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SALE: cd, vinyls, tapes, merch goregrind grind RARE 5,5 euro

Posted in: Forum Home >> Musician's Chat >> SALE: cd, vinyls, tapes, merch goregrind grind RARE 5,5 euro

Displaying 1 post
Displaying 1 post
Mar 4, 2011 7:54 AM ET #1 (permalink)

for contact write here: letek07[at]gmail[dot]com

all cds 5,5euro
some of them are different prices


4 way split - bloody diarroea, psychosadistic haterapist, fucksaw, tumour
anal whore - pornorama full cd in slipcase 6e
anal whore & anal penetration - split cd
anal whore & proctalgia - split cd in slipcase
anal whore & tumour & urine festival - split cd in slipcase
SPLIT a child corpse in thrash bag & faeces eurption & faece vomitatie & intestinal disgorge & proctalgia - split cd in slipcase
anal penetration - spray for jesus - full leght cd
anal penetration & tumour - split cd
anal penetration & mdk & methadone abortion clinic & obese & uterus - split cd
bloodbastard - next to dissect (with bonus demo material on it) - groovie goregrind
carne - the taste of latex - porngoregrind
carnal diafragma - space symphony around us - full cd
carnal diafragma & pulmonary fibrosis - split cd
carnal diafragma & bizarre embalming - split 3" cd 4
carnival of carnage & biocyst - split cd
choked by own vomits - shit autopsy
choked by own vomis & mucunovy khameny - split cd
CXMXP & plasma - split cd in slipcase
CXMXP & gored - split cd in slipcase
CxMxP & DHIBAC - goregrind/grindcore in slipcase
CxMxP - transforming into a grinding beast - goregrind in slipcase
cunt grinder & srom & hymen holocaust - split
destructive exposion of anal garland - cutterclit
destructive exposion of anal garland - sealing off the vagina by sewer lid
disgorged fetus - years of GOREmageddon PROMO CD
epicrise & vulvulatror - split
epicrise & ballgag - split
faeces eruption & kots - split cd
faeces eruption & tumour - split cd
faeces eruption & flatv5 - split cd
faeces of gore & biocyst - split cd
feastem - feare in concrete - grindcore cd
gronibard - st
gut & distored impalement - split - porngrind/death
gut & gonorrhea pussy - split cd x2 - porngoregrind
hate - awakening of the liar - death metal
headcrash & hog caller - splir cd side project fo anal penetration killer
horrifica & raped bitch - split cd
kots - serial suicide cd - cybergoregrin
inhume - in for the kill - PROMO cd
last days off humanity - the sounds of racid juices... - goregrind re-edition 6
leng tche & warscars - split digipack grindcore death
lycantrophy & say why - digipack
lymphatic phlegm - pathogenesis infest phlegmsepsia - goregrind
lymphatic phlegm - pathogenesis infest phlegmsepsia - goregrind DIGIpack! 6
machetazo - mundo cripta - death/grind
magrudergrind & shitstorm - split - powerviolence/grind
namek - vaginator - cd goregrind
oxydised razor - carne sangre - goregrind
parricide & patologicum & deformed - split cd death grind gore
rzeznia - mathematic grind - grindcore
satan - unsinished chapter of satans ... digipack powerviolence
sarcophagia carnaria & anal penetration & autophagia & vagitarians & feces eruption & i shit on your face & basket of death & gross - split cd
slimewave - goregrind series compilation - grindcore goregrind deathmetal relapse
splatter whore - kaviar die-hards - r'n'r goregrind
the days everything become nothing - lemort
the days everything become nothing - invention: destruction
the days everything become nothing - brutal
tumour - goreaholic
tumour & total penvial & vomit sex & cvi & mdk & kadaverficker - split cd
tu carne - me quedo con tu dolor - goregrind + bonus
urine festival - of a hermaphroditie enema and an urophilic pissparty pleasure cd ULTRA noise gore, LDOH member
vader - revelations - death metal
yacopsae - tanz, grosny, tanz - powerviolence
witchmaster - st - thrash/death/black


all cdrs for 4euro

bowel fetus & biocyst - pro cdr great done
decay - demos cdr pro done including 5 demos brutal death gore
tumour & pulmonary fibrosis & paranoia & takshi ohkawa - split cdr killer gore stuff
pulmonary fibrosis & jan ag - split cdr
pulmonary fibrosis & malignant tumour - split cdr
pulmonary fibrosis & dahmerized - split cdr


all eps for 4

dead infection & csso - split rare OFFER
cut throat & grind crusher - split
half gorilla & magnicide - split grind
sheevayoga & morebadnews - split
tu carne & sarcophaga carnaria - split
tu carne & bowel stew - split
tumour - disposer ep
tumour - prepare to putrefy ep
urine festival & faeces eruption - killer noise split


all tapes for 4euro
some of them are different prices

acrotomophilia & injected human waste - split limit 98/200 killer noise gore ala Tumour!
aggressive tyrants - zuzlani klikorisu zdechle... demo - noise grindcore
biocyst - gastrojejunostomy demo limit 66 side project from Marc from LDOH, Ultra NOISE!
bunder necromunda & veneral disease - grind assault!
closing - laboratory sadism - grind/death shit
csso & ingrowing - split of japanise and czech grind freaks! classic!
downthroat - ive got my mothers eyes - demo
faeces eruption & rsv - split pro done demo great noise gore!
flatulation - autopsy d'une intoxication... demo - brutal deathmetal 2
godzilla - permanet insane on disfigure...
grinde - manipulation - czech classic of powerviolence, split eps compilation
grind buto - The Malevolence - ep 1998
ingrowing & issacarum - split of czech classics!
mincer - only the flesh is real - brutal deathmetal
Mucupurulent & piss off orgasm - rare split 82/200 OFFER
NCC & hatredsurge - split with brutal goregrind
parricide - accustomed to illusion
pulmonary fibrosis & cakewet & vomitrocity & flesh disgorged & copiemesis - split
pulmonary fibrosis & sordid clot - split pro done tape! limit 93/200
rzezna - zrec demo polish grind monsters
soldableurkthal - electronic turbo penis - brutal death grind
tu carne - me quedo con tu dolor - pro done tape!
tu carne & fucktor - split demo colored cool cover, hard to find!
va - commercial terror - pro don compilation with polish grind/death bands, good for education

mixomatosis 7euro
disgorged foetus 7euro

Tu Carne baseball cup 7euro

shirts, hoodies

Bowel Stew HOODIE L RARE 23e
bowel stew - shirt with Putrid art!! L 15e
choked by own vomits - green shirt L 6e
death toll 80k - S 7e
Last Days Of Humanity - torture L 6e
Last Days Of Humanity - logo L 6e
Oxidised Razor - fuck sick grind gore XL (like L) 10e
spermswamp - L 7e
tu carne - bdsm friends club XL 7e
tu carne - sick gore grind L 9ee
tu carne - culto a la muerte L 9e
tu carne - descarnada!!! L 9e
tu carne - me quedo con tu dolor yellow XL 9e

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