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Band Photo: Velvet Revolver (?)

Formed: 2002
From: United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Velvet Revolver To Reissue 'Contraband' w/ Covers

Velvet Revolver are to release a new version of their hugely successful debut album, 'Contraband', in America. This will happen later in November. The new version is to include the band's covers of 'No More No More' (Aerosmith), 'Surrender' (Cheap Trick) and 'Negative Creep' (Nirvana).

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Scott Weiland Is Happier Than Ever

Steve Morse of the Boston Globe caught up with Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland for a Q&A and asked if things had really turned around for him now that he's back with his wife and two children. "This has been the most happy time of my entire life," he said. "I figured out the only way to get my wife back was to stop focusing on getting my wife back and try to figure out who I was -- and that's when the process really began. I had been trying to follow the same footsteps of everybody who had gotten their [act] together through traditional mediums. And I don't need to name that process because everybody knows what I'm talking about. But in trying to do that, I was continuously banging my head against the wall... The thing with me is that I am an individual -- I'm a square peg who can't fit into a round hole. I was allowed by the courts to get into [a program] where I was turned onto this dude who was a lifetime junkie, and he happened to have a completely different philosophy than anyone I had ever met. He took little bits from every different philosophy to make his own. For me, that made sense. That was a new place to start from... And for whatever reason, I got to a point in my life where [heroin] is just something I can't conceive of doing again. I made a decision that that's not who I am anymore."

Read the full article at Boston Globe.

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Velvet Revolver Confirm Fourth UK Tour Date

Velvet Revolver have just annnounced a fourth show in London for their January UK tour. The other three having sold out, they're now confirmed for the Hammersmith Apollo on January 9. The Datsuns will be on the bill for all dates, except January 9.

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Velvet Revolver Singer Gets Political

Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland has released the following political statement on the eve of the U.S. presidential elections:

"Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union there has been a lack of a balance of power. This lacking has created an environment whereas any American president — or 'two' presidents with the same name — could impose their will globally and unilaterally, for a number of reasons: anti-terror (defense spending), democracy (oil). Democracy, democracy, oil, oil, oil — 'All we need is oil / da, da, da, da, da.'

"The initial argument for war in Iraq was to rid the region of weapons of mass destruction and remove Saddam from power, making the region and the world safe from a maniacal dictator. Somehow the motive has blurred into something completely different altogether: 'A free and democratic society for the people of Iraq,' most of whom don't want what we're selling them, and never will.

"And then there's the Patriot Act whose name couldn't be more misleading or closer to the antithesis, and would never have been passed had it not been for the fall-out factor of 9/11, and the fact that the Bush administration was playing off every American's fears of one another. They didn't take away our civil liberties, we allowed them to be taken away! But what are we going to do about it now!!

"What does this election all mean to us? To you? To me? I believe this goes back to the foundation of ideals that this country was founded on — those God-given inalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And brothers and sisters: with civil liberties under attack and censorship abound, I implore you to make a choice for freedom. A freedom for youth. Freedom of youth is the freedom of the future.

"Twelve years ago, as an artist I felt a freedom to express my ideals, thoughts, and hopes, even those that were not consistent with what was considered politically correct or deemed in line with current patriotic values. But all that has changed. Censorship has reared its ugly head. Not since the days of 'McCarthyism' in the 50’s has their been an actual public fear of persecution that was based in reality. Since I started this last album — the creative process, press, video, lyrics, album art, website art — I have been up against an unseen enemy that has been put in place by this current 'fascist-like' regime: censorship, and the persecution that comes with it.

"Ever since our media blitz in Hollywood (we did a free show in front of 3,000 kids), I have been speaking out candidly about these issues. Now, in the middle of an American tour, the frequency of which I’m selected for 'Special Security Screening' at airports has jumped from about 30% to 80-90%. Once again I say to you; it's not whether we're moving in the direction of a fascist state, it's whether or not you want it that way. Do you?

