters dont hit up these forums for whatever reason. I know its fun sometimes to slag on shit like A7X,Limp Bizkit,etc,but really,whats the point. I like the real discussions by serious metal fans,like some that happen in the op/ed pieces. I havent bought anything by Fleshgod Apocalypse either,heard a few songs,need to add them to my collection.

Sep 21, 2011 10:10 PM ET #7 (permalink)

^yeah, I see people posting in the comments section that I regret not seeing in here, but on the same token, since the inception of the forums, Ive been scarce in the regular news section, as have most of us regulars. Ive been trying to remedy that though, since new people are going to come there first before they shoot for the muck and depravity that is the MU forums lol.

And Fleshgod Apocalpse has become a must at this point. Their album Oracle is great tech-death with hints of piano playing sprinkled throughout, but Agony is so much more. Symphonic tech-death is not something i had given much thought to, but theyve done it, and pulled it off excellently. Ive heard it put this way, "Hate Eternal is to Morbid Angel as Fleshgod Apocalypse is to Dimmu Borgir", and it made absolute sense when I heard the album. They took the best parts of what made the original great in their heyday, and made it more intense.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fee9ORFAOlE This is the intro track and the first song, and it gives a damn good idea of what the album is about.

Sep 22, 2011 12:13 AM ET #8 (permalink)

I like the idea of giving some buzzworthy bands a little more of a feature and will think about how we can do that without duplicating a review.

The Unearthing The Metal Underground articles are meant to be more about the underground than the best bands... Most of the time when you're talking about these buzzworthy/really good bands, they are signed and already on their way to making a name for themselves.

I also plan to change up the home page a little to feature a few articles of different types.

Good thoughts so far. Thanks.

Sep 25, 2011 5:31 AM ET #9 (permalink)

"How can we make the discovery process more fun/magical?"

...Check -INSERT BAND HERE- out and I'll show you a card trick?

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