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The End Announce More Tour Dates With Gwar

THE END will join GWAR for a November US tour, filling out The End’s tour schedule through the remainder of the year.

The End will be on the road for the next three months consecutively starting today, September 28th, as they join BETWEEN THE BURIED & ME, HORSE THE BAND, and ANIMOSITY for a five-week US tour.

Immediately following, The End and HORSE THE BAND will join GWAR on their month-long headlining tour. Also joining in on for the later-half of the tour is 3 INCHES OF BLOOD.

The End will then join heavyweights CHIMAIRA in December on their US tour. A complete listing of confirmed The End tour dates can be found below with more to be announced soon.

Tracks and video from The End’s Elementary album can be seen and heard via the band’s MySpace page and this E-Card. More...

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Gwar, The End, Horse The Band Tour Dates

The End and Horse The Band will support Gwar on the road in November. More tour dates will be announced, but the following have been confirmed:

11/4 Johnson City, NY @ Magic City Music Hall
11/6 South Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
11/7 Buffalo, NY @ The Town Ballroom
11/9 Indianapolis, IN @ The Vogue
11/12 Winnipeg, MB @ Pyramid Cabaret
11/16 Vancouver BC @ Commodore Ballroom
11/17 Seattle, WA @ Showbox SoDu
11/20 Bend, OR @ Midtown
11/23 Ventura, CA @ Ventura Theatre
11/28 Knoxville, TN @ Blue Cats
11/30 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

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Lordi Guitarist Talks Costumes, Eurovision, Gwar

Maximum Ink magazine recently conducted an interview with LORDI guitarist Amen. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

On winning the Eurovision Song Contest:

"The Eurovision song contest is an annual pop song competition. There are something like 40 contestants, and you perform your song in front of a live audience. At the same time, it is broadcasted to millions of viewers — usually there's over 100 million viewers. It is one of the most-watched non-sporting events in the world, so it's a great opportunity to bring your message to millions of people in only three minutes! People in different countries vote, and the country that gets the most points wins the competition. It is a competition where you usually can't see rock bands, so we were really a 'bizarre vision' in the middle of all those the-less-I-use-clothes-the-more-I-get-votes artists. It's a place no one ever expected to see a band like us, but that's the reason we wanted to participate, because we do things that normal bands don't do."

On how winning the Eurovision contest has changed things for the band:

"We got more reputation and more work. It opened many doors for us. We got a lot of new fans, and because of that we have a chance to play in bigger arenas. During the last year-and-a-half we were really busy, and we have to thank Eurovision for that… But we've already moved on, and our focus is on the future."

On how the idea to wear costumes came about:

"Mr. Lordi got this crazy idea back in early '90s, and all of the mask design comes pretty much from him — other members also take part in design sessions, giving ideas, etc., but Mr. Lordi is the one who makes the masks from sketches to final product . . . There's a different story behind every monster. For me it was kind of obvious to be a mummy, because I have always loved ancient Egypt and its history. It was ten years ago when I jumped in Mr. Lordi's train, and back then we discussed the character of the guitarist. The first idea was some kind of redneck porno Caesar, but nowadays I'm really happy that we thought about it twice!"

On comparisons to GWAR:

"Well, personally, I don't know their music so well, but I think they look cool! It's great to have different kind of bands and music in the world. I hope to meet them one day. I guess they must be distant family members for us..."

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Gwar Confirms Viva La Bands Tour Participation

Gwar's Oderus Urungus has issued a new proclamation of hatred in which he announces the band's partipation in BAM MARGERA'S Viva La Bands Tour:

"Humans, it is I, your Master, ODERUS, lead singer of the most violent band in metal history, the mighty GWAR, with the latest update on our progress in the destruction of your world! We are pleased to smugly announce our
continuing ravaging of North America shall continue throughout the fall and winter of this year, as GWAR joins the first ever “Viva La Bands” tour, hosted by everyone’s favorite troll, Bam Magera! Yes, apparently Bam didn’t get enough of our abuse during our appearance on his show, and begged us (while he was hung over a vat of boiling urine) to join a line-up that includes CRADLE OF FILTH, C.K.Y., and more!"