"I remember the weeks following 9/11. The tragedy, the sadness, and that overwhelming feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop… then something else happened. America came together and rose out of the ashes like a Phoenix for the first time in my life. The ideals, hopes, and common bonds that once were the bedrock of this nation rose again to the surface and we let the world see what we were made of — our unity, brotherly love, and honor, even if brought together by tragedy.

"I feel that George Bush took advantage of us. Took advantage of our loss. Took advantage of our pain. Took advantage of our grief, and used it for his own selfish designs. The question is not whether or not this happened, but if we’re going to do something to change it. Please make a vote that shows America does not belong to George Bush. That the White House is not an heirloom of the Bush Dynasty. Place a vote to restore honor and pride back to America and the presidency. Vote for John Kerry.

"If you’re asking, 'Why did you post this now? The day of?' It's because I want it to be the last thing on your mind before you hit that booth!"

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Velvet Revolver To Help VH1 Look Back At 2004

ABC ePrep is reporting that Velvet Revolver will be among the performers on the VH1 special "Big In '04". The show looks back at the biggest stories of the year and honors winners in categories reflecting the year in music, politics, news, the arts, and gossip. The show will be taped at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Dec. 1, and it will air Dec. 5 at 8:00 p.m.

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Velvet Revolver Covers Stone Temple Pilots

Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash's official web site has uploaded a clip of the band performing the Stone Temple Pilots track 'Sex Type Thing' at a Hollywood parking lot on October 13th. You can download it here.

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Velvet Revolver Announce Third UK Show

Velvet Revolver have now added a third show in London to their previously announced UK tour. This happens on January 21 at the Carling Brixton Academy. The rest of the dates are: Glasgow SECC January 14, Newcastle Arena 15, Manchester Evening News Arena 16, Birmingham NIA 18, Cardiff International Arena 19, London Hammersmith Apollo 22/23.

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Scott Weiland Slams CLASSIC ROCK Magazine Writer

Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland has posted the following message on the group's web site:

"To Jeffy: Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the shark-infested waters of the once respected world of rock and roll journalism, I meet Jeffy. At the end of the interview, I give him a rare compliment about the integrity of his magazine, saying how much I like Classic Rock; it's an actual music magazine for music fans. Jeffy took this as a sign of weakness. He uses it as my final quote to close his piece on me, alleging that due to my 'nice boy' demeanor, I must not be quite the legend that he was hoping to talk to. I live my life: 'musician', 'junkie', 'artist', 'friend', 'ex-felon', 'father', 'husband', 'rock star'. Who are you? A man so desperate to take a sincere rare compliment after the completion of an interview and use it against me? I still like Classic Rock magazine, and Ross Halfin, legendary photographer, way out of your league, but as for you? Where's that fucking fly swatter?"

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Slash Photo Session

Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash took part in a photo session on September 3rd in London, England. Check out pictures from WireImage.

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Velvet Revolver: U.K. Tour Dates Announced

Carling Live has released the dates for Velvet Revolver's January U.K. tour. They are as follows:

Jan. 14 – Glasgow, UK @ Secc
Jan. 15 – Newcastle, UK @ Metro Radio Arena
Jan. 16 – Manchester, UK @ Men Arena
Jan. 18 – Birmingham, UK @ Nia Arena
Jan. 19 - Cardiff, UK @ International Arena
Jan. 22 - Hammersmith, UK @ Carling Apollo

Tickets go on sale on Friday (Oct. 22).

In other news, Velvet Revolver lead singer Scott Weiland recently told Launch Radio Networks that the video for the band's current single, "Fall To Pieces", which deals extensively with Weiland's struggle to overcome his drug addiction and reunite with his family, is his personal favorite of the many he's done. "I was afraid about how I would go about acting, 'cause I've never really done that," he said. "You know, my only fear was that it would either be really powerful or it would be really cheesy, and it's the only video that I don't have moments of embarrassment when watching it. It's the only video I'm completely proud of."

