"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Acid Rain

Formed: 2002
From: Argentina
Last Known Status: Active


In the beginning of the year 2002, bass player Ezequiel Giménez contacted guitar player Ariel Mascia through an internet advert with the idea of making up a Progressive Rock band. They got together and started composing music for the future “One Night Of Reflections”.

In the year 2003 Martín Magliano (drummer) and Andrés Blanco (keyboard player) joined the project and decided to name it AcidRain.

With Andrés Blanco’s contribution, they finished composing “One Night Of Reflections” and “Shadows”, which were recorded in the first demo of the band with Fabián Gonzalez’s voice.

In the year 2004 Ariel Mascia left the band due to personal problems and AcidRain feared about their future. The musicians decided to carry on with the band and started searching a new guitar player. After a short time, Mariano Revilla (from the former band Salvation) joined the group. In September 2004, after a long period of searching a voice that fit perfectly in AcidRain, Martín Magliano invited Sebastián Fernández to sing with them. He had been a member of the bands Selidor and Jeriko and was the current singer of Atávica. After this invitation, he was asked to join AcidRain...

That was the way AcidRain’s line-up was formed. In 2006 the band decided to record “One Night Of Reflections” once again, returning to Virtual Studios in EP format, adding “Shadows” as Bonus Track. In April 2006, the EP “One Night Of Reflections” was independently edited, produced by Emiliano Obregón and AcidRain.

During the year 2007 the group completed the creation of new songs which will be part of their first production “The Descending Line”. This CD was also produced by Emiliano Obregón & AcidRain and is expected to be edited on the first half of year 2009.

After the “The Descending Line” recordings, Mariano Revilla decided to left the band due to personal problems and after a short search Fernando Culen joined the band.

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