"You are COMMANDED to attend and grovel in the presence of your infernal overlords, GWAR, as we extend our mastery to even more flaming venues across your world and inflict more suffering and pestilence upon a deserving nation! GWAR will tour with the “Viva La Bands” tour throughout the fall, and then move on to destroy even more cities in a final frenzy of touring that shall bring to a close the “Beyond Hell” tour cycle. Stay tuned for dates, times, and free crack! GWAR lives!"

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Rigor Mortis Announces Texas Dates

The original RIGOR MORTIS lineup of Bruce Corbitt, Mike Scaccia (MINISTRY, REVOLTING COCKS), Casey Orr (GWAR, X-COPS, THE HELLIONS, THE BURDEN BROTHERS), and Harden Harrison (PERVIS, SPEEDEALER, MITRA), has scheduled the following dates:

Aug. 24 - The Ridglea Theatre - Ft. Worth, TX
Aug. 25 - 710 Club – Austin, TX

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Gwar Frontman Writes Advice Column

When thinking of rock stars with hearts of gold, Oderus Urungus of GWAR is certainly at the top of anyone's list. Now, the Scumdog of the Universe will prove it once and for all as he has signed on with AnarchyMusic.net for a six-month stint as the writer of an advice column! No problem is too difficult to solve for the mighty Oderus! The first installment is online now and will continue once a month for the rest of 2007! "Dear Oderus" promises to be the greatest advice column of all time!

Read the first installment of "Dear Oderus" at this location

GWAR is rumored to be the "special guest act" on the upcoming "Rockstar Viva La Bands 2007 Tour" featuring high-energy live rock music and a traveling video show. CRADLE OF FILTH, CKY and VAINS OF JENNA have already been announced for the trek, which is scheduled to kick off late September.

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Headline News

Necro Leaves Sounds Of The Underground Tour

Self proclaimed "death rap" artist Necro has issued the follwing statement from his official Myspace:

"I decided to leave the tour collectively with my manager and booking agent (both tour organizers) because we felt the tour’s demographic was not receiving hip hop well. I was facing hostile, disrespectful crowds and was returning the same energy back ten-fold by being more aggressive than them.

It was making a lot of people in the tour crew nervous and there was concern someone might get hurt (NOT ME). It was also being suggested that maybe I tone down my live show and not antagonize the already antagonistic crowd. I couldn’t roll with that as it’s not my style. I was holding back enough as it is but there is a line. All the bands on the tour loved us and everyone behind the scenes knew we displayed major heart and never once got phased by the hostility. We finished every show with middle fingers up and a big "Fuck You" to the crowd.

I will make one thing clear for the haters: we NEVER got booed OFF the stage. Not once. Yes a ton of emo kids booed us at every show, but we had a twenty-five minute set every night and we stayed on stage for every minute of it, and we represented. Every show had at least 100 to 200 Necro fans in the pit tearing it up, and our meet and greets were incredible!

It’s just a shame these little kids are so close-minded. The majority of the hate was coming from mop top emo sixteen-year olds who have no clue who the originators of metal are, and didn’t respect my rest in peace chant to metal legends (Dime, Cliff, Chuck, Piggy, SOB).

As far as the tour organizers and I are concerned, you are my people so it’s all love and I’m thankful for the opportunity to prove I can murder it in the worst of situations. This actually did a lot for me and is just one move in many my team will make to blow Necro up"

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Viva La Bands Vol 2 Complete Tracklisting Revealed

Bam Margera has made it his mission to expose an entire generation of his peers to some original high-energy music through his VIVA LA BANDS album and tour series. Brought to you by Ferret Music and Filthy Note Records, VIVA LA BANDS, VOL. 2 will hit stores on September 4, 2007.

The CD features exclusive tracks, written and recorded for the CD/DVD combo from some of Bam’s favorite acts like CLUTCH, IN FLAMES, CKY, CHILDREN OF BODOM, VIKING SKULL and VAINS OF JENNA. A US-exclusive track from SHINY TOY GUNS and music from other faves like GWAR, THE SOUNDS, DIMMU BORGIR and KILL HANNAH also appears on the killer compilation. The full track listing for the 20-song album is displayed below.