Weiland also said he expects the next single from Velvet Revolver's debut album, "Contraband", to be "Sucker Train Blues".

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Velvet Revolver Forced To Change Opening Show

The city of West Hollywood, CA has declined a permit for VELVET REVOLVER to perform Tuesday night, October 12 atop the Hustler Hollywood store, Larry Flynt's adult emporium on the Sunset Strip. Flynt, whom the band feel embodies the true rebellious spirit of rock 'n roll, had signed off on the band's wish to perform a set of songs from their platinum Contraband album for fans before heading out of town to launch their national concert tour Saturday, October 16.

The band will instead perform Wednesday night, October 13 at Parking Lot in the Southwest corner of Selma and Ivar, Hollywood, CA. Show starts at 8pm.

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Velvet Revolver To Play Free Rooftop Show

Velvet Revolver are planning a free rooftop show on the West Hollywood Sunset Strip around 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 12. The exact location of the show is expected to be announced early next week.

In other news, Velvet Revolver want their fans to vote for the group's next single. You can now pick any song that wasn't released as a single yet and cast your vote on the band's official web site.

Upcoming Velvet Revolver shows:

Oct. 16 - Buzzfest @ Starwood Amph - Nashville, TN
Oct. 17 - Voodoo Music Experience '04 - New Orleans, LA
Oct. 19 - Edgefest @ Downtown Tulsa - Tulsa, OK
Oct. 20 - Zoo Amphitheatre - Oklahoma City, OK
Oct. 24 - Freakers Ball @ Smirnoff Music Centre - Dallas, TX
Oct. 25 - Rocktoberfest @ Dodge Arena - Hidalgo, TX
Oct. 28 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - San Antonio, TX
Oct. 30 - Buzzfest @ Woodlands Pavilion - Houston, TX
Oct. 31 - Rocktoberfest 2004 @ Alltel Arena North - Little Rock, AR
Nov. 01 - Austin Music Hall - Austin, TX
Nov. 05 - Boutwell Auditorium - Birmingham, AL
Nov. 06 - Desoto Civic Center - Southaven, MS
Nov. 07 - Cricket - Charlotte, NC
Nov. 09 - The Worcester Centrum Centre - Worcester, MA
Nov. 10 - Dunkin' Donuts Arena - Providence, RI
Nov. 11 - Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 13 - Bell Centre - Montreal, QUE, Canada
Nov. 14 - Cumberland County Civic Center - Portland, ME
Nov. 16 - Air Canada Centre - Toronto, ONT, Canada
Nov. 17 - Schottenstein Center - Columbus, OH
Nov. 19 - Target Center - Minneapolis, MN
Nov. 20 - Dane County Coliseum - Madison, WI
Nov. 21 - Allstate Arena - Chicago, IL
Nov. 23 - Emerald Theatre - Mt. Clemens, MI

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Duff Mckagan Tempted By Microsoft

In an interview with Ireland's Belfast Telegraph, bassist Duff Mckagan (Velvet Revolver/ex-Guns N' Roses) revealed that in 1998, after the breakup of Guns 'N' Roses, he headed back to school. The Velvet Revolver bassist and his wife, Susan, had relocated to Seattle, and that's where he earned a degree in finance.

"After I finished rehab, I needed to find ways to fill my time, so I started going through the financial statements of Guns from the previous four years. I couldn't make sense of them, so I thought it might be a good idea to go back to school and learn how it all worked."

After McKagan earned his finance degree, Microsoft offered him a job. The bassist admits he was tempted. "Sure I was. You always want what you don't have, and I thought that would be very interesting. But then I got another opportunity, to be in a killer band with a bunch of old friends. In the end, it was no contest."

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Velvet Revolver To Guest On Jay Leno

According to a posting on the RCA Records web site, Velvet Revolver will be the featured musical guests on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Thursday, October 14 at 11:35 p.m. EST.

Velvet Revolver are due to tour the U.S. later this year before they return for a series of European dates in February.

