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Meek is Murder

From: New York, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Meek is Murder news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Meek Is Murder Streaming New EP

Meek Is Murder has posted the new "Into The Sun Where It Falls Off The Sky" EP online for streaming. Give the short running release a listen at bandcamp or in the player below. The track listing is:

1. Private William Hudson (Dead Meat) 00:59
2. Ellen Ripley (Into The Sun) 01:05
3. Doctor Emmett Brown (Endless In Our Fleeting) 01:15
4. Marty McFly (88 mph) 01:09
5. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Out Of Gas) 02:25

Meek is Murder's Mike Keller (guitars/vocals) comments on the sic-fi theme of the EP: “Much in the way Algorithms drew influence from computer science concepts as allegories for life’s many challenges, the songs of Into The Sun Where It Falls Off The Sky honor a couple of our favorite sci-fi films as metaphors for the comedy and tragedy of our lives.” More...

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Meek Is Murder Posts In-Studio Video

Meek is Murder brings you inside Backroom Studios where the band recorded an upcoming EP, "Into The Sun Where It Falls Off The Sky." The video includes snippets of unreleased music and can be viewed below.

To celebrate the release next week, the band is now streaming a track from the EP called "Ellen Ripley (Into The Sun)" via Facebook until the official release of the EP on October 30th through bandcamp. More...

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Meek Is Murder Discusses New EP's Cover Artwork

Meek is Murder talks cover art and concepts behind the band's upcoming EP, "Into The Sun Where It Falls Off The Sky," in a video released earlier today. The video introduces NYC based illustrator Jeremiah Dube, who discusses the color theory and illustration behind the artwork of the Sci-Fi themed EP. Check out the video below.

"Into The Sun Where It Falls Off The Sky" was engineered and mixed by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mike Portnoy, and Foxy Shazam) along with producer and guest vocalist Jesse Korman of The Number 12 Looks Like You. "Into The Sun Where It Falls Off The Sky" was mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, Mastodon) at West West Side Music. More...

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Meek Is Murder Reveals New EP Details

Meek Is Murder, which was covered on the New York edition of our "Unearthing the Metal Underground" column, has announced full details on an upcoming new sci-fi themed EP, titled "Into the Sun Where It Falls Off the Sky."

The digital-only EP is set for an October 30th, 2012 release date. This is the band’s first official new release since 2011’s LP debut Algorithms (MetalSucks digital/Granite House Records vinyl), recorded by Kurt Ballou of Converge. The following press release was issued about the EP:

"The 5-song EP assaults listeners with Meek’s special brand of techy, chaotic hardcore and manages to get in-and-out in about 7 minutes. The EP was engineered and mixed by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mike Portnoy, and Foxy Shazam) along with producer and guest vocalist Jesse Korman of The Number 12 Looks Like You. Into The Sun Where It Falls Off The Sky was mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, Mastodon) at West West Side Music." More...

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SXSW Music 2011 Day 3: Part 1

Friday, March 18th marked day three of SXSW Music. I attended the afternoon session entitled “Writing About Music in the Twenty Tens,” as it sounded like a great fit for what we do here. It was actually more geared toward the individual writer, but was applicable nonetheless. The panel of speakers had some prepared questions and discussed the need to learn multimedia and how writing professionally is a skill set in itself. Some of the examples about the latter were particularly interesting - writers get asked to do a wide range of things and the thinking is that rising to the challenge makes you a better writer. They also talked about saving your articles so that over time you’ll have enough material for a book or some sort, and discussed self publishing vs a book deal and how to find a good agent who works with your topic/kind of book (and recommended agentquery.com for searches).

There were two big day shows to choose from on this day: The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival at SXSW and MetalSucks’ “South by South Death.” I had planned to stop by the NEMHF before heading to the MetalSucks event. The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival was being held across the street from Emo’s in a tent. Being highly visible on the main strip, and featuring more well known bands, it was already packed and there was a line to get in - no special treatment for having a badge even. That made it a no-brainer to walk a block down the street to Headhunters to check out the MetalSucks event.

When I arrived, it had yet to start, but Meek Is Murder was setting up just minutes later. The main floor of Headhunters is not very big, especially if you don’t count the stage, sound board, and bar. I’d guess there’s about 15’ x 25’ of usable floor space. Meek Is Murder began playing to the dozen or so people there at the time. Their sound lies somewhere under the progressive hardcore umbrella. I liked the more progressive parts, as well as the occasional cool riff or groove, but was not a big fan of the screamy hardcore parts. But it was still an enjoyable half hour set anyway. More...

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Meek Is Murder Gears Up for Tour, Posts New Video

With the release of its debut album, "Algorithms," set for March 22, Meek Is Murder gears up for a two-week US tour. The tour includes shows at SXSW in Austin, TX, and ends with a record release show in the band’s hometown of Brooklyn, NY on March 24.