Bam is as excited for the release as fans around the world will be… "I’m so fucking psyched that some of my favorite bands recorded exclusive songs this time around! Clutch and In Flames fucking rock and my brother Jess did a sick CKY remix. Obviously The Sounds are one of my favorite bands - my wife even insisted that they play our wedding. I also sent the first band I signed, Vains of Jenna, into the studio to record a new track for the record.”

The DVD component to this release contains almost an hour of never-before-seen Bam footage – a must-have for the ‘Jackass generation!’ Revealing what makes the DVD special, Bam adds “I’m finding some of my best, unused footage for the DVD. Everyone keeps asking me for a CKY5 but I think this DVD might be the closest thing to that!"

Viva La Bands’ companion tour will be taking out some of Bam’s favorite acts and is estimated to visit over 20 cities in the USA beginning in October 2007. Fans can also expect to see Bam and his friends at select shows.

Here is the complete VIVA LA BANDS, VOLUME 2 TRACK LISTING: More...

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Gwar Frontman Disses Corey Taylor

FHMonline.com recently conducted an interview with Dave Brockie, GWAR frontman and intergalactic badass. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

FHMonline.com: SLIPKNOT recently told us that they're the most insane band. Why should we believe you?

Brockie: They're basically a GWAR tribute band — they dress up in these silly costumes and we appreciate that. I see no reason to denigrate SLIPKNOT or what any other band has done. But come on, we're monsters from outer space! How can they possibly compete with that?

FHMonline.com: Bands like LORDI are certainly trying, recently winning the Eurovision award for Best Song. But aren't they just GWAR-Lite?

Brockie: Well, yeah totally. They're like a kiddie version of GWAR. It's all part of one big bloody genre in rock 'n' roll history starting with Jay Hawkins and Alice Cooper and KISS. A lot of people are like, "These people are ripping you off!" But they're not ripping us off anymore than we ripped off KISS or any other band that incorporated theatrical elements into their shows.

FHMonline.com: Who's been your gnarliest fan?

Brockie: I love GWAR fans because they realize that we really are the mutants of the industry, the bottom feeders, if you will. It takes a level of commitment to be a GWAR fan. One of the most legendary dudes we ever met was this guy, Billy, who was a good friend of ours from California. He was really into taking acid. He cruised around with us for a week and once when we were getting ready to cross the border into Canada he nudges me and says, "Hey Brockie, I've got 200 hits of acid on me — what should I do?” I'm like. "You fucking idiot! You're going to get this whole van arrested." So he ate the entire sheet of acid. Two hundred hits. He couldn't talk for four days. He survived — but, I don't really think his brain came out of it very well. He ended up in prison for assaulting his Korean neighbor with a shotgun.

FHMonline.com: If we drug tested you right now, what would we find?

Brockie: Weed — and tons of it. We're just a bunch of stoners. We like to drink beer and smoke pot. But one of the things that GWAR has avoided, which I think is a big part of our longevity, is hard drugs. We've seen it fuck up a lot of people and destroy a lot of bands. This band is just too demanding and it really takes all of your effort and energy, especially wearing a 50-pound armored suit in front of a bunch of people. And then you have the Sounds of the Underground tour where the shows are outdoor — it's really fucking hot. I was reading this interview with Corey [Taylor, lead vocalist] from SLIPKNOT and he was bitching about how hot his overalls were. Put on my shit, son. I bet you won't last five minutes. He's a big whiner.

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Skeletonwitch Ready To Hit The Road, More Dates

Cleveland-based thrashers SKELETONWITCH have finished recording the band's Prosthetic Records debut, 'Beyond The Permafrost,' and are now gearing up to hit the road with Atlanta's Withered. SKELETONWITCH has also announced two regional dates supporting GWAR as well as a West Coast tour this fall alongside Nachtmystium, dates will be available shortly.

'Beyond The Permafrost' was recorded in June with producer Corey Smoot (GWAR, Municipal Waste) at Karma Studios and is scheduled for a Sept. 18 through Prosthetic Records.

Here are the latest SKELETONWITCH tour dates: More...

