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Suggestions for US-wide Concert Calander

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Displaying 3 posts
Apr 21, 2011 3:59 AM ET #1 (permalink)

Here is the problem: You have Ticket Master's site to screen for tickets (which obviously doesn't have ALL tickets) or a few crappy sites which show dates and festivals...or just your favorite metal band's site showing where they are playing. Even on some supposed "Metal Festival" web sites, I've found it very convoluted to find what I'm looking for. In other words, suppose you have a particular weekend off, are willing to travel about 200 miles for a great concert. Big venue or tiny hole-in-the-wall bar...I want to know who is playing where without siphoning through a ton of sites.
Here is what we need: 1) an all inclusive site showing all metal bands playing, where, dates, times, etc. (2) the ability to search by calander dates (3) the added ability to search by location (i.e. Florida). Perfection would be to search a "miles from" radius from a particular zip code. (4) I should be able to simultaneously cross-pollunate these searches - together or one search only or whatever.
It is no use to me, should I have a weekend off, to have to go to Ticket Master, ten separate sites of various clubs/bars in the area, a scattering of band web sites, and some metal sites where they supposedly have done all their homework to help us. It is a waste of time scrolling down countless miscellaneous new announcements about some Festival in Finland (I'm not going there). Conversely, I have so many bands that I like that I couldn't possibly visit every site all the time to figure out if a tour might coincide with my availability. Even if I could, I've found that sometimes a band I totally forgot about is playing near by but I missed it.
Just give me a solid user-friendly calander, the ability to search any way I want and gear it up for the scenarios I've listed above to make it the first real Metal Concert listing - the "go to" for all things concerts.
This is what MetalUnderground should tackle, like Steve Jobs creating the I-pod. Get it right and the site has real buzz, a wider audience, and will be visited far more often by many.
Any additional ideas? Let's hear 'em...!

Apr 21, 2011 4:29 PM ET #2 (permalink)

I hear you, but this is a huge challenge. Just being an aggregator of such data and keeping it up to date when new dates or cancellations are announced is extremely hard. Then you (and I) want it for metal only and searchable geographically. It's a tall order that I don't think we'll be cracking any time soon. There are a few services out there that do some subset of this. Bandsintown, who we actually use for our tour data listings in the sidebars on the band pages does this pretty well, although there's no way to filter by genre - you just have to scan the list of band names and find something that looks famiar. The 25 mile increments on the distance slider kind of annoys me though. 50 might be too short for me, but 75 gives me all this stuff in PA that I am not interested in.


Apr 22, 2011 3:47 PM ET #3 (permalink)
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that would be the ultimate of formats, but ya a bit too unrealistic..
as someone who goes to live shows on a yearly basis i surf the net considerably using sites like the MU, certain venues websites, bandsintown, my space, facebook and when worse comes to worse just google it, meaning the bands name tour dates 2011...every once in a while i'll miss a gig or find out about it too late but i'd say 95% of the time all that cybersurfing paysoff and covers the bases for me...

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