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Sup Fuckers 7

Posted in: Forum Home >> General Discussion >> Sup Fuckers 7

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Displaying posts 776 - 800 of 1,000 1 2 ... 30 31 32 33 34 ... 39 40 Last
Feb 1, 2012 2:33 AM ET #776 (permalink)

^I know you really liked Wrath, but me and my friends were all kindof dissapointed by it. It felt like it was Lamb of god by numbers, with the exception of Passing/In your Words, and Grace. THIS album though, is easily at least as good as As the Palaces Burn or Sacrament in terms of quality, and even the songs that start to sound like Rehashed LoG end up having some new experiment to keep it fresh. I liked this album alot, and I was expecting to be pissed(I still hate the single Ghost Walking)

Aborted though....I'm geeking out hard all over this album. Probably my favorite JUST Straight-up Death metal album ever. It's so good it's keeping me from listening to the nearly as excellent new Psycroptic album as much as I want to. Speaking of which, since you already have Aborted's, make sure to pick up the new Psycroptic, easily their best album by a landslide.

Feb 1, 2012 4:10 PM ET #777 (permalink)
ZMA's avatar


FAN, yea Wrath was great. I'd never been into Lamb Of God and Wrath got me into them. So I'm sure I'll like their new one. Been getting a lot of praise so I'm interested ya know?

Yo hell yea, Aborted and Psycroptic. I remember when their last album came out I wasn't really into it at the time. Probably because I wasn't listening to any death metal or tech death. But I listened to the single of this new release coming up and I was soooo stoked for it. That shit is comin' out on my birthday so guess what my birthday gift to myself will be? lol
That album and Global Flatline will probably be my soundtrack for this year. Or at the very least they'll still hold my interest for a very long time.

Feb 2, 2012 2:16 AM ET #778 (permalink)

dude i already knew my favorite song on the album a year before it came out. When they toured with Nile i saw Psycroptic and they played a new song, and the riff in the song was my favorite riff LAST year, and it wasnt even released yet, thats how awesome the riff was. The instant I heard Euporinasia on the CD, I knew that was the song. Probably one of my favorite riffs ever.

Feb 2, 2012 9:09 AM ET #779 (permalink)

day at fucking work it sucks even here on a island and the wather is nice still hate to go to work
time to leave the island island fever is getting a hold of me

Feb 2, 2012 2:48 PM ET #780 (permalink)
ZMA's avatar


FAN, lol damn really? I'm gonna have to listen to it when it drops to see what you mean.

Feb 3, 2012 11:22 AM ET #781 (permalink)

Pic of the Bisbee chick is now posted on my FB for all of you who lurk there. Fair warning... Hotter than Tucson in July.

Feb 4, 2012 2:37 PM ET #782 (permalink)


Sup fuckers?

Feb 4, 2012 2:40 PM ET #783 (permalink)

Not much, just sulking because my team lost. Then about twenty minutes ago some little bastards started throwing snowballs at my house. Other than that though, all hunky dory. Yourself?

Feb 4, 2012 4:41 PM ET #784 (permalink)

Going to the liquor store to get supplies for my Super Bowl party tomorrow. Oz your comment on my status about Groundhog Day was quite the hit at last night's chain-smoking event.

Feb 4, 2012 4:51 PM ET #785 (permalink)

Haha, thank you :) I actually had to look up Groundhog Day after I said it though as I had no idea about it, then I looked up the film because I haven't seen it since I was very young.

The Superb Owl keeps getting advertised here and it looks like a whole different world to me. I might give it a go and see if I can do better than last year where I got about two minutes of the way through it. I'm backing the Patriots because the first Englishman to play and win in the Superb Owl played for the Patriots and he supports the same football team as me.

Feb 6, 2012 6:02 AM ET #786 (permalink)

My Giants did it again. :')

Feb 6, 2012 8:56 AM ET #787 (permalink)

WOOOOOO.....fuck Tom Brady. Note even a real Giants fan, but fuck Tom Brady, so the Giants made me happy.

My friend put the winning "sit-down" touchdown as a gif three times in a row on his tumblr. so his whole wall when you first go on it is douche as fuck. Touchdown. Touchedown!!!!. TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

Feb 6, 2012 9:33 AM ET #788 (permalink)

Why "fuck Tom Brady"? Him and Tim Tebow are the only NFL players we're aware of in Europe (except for NFL fans obviously) and Brady seems alright to me.

Feb 6, 2012 11:21 AM ET #789 (permalink)

That's just sad that Tebow is so well known already. Is it because of actual football or in a religious context? No talk of Peyton and Eli Manning?