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Goatwhore Premiere New Video

Goatwhore’s new video for “Forever Consumed Oblivion” will premiere on MTV2’s HeadBanger’s Ball this Saturday, June 16th. The clip was shot during God Forbid's "Chains of Humanity" tour, on which Goatwhore was direct support.

Director David Brodsky (God Forbid, Strapping Young Lad, Gwar) led the production for the eight-camera shoot in addition to handling the directing and editing duties.

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SOTU 2007 2 CD+1 DVD Set Announced

The track listing has been revealed for the upcoming 2-CD/1 DVD "2007 Sounds Of The Underground" compilation. The outing will be limited to a pressing of 10,000 copies and will be available only at "Hot Topic" stores. It will run as follows:

CD 1:
01 - GWAR - "Eighth Lock"
02 - Shadows Fall - "Failure Of The Devout"
03 - Chimaira - "Resurrection"
04 - Every Time I Die - "The New Black"
05 - Job For A Cowboy - "Embedded"
06 - Necro - "The Pre-Fix For Death"
07 - Darkest Hour - "Doomsayer (The Beginning Of The End)"
08 - Amon Amarth - "Runes To My Memory"
09 - The Acacia Strain - "4x4' from 'The Dead Walk"
10 - The Devil Wears Prada - "HTML Rulz Dood"
11 - Heavy Heavy Low Low - "Mall-Nutrition"
12 - The Number Twelve Looks Like You - "Sleeping With The Fishes, See?"
13 - Goatwhore - "Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult"
14 - This Is Hell - "Permanence"
15 - 2Cents - "The Wedding Dress"

CD 2:
01 - Throwdown - "Holy Roller"
02 - A Life Once Lost - "Firewater Joyride"
03 - Beneath The Massacre - "Modern Age Slavery"
04 - NORA - "Save Yourself"
05 - Cellador - "Never Again"
06 - Since The Flood - "Strength"
07 - Anterior - "The Silent Divide"
08 - It Dies Today - "Reignite The Fires"
09 - Autumn - "My New Time"
10 - Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - "Death Is An Alcoholic"
11 - Poison The Well - "Letter Thing"
12 - Walls Of Jericho - "And Hope To Die"
13 - See You Next Tuesday - "Honey I've Never Had Sex That Wasn't Awkward"
14 - Skeletonwitch - "Beyond The Permafrost (Demo)"
15 - The Minor Times - "Casket City Lights"
16 - The Human Abstract - "Vela, Together We Await The Storm"

Sights Of The Underground DVD:
01 - GWAR - "Eighth Lock"
02 - Shadows Fall - "Redemption"
03 - Chimaira - "Resurrection"
04 - Every Time I Die - "The New Black"
05 - Necro - "Beautiful Music For You To Die To"
06 - Darkest Hour - "Sound The Surrender"
07 - Amon Amarth - "Cry Of The Blackbirds"
08 - The Acacia Strain - "Angry Mob Justice"
09 - The Number Twelve Looks Like You - "Like A Cat"
10 - Goatwhore - "Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult"
11 - This Is Hell - "The Polygraph Cheaters"
12 - 2Cents - "The Wedding Dress"
13 - Kylesa - "Hollow Severer"
14 - Terror - "Lost' from 'Always The Hard Way"
15 - Misery Signals - "The Failsafe"

More info on the tour itself can be found at soundsoftheundergroundtour.com.

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Bam Margera Presents...Viva La Bands, Vol 2

Bam Margera, through his Filthy Note imprint, has collaborated with Ferret Music on the "ultimate rock compilation."

BAM MARGERA PRESENTS…VIVA LA BANDS, VOL 2 is the latest in Bam’s unique musical vision shared with his fans. The CD/DVD combo will hit stores on September 4, 2007 and feature unreleased tracks from CLUTCH, IN FLAMES, CKY, CHILDREN OF BODOM, VAINS OF JENNA, and more. The compilation will also bring together a slew of Bam’s other favorite artists such as GWAR, DIMMU BORGIR and THE SOUNDS. The DVD component to this rocking release contains 30 minutes of never-before-seen Bam footage.

