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Desperately need help choosing first guitar

Posted in: Forum Home >> Musician's Chat >> Desperately need help choosing first guitar

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Displaying 2 posts
Mar 15, 2014 2:43 PM ET #1 (permalink)


In three years from now, my band (which I will form next year) will release a debut album that’ll end up being as critically acclaimed and commercially successful as GnR’s debut. It won’t sound anything like GnR’s debut, but it’ll have a similar story: A relatively new band’s first album will be an absolute landmark.

Thing is, I never seriously sat down to properly learn how to play the guitar. I've picked it up and learned a few chords here and there, but I never took it seriously.

Anyway, I'm my plan is practice 6 hours a day on weekdays, and all day during the weekends, from here on.

However, I need help in choosing what kind of a guitar I'll need to suit my band

The genres on the album would be:

Hard Rock


Indie Electronic Rock-

Power Pop

Blues Rock

Progressive Dream-Funk Rock

Neo Soul Rock

Indie Folk

Arena Rock

So, because it'd be a varied mix of genres, it's a bit hard for me to choose a set guitar, you know.

Growing up, I thought the Gibson Les Paul was the coolest guitar made....But, I'm not sure if that guitar's sound would be appropriate for some of the genres on here...

Gah, can anybody help me out here? I'd spend around $2k or so

Mar 15, 2014 10:29 PM ET #2 (permalink)


After asking around the internet, I've jotted some notes down. Again, I'm trying to pick a single guitar, so I'm doing my best to narrow these notes down, you know

It'd be fantastically appreciated if you could give me your thoughts on them....

difference between a telecaster and a stratocaster? When answering, please keep in mind that I'll be attempting to tackle the variety of genres noted above

difference between an SG and a Les Paul? Again, trying to play a variety of styles here, so I suppose I'd be looking for which one would be better for the genres that I'm playing.

should I get equipment that'll make Fender guitars sound like a Gibson? Say, a humbucker and 2 single-coil pickups on astratocaster? Or a humbucker on the neck of a Telecaster? In other words, should I avoid a gibson and just play with a modified Fender?

And for my last question, should I purchase this Les Paul?


It's some new Les Paul Mode. The Shred Les Paul Studio.

I'm thinking this just might be the answer to all of this, really. Especially when there's a model on Craigslist going for just $1,000 that I'm looking at, heh.

I'm really tempted to go with that, actually. Fenders or Ibanez may be superior for shredding when it comes to Metal, but this just might fill in that void?

Also, here's some other random brands and what not that were mentioned as well. However, the above Gibson Shred Les Paul may make these irrelevant:

G&L Legacy
Squier mini
Parker Fly with a whammy bar.
ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 with EMG 81
Music Man John Petrucci 6 Electric Guitar

Help on this would be FANTASTICALLY appreciated.

I mean this is it bros. After this, I'm going absolutely head first into this gigantic project of mine.

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