Feb 6, 2012 12:19 PM ET #790 (permalink)

Never heard of Peyton or Manning before last night when I was taking part in a Euro banter thread and having a laugh with people about the game. Tebow is much more known for the religious thing but we're also told he's good at his job too. The real problem is, the NFL could get a bigger following here, if it was allowed to exist like another sport and attract people to the game itself, but we're subjected to so much of, "THE GREATEST SPORTING EVENT IN HISTORY! THE BIGGEST SPORTING EVENT IN THE WORLD! THE WHOLE PLANET WILL BE WATCHING!" bullshit that most British people simply don't want to give it a chance, not least because the FIFA World Cup is unquestionably bigger than the Superb Owl, and people don't tune into the World Cup just to watch some crappy commercials with Clint Eastwood.

(This post was last edited on February 6, 2012 at 12:20 PM ET.)

Feb 6, 2012 1:32 PM ET #791 (permalink)

There was a football game on yesterday? Lol. Sup fuckers?

Feb 6, 2012 1:43 PM ET #792 (permalink)

Yeah, two. Man United vs Chelsea and Newcastle vs Aston Villa.

Not much happening here. Off to Bristol again tomorrow for my mates birthday where we'll be going out to see Alestorm. I don't have any pirate clothes so I'll be wearing my keffiyah and claiming to be a Somali pirate.

Feb 6, 2012 2:07 PM ET #793 (permalink)

Will you be pissed off enough to start swinging a cactus? LMAO!

Feb 6, 2012 2:15 PM ET #794 (permalink)

Haha maybe! Or maybe I'll just strap bread to my head because I want freedom so bad.

Feb 6, 2012 2:40 PM ET #795 (permalink)


Feb 6, 2012 10:53 PM ET #796 (permalink)

Drew Brees is a better qb than Both Mannings, Brady, and definitely Tebow. All that aside, he's an absolute class act. He came to a devastated New Orleans, opted to live IN town instead of the outskirts, put the city on his shoulders and gave NO something to be proud of again. He is indeed a classy guy.

Feb 6, 2012 11:59 PM ET #797 (permalink)

"Tom Brady and Tim Tebow are the only NFL players we're aware of in Europe (except for NFL fans obviously) and Brady seems alright to me."

I hate these two QB's the most in football. One is a religious nut who is a poor QB, the other is a douchebag banging Gisele.

Feb 7, 2012 6:51 AM ET #798 (permalink)

Fair play AP, does he play for the Saints?

You also have to bear in mind that there are plenty of sporting characters in Europe that might not be heard of in the States. Like QPR captain Joey Barton, Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, and perhaps the most entertaining, Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli. Here's just some of the things Balotelli has got up to:

* won 25k in a casino and gave a grand to a homeless person
* paid for 24 homeless people to spend new years eve in the ritz
* got stopped by police while driving through a bad part of Manchester. When asked why he had £25,000 in cash on his passenger seat he replied, "Because I'm rich."
* One day a kid asked him for an autograph after training. Balotelli asked him why he wasn't in school and the kid said he was being bullied so had bunked off. Balotelli drove him to school in his sports car and got the kids together and made them shake hands before speeding off again. His PR team put out a statement saying "Mario does not tolerate bullying"
* After Man City beat Man United 6-1, he drove around Manchester city centre in an open top car high fiving people
* drove into a womens prison because he "just wanted to look around"
* In December 2011, he broke his teams 48 hour restaraunt by going to a curry house, where he signed autographs, posed for pictures and had a mock sword fight using rolling pins. In the same month, he donated £200 to his local church before heading to a pub where spent a thousand pounds buying drinks for everyone there.
* While his mother was visiting him, she asked why he didn't have an iron and told him to go out and buy one. He came back three hours later empty handed. Before his mother could say anything, two lorries (trucks) turned up containing a ping pong table, two vespas and a trampoline, but no iron.

And he's younger than me :P

Feb 7, 2012 8:40 AM ET #799 (permalink)

Lol - Balotelli is a legend! But it seems only the City fans like him! I don't know any other person that likes him!
Still holding the crown for most infamous European football star is Gazza - the Raul Moat incident gave him the edge!

Feb 7, 2012 9:04 AM ET #800 (permalink)

Oh dear, poor Gazza! I heard the interview he did at the scene and I felt so bad for him. He seems to be doing better now though :)

To be honest, the only people I know who don't like Balotelli are Man United fans. How anyone could hate such a character is beyond me!

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