As one of the world’s leading pop culture icons, Bam has achieved success in every aspect of modern media, including TV, Film, Internet, and Radio. As an established “tastemaker,” Bam is determined to deliver original high-energy music to an entire generation of his peers, while engaging and inspiring music fans and musicians alike. VIVA LA BANDS’ companion tour will be taking out some bands from the compilation and is estimated to visit over 20 cities in the USA beginning in October 2007. Fans can expect to see additional footage on a traveling screen and even Bam himself at select shows.

Bam is as excited for the release as fans around the world will be… "I’m so fucking psyched that some of my favorite bands recorded exclusive songs this time around! Clutch and In Flames fucking rock and my brother Jess did a sick CKY remix. Obviously The Sounds are one of my favorite bands - my wife even insisted that they play our wedding. I also sent the first band I signed, Vains of Jenna, into the studio to record a new track for the record.” Revealing what will make the DVD a must-have for Bam fans, he adds “I’m finding some of my best, unused footage for the DVD. Everyone keeps asking me for a CKY5 but I think this DVD might be the closest thing to that!"

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Shadows Fall Announce SOTU Off-Dates With Gwar

Shadows Fall has added a couple tour dates supporing GWAR on the off dates of Sounds of the Underground 2007 tour. The concert dates are as follows:

7/3 Tulsa, OK - Cain's Ballroom w/ GWAR
7/9 Mobile, AL - Soul Kitchen w/ GWAR, Chimaira
8/12 Millvale, PA - Mr. Small's w/ GWAR
8/13 Rochestor, NY- Water Street Music Hall w/ GWAR, The Acacia Strain

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All That Remains To Guest On NJ SOTU 2007 Stop

Massachusetts' ALL THAT REMAINS has been confirmed as a special guest for the July 14 Sounds of the Underground show at Sayreville, N.J.'s Starland Ballroom, following completion of the band's current tour supporting Bullet For My Valentine, a handful of one-off headlining shows, and a quick Canadian run with Protest The Hero. "We're wicked excited to be a part of this year's Sounds Of The Underground at the Starland Ballroom," frontman Phil Labonte says. "We were proud to be a part of the first US and European Sounds, opening up, so it's a huge honor to be a special guest in Jersey. The show is gonna rule - FUCKING TESTAMENT!!! - and it's a great excuse to hang with our friends in the The Acacia Strain, Shadows Fall, Every Time I Die, Chimaira, GWAR and so many others. Get your tickets early and GET INTO IT!" Tickets can be purchased here.

Recently returning from a European headlining run with Textures and Misery Signals, ALL THAT REMAINS is already back on the road in North America, continuing to support the band's latest effort, 'The Fall of Ideals,' which saw a summer 2006 release and has since yielded the band critical praise and spots on Ozzfest 2006, Sounds of the Underground Europe, as well as tours alongside the likes of DragonForce, Killswitch Engage, and a hugely successful headlining tour earlier this year.

The band's latest video, for the track "The Air That I Breathe," will once again be aired on this week's edition of MTV2's Headbanger's Ball. Check your local listings for time and channel. The Darren Doane-directed clip can be seen online here, while behind the scenes footage from the video shoot can be viewed here.

Here are the current ALL THAT REMAINS tour dates: More...

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Shadows Fall Confirmed For SOTU 2007 Tour

Shadows Fall will be joining the Sounds of the Underground Tour this summer alongside GWAR, Chimaira, Job For A Cowboy, and Every Time I Die.

Vocalist Brian Fair had this to say about the tour:

“It is going to be another summer of insanity for the boys in Shadows Fall, and we couldn't be more stoked. Not only are we looking forward to partying with our friends in Darkest Hour, Every Time I Die, Chimiara and Gwar, but also to check out some killer music at one of the summer’s most diverse festival tours. We are planning on playing a set that will include songs from the early days of Shadows Fall up to our new album THREADS OF LIFE and leaving a wake of devastation behind. So bust out the sun screen, put the beers on ice and get ready to rock ‘cuz the SHADS are coming back to town.”

Once again, here are the latest Sounds of the Underground 2007 tour dates: More...

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Special Guests Announced For SOTU 2007

Tickets for the Hot Topic Presents Sounds of the Underground Tour are now available through Artist Arena at a discounted price for a limited time. A portion of the proceeds generated from the pre-sale will be donated to Cure Autism Now.

