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Expanding Metal Knowledge

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Displaying 12 posts
Displaying 12 posts
Aug 31, 2009 10:36 AM ET #1 (permalink)

Now I know the entire site itself is just for this reason, but I would rather make this thread to make easier for those who need direct help with this.

As for me, I like a fvck load of thrash - Pantera, Slayer, Old Metallica, Megadeth etc.
Also, a load of black/death/doom metal such as - My Dying Bride, Mayhem, Burzum, Cannibal Corpse, Immortal, Behemoth, Gorgoroth, Arch Enemy, Summoning etc

I'm open for anything, hopefully something a little different from those sub-genres or any kick-ass bands I would've probably never heard.

\m/ Mastodon - Sleeping Giant \m/

Aug 31, 2009 12:44 PM ET #2 (permalink)

If you want something that is blatantly straight-forward with relentless ass-kicking, I would suggest getting(or downloading..hehe) 'Advance and Vanquish', 'Fire Up The Blades' and the latest 'Here Waits Thy Doom' by 3 Inches Of Blood. Trust me, you won't regret checking these guys out. Oh, and anything by Cephalic Carnage = pWnage.

Aug 31, 2009 1:23 PM ET #3 (permalink)


Don't make me pull this car over!

Sep 1, 2009 12:17 AM ET #4 (permalink)

Different from those sub-genres? I hear Elton John's not bad :P

Check out Alarum. Dub Trio. Byzantine. Godsmack. Ministry. Chimaira. One Minute Silence. Mr Bungle. SikTh. Snot. Yakuza. Textures.

Those are all bands you've probly already heard of anyway.

Sep 1, 2009 10:14 AM ET #5 (permalink)

check out hail of bullits

and i recomend old school metal

Sep 1, 2009 1:06 PM ET #6 (permalink)



My two recommended TRACKS off their myspace are: "Shadow Of The Morning Star", which has a darker feel compared to "One Last Battle", which has an Epic feel to it (2:37-til the end of the song is a great part to listen to).

These available tracks should give you a decent picture of what the band is capable of in terms of extremes; though I will say that the stuff on their myspace is fair when it comes to representing the band. These guys may not come off as a "different" genre, but I like how this band mixes Death and Black together. Black Metal vocals beautifully entwined with Melodic Death/Black rhythm. Think of it as, "Melodic Brutality" :)

Of the two ALBUMS that Mictlantecuhtli has to their name ... I say you get em both, haha: "Pillars Of Silence" and "Warriors Of The Black Sun".

(This post was last edited on September 1, 2009 at 8:16 PM ET.)

Sep 1, 2009 1:18 PM ET #7 (permalink)

If you're open to checking out thousands of doom bands, check out stonerrock.com, they have free and legal mp3s from thousands of bands, so you can check out a band before you buy.

Sep 2, 2009 5:36 AM ET #8 (permalink)

Ahh thanks for the replys guys, some douchebag decided to knock out the power cables to our place and we're pretty much out in the middle of nowhere so it took a few days to get em' up nd running again.

Banana - I listened to "Fire Up the Blades" and "Goatriders Horde Sneak" (couldn't find Advance and Vanquish) and its pretty kick-ass sh1t, also Cephalic Carnage does = pwnage \m/

Psythe - I've heard Ministy, Chimera and Godsmack but not the others, I've still gotta check em' out but thanks man \m/

Wilco - Dude, why the hell hadn't I heard of them before?! I listened to "Ordered Eastward" and "Red Wolves of Stalin" and I'm sure as hell going to keep checking those guys out, its fvcking awesome :-) \m/

Jenny - I listened to Mictlantecuhtli, I'm working my way through the tracks (currently on "Ancient War Call"), the solo at "Shadow of the Morning Star" 2:09, was just so friggin awesome I've gotta try and find a tab for that or something, thing is it was just the way it came in that made it so kick-ass

TOG - Thanks for the website dude, I found a few bands on there that were pretty awesome but I've still to give it a full run-down, thanks again man \m/

Again, thanks for the replies, I was pretty hesitant on putting this thread up but its worked out great I heard bands which were exactly what I'm looking for, thanks again guys \m/

Sep 2, 2009 10:03 AM ET #9 (permalink)

you should lissen to some more side projects
the singer of hailof bullits
his voice a true death metal voice
he declined a spot in canibal corpse

Sep 4, 2009 1:05 AM ET #10 (permalink)

The Arcane Order, Crocell, and Centaurus-A are an absolute MUST. These bands need more exposure and make some fucking great music. You said you want something different from the sub-genres you normally listen to, but I'm gonna ignore your thread title on this next part and give ya something that isn't remotely metal. Check out a band called V.A.S.T. Especially the songs "Here", "Touched", "Free", and "Thrown Away". I can't promise you'll like it, but they're one of my all-time favorites.

(This post was last edited on September 4, 2009 at 1:10 AM ET.)

Sep 5, 2009 3:37 PM ET #11 (permalink)

I just checked out Ex Deo the other day. I was enraptured enough to buy their album.

Sep 5, 2009 5:19 PM ET #12 (permalink)

You need to be more specific - you like thrash metal mostly, but also death black doom and also want other subgenres? That's pretty much everything. If you like Pantera as your avatar suggests, then check out Exhorder.

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