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Hallowed Butchery

From: ME, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Hallowed Butchery Working On Album

It's been years since we heard anything solid from the criminally unknown Hallowed Butchery, but it would appear all that's about to change soon. Band mastermind Ryan Fairfield just issued this update via the band's Facebook profile:

"I think I am finally ready to make the follow-up to the first record. I wrote and recorded a 2nd full-length years ago but I never finished it and I never released it. It just didn't feel right. It wasn't Hallowed Butchery. It didn't have the elements that made people love that first record so much.

"It's taken me time to realize that. But, I do now. And I'm hungry, man. I'm really hungry to make another record. It's festering inside me, and it's only a matter of time before it bursts out like a fucking explosion.

"Time to dust off the guitar and get to work. It's been far too long..." More...

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Hallowed Butchery Recruits Vocalist

Ryan Fairfield of Hallowed Butchery has issued the following announcement about recruiting a vocalist and backing band for an upcoming full-length and live shows:

"The BIG NEWS that I mentioned a week or so ago? Hallowed Butchery will no longer be a solo project. My wife Brittney Fairfield will be joining as the lead vocalist. A full-length record is in the works, and the assembling of a live band will soon follow (The Hallowed Butchery Band).

"The album will be titled 'North American Darkness,' and a departure from the extreme doom of past releases is imminent.

"One can expect a collection of songs that worship at the altar of traditional doom (Sabbath, Vitus, Pentagram!), and that explore lyrically the dark underbelly of American culture.

"We are making the album that I have always wanted to make, giving little regard to what people will think of it.

"It has been a wild ride so far, and only death could ever stop the doom, so I thank you to all of the fans that have stuck by my side for this long. This is only the beginning."

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Hallowed Butchery Streaming New Track

Hallowed Butchery has posted the song "Hexagram: The God of Self" online, which is available via Bandcamp or the player below. The one man band also commented on the track:

"My half of the recently released split with The Austrasian Goat ('Songs of Self Reliance and Solitude') is now available for digital purchase via BandCamp. $4.00 for an instant, high-quality download. Take a break from the Christmas music, and get a little wicked."

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Hallowed Butchery Streaming "Coffin Life" Track

One man genre bending metal act Hallowed Butchery is currently streaming the entire thirteen minute and 58 second track "Coffin Life" online, which is taken from a split release with Batillus (reviewed here). The whole track is available for streaming through the Hallowed Butchery Facebook page.

In a previously posted interview with the band, founder Ryan Fairfield had the following to say about the story behind the massive track:

The song tells the fictional story of a man named John Dabiers, whom was born and raised in small town New England. When he becomes a young man, he leaves, but soon returns as his connection to small town living is inseparable. He lives his life, working at a mill for many years, marrying, and having a few children. All the while, he dreams of quitting the 9-to-5 and running his own farm, with his wife. He nears retirement, and his wife and him begin planning the farm, however his wife dies in the process. On her death bed, she asks John to "do it for me." However, he is so grief-stricken from her death, and weak from old age, and doubtful (yet somewhat hopeful) that there is a God, let alone an afterlife... and he decides, either he's just killing time, or he is killing himself. He chooses the latter, and puts a bullet in his head, hoping that maybe, just maybe he will be reunited with his dead wife. In death, he finds that there is no heaven, nor a hell. He is dead, but what is torturous is that he is fully aware that he is dead, and that his wife is literally in the next grave over. She speaks to him, but he cannot hear. And time goes on, and those that are living are unaware that these two ever lived. There is no trace of them left behind on earth. Nothing, but "dormant ashes in a rust urn." That is their legacy.

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Hallowed Butchery Offering Free Song Download

Hallowed Butchery is currently offering a previously unreleased demo song as a free download. The band issued the following brief update about the track:

"New song, free download. 'Grazing Upon Fields of Envy' is an unreleased demo from summer 2010. It is up for free download on the Hallowed Butchery BandCamp. I hope it ruins your day."

You can stream or download the new track "Grazing Upon Fields of Envy" by heading over to this location.

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Hallowed Butchery Reveals Split Album Cover Art

Hallowed Butchery has posted the cover artwork online for the band's upcoming split with The Austrasian Goat, which can be viewed below. Hallowed Butchery also commented on the split and an upcoming full-length album:

"A Choir of Dead Children Sing Their Hymn for a Sleeping God: This is the tentative title for the forthcoming full-length album. The concept has changed. The entire album will deal with child abuse, neglect, and murder. All proceeds will be donated to a charity for abused children. More details and a confirmed charity organization will available soon. A release date can be expected late 2011/early 2012.

"The split 10" with the Austrasian Goat should be available soon. There were some delays with mastering, and the girl who was supposed to do the artwork has disappeared. I will be taking over artwork duties. Screenprinted, metallic paper is in the works!!!

"Also in the works are a series of limited live performances. With a backing band, I will perform 'Funeral Rites for the Living' in its entirety. More details coming soon."


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Hallowed Butchery Finishes Song For New Split

Hallowed Butchery has issued the following announcement about finishing a new track titled "Hexagram: The God of Self" for an upcoming split release:

"'Hexagram: The God of Self' (my side of the forthcoming Austrasian Goat split 10") has just finished being mastered. The song features guest guitar solos from Julien (of the Austrasian Goat) and Brad Bolduc (of Terrible Old Man).

"Expect sludge with buried vocals, Hawkwind-on-a-bad-acid-trip, good old fashioned rock 'n roll, a touch of folk, and a heavy heaping of psychedelia. A release date will be available soon."

You can also check out Metalunderground.com's latest interview with Hallowed Butchery at this location.

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Unearthing The Experimental Underground, Part 2

The big names in metal get a lot of press and are famous for a reason, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a treasure trove of high quality metal bands hiding out in the underground. Each week with the Unearthing the Underground column we take a look at unknown bands in a specific genre or location that deserve to be heard by a wider audience.

Metal is unique in the musical world for the many different varieties to be found within it’s overall borders. “Experimental” or “Avant-Garde” metal bands are those groups that head outside the standard boundaries of the stylistic breakdowns, combining different sounds or even making up entirely new ones. Whether it’s extremely discordant vocals, a meshing of non-metal music with heavy atmosphere, or even random bouts of circus music, experimental metal typically has something that prevents the mainstream from recognizing it. These bands usually manage to get a small, but devoted, cult following that enjoys the odd juxtapositions and flagrant disregard for what’s socially acceptable in music.

In the last Unearthing the Experimental Underground we looked at the Czech Republic’s Oblomov, Poland’s Furia, and Italy’s Viscera///. This time around we’ll dig into U.S. based act Hallowed Butchery, as well as Virus and Source of Tide from Norway.

Hallowed Butchery

Maine based multi-instrumentalist Ryan Fairfield is the mastermind behind solo act Hallowed Butchery, which was previously known as Hallowed Butchery of the Son. Metalunderground conducted an interview with Ryan, in which he discussed the name change and the project’s upcoming work.

Hallowed Butchery frequently uses the stylistic elements of doom, with long, lingering guitar tones and slow moving music. There’s also a good deal of black metal to be heard in the music, along with some truly odd sounds that often defy easy description. One of the project's more experimental works is the fourteen minute epic “Coffin Life,” which was included on a recent split with New York’s Batillus. The song chronicles the life, demise, and surprising afterlife of a man who commits suicide, going through several distinct changes in style. A clip from the epic song can be heard at the band’s MySpace page.

The video below also contains the track “The Kennebec” from the band’s debut EP “Funeral Rites for the Living.” More...

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