In addition to the previously announced stellar lineup, which includes headliners GWAR, Chimaira, Every Time I Die, and Job For A Cowboy, the third annual Sounds of the Underground summer touring fest will feature additional bands in select cities:

  • Thrash metal veterans Testament will play before GWAR at the Starland Ballroom on July 14 in New Jersey.

  • Mushroomhead will close the show in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio on July 21 and will also perform as special guests in Columbus on July 22, Chicago on July 23, and Minneapolis on July 24.

  • The legendary Suicidal Tendencies will close shows in San Jose, California on August 3, Irvine, California on August 4, and Mesa, Arizona on August 5.

  • Modern thrash titans Lamb of God will headline a recently added date on August 11 in Louisville, Kentucky and will be joined by special guests Hatebreed and Behemoth.

The regular lineup for Hot Topic Presents Sounds of the Underground includes headliner Gwar, with co-headliners Chimaira, Every Time I Die and a band to be announced soon rotating set times throughout the tour. The lineup will be rounded out by Job For a Cowboy, Necro, Darkest Hour, Amon Amarth, The Acacia Strain, The Devil Wears Prada, Heavy Heavy Low Low, The Number Twelve Looks Like You Goatwhore, This Is Hell, and 2 Cents.

Oderus Urungus, lead throat-thing of GWAR, rulers of Earth, when told of the addition of the various guests, responded, "I give my personal seal of filthy approval to this excellent selection of bands. Suicidal in particular played one of the first GWAR shows ever. Tonight I shall burn a baby upon the Altar of Eternal Syphillis."

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Headline News

SOTU 2007 Lineup and Tour Dates Announced

Sounds of the Underground has announced the lineup for their annual tour. Following two straight appearances in the middle of the day, the event will be closed most nights by splatter metal champions, GWAR; ensuring that fans will remain blood and gore-free until the closing hours of the show. Three other bands will rotate in the headlining position prior to GWAR: a block-buster artist yet to be announced, face-shredding metal pugilists Chimaira, and experimental noisemakers Every Time I Die.

The day will be completed with a bill including Necro, Darkest Hour, Amon Amarth, The Acacia Strain, The Devil Wears Prada, HeavyHeavyLowLow, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Goatwhore, This Is Hell, and 2 Cents. Expect additional special guest headliners to join the bill on select dates.

The touring festival launches in July and runs into August. More...

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Chimaira Announce SOTU 2007 Participation

CHIMAIRA frontman Mark Hunter announced from the stage at the band's concert in Chicago Sunday night (April 8) that they will take part in the third annual Sounds of the Underground tour, set to take place this summer. As previously reported, GWAR has been confirmed as the headliner of this year's event, according to a posting on the group's web site. Other acts that are rumored to be playing the festival include SHADOWS FALL, JOB FOR A COWBOY and EVERY TIME I DIE. An official announcement regarding this summer's lineup is expected soon.

The second annual Sounds of the Underground tour featured performances by AS I LAY DYING, IN FLAMES, TRIVIUM, CANNIBAL CORPSE, GWAR, TERROR, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, BEHEMOTH, THE CHARIOT and THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD, among others.

The Sounds of the Underground organizers took a different approach to last summer's festival by keeping the number of bands on the bill down and extending the length of set times. In 2005 most bands got no more than 30 minutes to play.

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Gwar Confirm Headlining Slot On SotU 2007 Tour

Out-of-this-world monster metallers GWAR have posted the following update:

“Gwar, the most devastating and dominant force in Gwar history, gleefully vomits buckets of black bile as they announce their headlining slot on this year’s Sounds Of The Underground summer festival tour! Oderus, ruler of Earth, or at least the naughty bits, commands all humans to ritually mutilate their pets genitals and swear eternal allegiance to Gwar and to metal and attend what will go down in history as the greatest, grossest Gwar show ever! And after 20-plus years of providing the sickest show in rock history, Gwar stands ready to top even themselves! Returning from the bowels of the abyss, GWAR has the very legions of hell at their command, slavering to decimate all those who fail to appease their boundless wrath! Hail Gwar!”

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