March 10 - Baltimore, MD @ The Windup Space
March 11 - Fairfax, VA @ Firehouse Bar
March 12 - Greenville, NC @ The Tipsy Teapot
March 13 - Atlanta, GA @ (house show)
March 14 - Baton Rouge, LA @ Here Today Gone Tomorrow
March 17 - Austin, TX @ Venue 222 (SXSW matinee)
March 18 - Austin, TX @ Headhunters (SXSW matinee)
March 21 - Louisville, KY @ Cahoots
March 22 - Oberlin, OH @ Oberlin College
March 23 - Doylestown, PA @ Siren Records
March 24 - Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool (Algorithms record release show)

"Algorithms" will see a March 22 release via metal blog MetalSucks, which has recently turned its resources toward releasing new music. Produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Torche) and mastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan), Algorithms is “an album about life and computer science,” in the words of frontman and former The Red Chord guitarist Mike Keller. BrooklynVegan.com describes the sound as “off-kilter hardcore-influenced math-terpieces.”

The album can be pre-ordered now in five configurations: a limited edition CD with handmade packaging, a digital download, and three package deals that include t-shirts:.

The band has posted a new behind-the-scenes video clip showing the making of the limited edition CDs:

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Unearthing The Metal Underground In New York City

Most unsigned bands I talk to, regardless of their location, seem to uniformly agree on one thing: their local scene sucks. While I'm sure that's sometimes the case, I'll bet that it often isn't; it's a commonly held misconception by struggling bands that somewhere in the world there are magical cities where ordinary folks flock to see local bands in droves. While this is a nice little fantasy, such a place doesn't actually exist, but it doesn't mean that all of your local scenes suck. Bands are just looking at it the wrong way. Any strong scene is made up of the BANDS themselves, not random non-musician fans. It's about bands supporting other bands, putting together shows, coming out to see each other, teaming up. That's what makes a strong scene, not how many hot girls show up.

NYC's metal scene is currently brimming with talent. This doesn't mean, of course, that folks flock by the hundreds to see local band bills. For the most part, audiences are comprised of bands coming out to support other bands, and on any given night you'll find a modest but strong crowd at a number of simultaneously happening metal shows.

To showcase the caliber of talent in NYC's metal scene to the rest of the world, we at MetalSucks decided to release a free digital compilation called "NYC Sucks." We had so many great bands on the table that we were forced to split it up into two volumes, to be released a month apart. Metal Underground.com has graciously given me the opportunity to showcase three of the bands on the comp never before covered on this site. All of the bands covered today are on Volume 1, available now.


The first time I saw Wizardry, their costumes and performance were so over the top that I was seriously convinced the dudes who set up their gear were hired roadies. That the venue was the dark, dank basement of Lit Lounge -- which holds 30 people in front of the stage, tops -- made this premise even more ridiculous. Of course it turned out that it was just the dudes in the band, pre-costume, but that should underscore how much effort they put into their live show. Wizardry plays a brand of metal that's a healthy mix of traditional and stoner, like what White Wizzard (see what I did there?) might sound like if they smoked crazy amounts of weed.


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"NYC Sucks" Compilation Available For Download

Volume 1 of "NYC Sucks," the completely free compilation album from MetalSucks.net is out now, featuring some of the best metal bands from the New York metal scene. This volume features fourteen songs by as many bands, who run the gamut of genres, from death to tech to prog to grind to black to hardcore to doom and more. "We truly feel that this is a great sampling of all that New York’s thriving metal scene has to offer, and we’re beyond proud to be sharing it with you — absolutely, 100% free of charge," states MetalSucks.

You can stream or download the compilation here. It contains high-quality 320kbps MP3s, and as well as a PDF of digital liner notes with information about all the bands.

Here's the "NYC Sucks: Volume 1" tracklisting:

1. East of the Wall, “The Ladder”
2. Made out of Babies, “Invisible Ink”
3. Tiger Flowers, “Cuts”
4. Black Anvil, “The Evil of All Roots”
5. Naam, “Frosted Tread”
6. Batillus, “The Children of the Night Make Their Music”
7. Meek is Murder, “Sundowners” (demo)
8. The Binary Code, “Encircled”
9. Castevet, “Stones”
10. Hung, “Desert of Sad”
11. Wizardry, “The Falconer”
12. Pyrrhon, “King of All Tears”
13. Mutant Supremacy, “Epitaph”
14. Incendiary, “Victory in Defeat”

Volume 2, featuring thirteen more great bands and songs, will be out on February 22nd.

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MetalSucks Announces Free Compilations

MetalSucks.net has announced two free compilations coming early next year, featuring underground bands from the ever growing New York City metal scene. Entitled "NYC Sucks," Volume 1 will contain 14 songs by as many bands and will be released on January 18th. Volume 2, containing 13 tracks, will be released on February 22nd. Both compilations will be available for download on MetalSucks, will contain high-quality 320kbps MP3s, and will include a PDF of digital liner notes with information about all the bands.

Here are the bands featured on volumes 1 and 2:

Volume 1: (Jan 18)
1. East of the Wall
2. Made out of Babies
3. Tiger Flowers
4. Black Anvil
5. Naam
6. Batillus
7. Meek is Murder
8. The Binary Code
9. Castevet
10. Hung
11. Wizardry
12. Pyrrhon
13. Mutant Supremacy
14. Incendiary

Volume 2: (Feb 22)
1. Wetnurse
2. Tombs
3. Moth Eater
4. Hull
5. The Austerity Program
6. Defeatist
7. Goes Cube
8. Krallice
9. Empyreon
10. Abacinate
11. ikillya
12. Atakke
13. The Ghost in Black and White

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