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Velvet Revolver Video To Be Banned In U.K.?

According to the U.K.'s Daily Star newspaper, "Velvet Revolver are on a collision course with TV bosses over an explicit video. The promo to new single 'Fall to Pieces' is set to be banned because of its graphic content — the video recounts their singer Scott Weiland's battle with heroin and features scenes of drug-taking and nudity. A source close to the band said: 'They really didn't hold back and it gets pretty gory.'"

"Fall To Pieces" is the second single from Velvet Revolver's platinum-certified debut album, "Contraband". The clip, which takes place in a setting reminiscent of Hollywood clubs of the Seventies like the Starwood, not only features the band, but their wives as well. Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan said about the shoot, "Um, yeah, we had some of our wives in there, and [singer] Scott's [Weiland] wife, Mary, which the song was basically written around — the premise of his life falling down all around him, and he was separated from his wife and his two kids. And it was just, you know, kinda just — it's a family vibe. We're all in this together."

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Slash Says Heroin Left Him Unable to Play Guitar

World Entertainment News Network is reporting that Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash finally decided to quit heroin when he realized his addiction meant he could not longer play his instrument properly.

The rocker, now 39, became a slave to the drug during his days with Guns 'N Roses, and got to the point where he no longer cared how low he was feeling.

Slash says, "One thing I always had was my ability to play guitar. When I found I couldn't even do that I knew it was time to quit, although it took me some time.

"The first time I took heroin I knew I'd discovered my favourite drug of all time. I never liked the hyped-up state cocaine puts you in.

"The sort of personality who shoots heroin is often a shy guy who wants to be cool and relaxed. But you can get to such a low point on it, you just don't care about your self-esteem."

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Slash To Perform With James Brown

Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash (ex-Guns N' Roses) will join James Brown and Lenny Kravitz onstage at Miller Brewing Company's "Rock Through Time" event, the grand finale to Miller's celebration of Rolling Stone's 50 Years of Rock and Roll summer. Slash will perform an as-yet-undetermined song with James Brown and will join Kravitz for a rendition of Lenny's track "Always on the Run", informed sources have told BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

The collaborative performances will take place on Friday, September 17 at the Roseland Roseland Ballroom in New York City. "Rock Through Time", a two-day concert event, will conclude on Saturday, September 18. Additional performances are expected from Slash's band Velvet Revolver (on Sept. 18), Cheap Trick and The Doors Of The 21st Century, among others.

In other news, Guitar World magazine is said to be planning a special "Legends" issue on Slash that will hit stands in late October. A tribute to the former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist and his career, the entire issue will feature recent and archival photos and interviews with Slash from past Guitar World interviews. Other artists that have been featured with "Legends" issues recently include Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and Steve Ray Vaughn.

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Scott Weiland Fumes Over STP Sticker Slight

People.co.uk reports that Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland freaked out during a CD signing session at the Piccadilly Virgin Megastore on Friday (September 3) in London after seeing a sticker on the band's CD which said, "Featuring members of Guns N' Roses," but contained no mention of Weiland's old band, Stone Temple Pilots. Weiland demanded the sticker be peeled off all stock and the band asked for non-alcoholic beer and fresh fruit at the appearance.

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Watch Velvet Revolver's 'Fall To Pieces' Video

You can now watch Velvet Revolver's video for their new single 'Fall to Pieces' online at Launch.com.

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Backyard Babies To Tour With Velvet Revolver

Backyard Babies will support Velvet Revolver in Europe. The following dates have been announced:

08/21 Lutisburg, SW @ Lutisburg Festival
08/22 Cologne, GER @ E-Werk
08/25 Munich, GER @ Eiserhalle
08/31 Glasgow, UK @ Academy
09/02 London, UK @ Hammersmith Apollo
09/07 Paris, FRA @ Bataclan
09/09 Barcelona, SPA @ Razamatazz
09/10 Madrid, SPA @ La Riviera
09/12 Lisbon, POR @ Coliseum

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