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From: Richmond, VA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Blothar Comments On Gwar Eternal Tour 2014

When Dave Brockie died earlier this year, many fans of Gwar (bohabs as the group calls them_ wondered if the band would continue. Gwar is a large collection of artists and musicians, but Brockie played Oderus Urungus, the voice of the galactic space outfit.

Gwar is a joke that just can’t be stopped and the circus continued at the 5th Annual GWAR B-Q. There the band welcomed new members Blothar and Vulvatron. Blothar is a fat, filthy space Viking who enjoys ice fishing and ritualistic murder. Vulvatron is genetically engineered Scumdog assassin from the future. She has her own line of signature drag-racing motor oils, Vulvoline.

The Scumdogs are currently on the road as part of the “Gwar Eternal Tour 2014.” When the group showed up at the Housecore Horror Film Fest in Austin, Texas, I found Mike Bishop, aka Blothar in the press area enjoying Rudy’s BBQ. It didn't take long for him to get into his beserker character. In the following interview, the cordial Bishop, formerly Beefcake The Mighty, provides insight into the band's newest vocalist without accepting a single yam for his time. More...

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Interview With Oderus Urungus Of GWAR

Who isn't aware of the blood and guts spewing shock rockers GWAR? Their legendary concerts filled with gore that ends up soaking the surging audience have been thrilling fans for nearly thirty years now. Even the tragic experience of the death of the guitarist Flattus Maximus did not stop the monsters of GWAR from the road. GWAR has recently added a relative of Flattus to the fold for this tour. I had a chance to speak to singer Oderus Urungus about their new guitarist, Halloween, and political aspirations. A transcription follows the video. More...

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Oderus Urungus Of GWAR Demands An Interview

For over 25 years GWAR has been touring the world, showcasing its unique brand of shock-thrash that made GWAR one of the biggest names in the entire metal underground. From its humble beginnings in Richmond, Virginia GWAR has travelled across the Earth adding to its ever growing fan base. From appearances in the early 90's on television programs such as The Joan Rivers Show, Jerry Springer and the Beavis & Butthead cartoon to more recent appearances on Fox News and The Jimmy Falon Show, GWAR has slowly built up its thrash metal stronghold and have earned its reputation of having the best, and bloodiest, live show in all of music.

On Monday, November 29th, 2010 GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus kidnapped Metalunderground.com writer Cody B from right off the streets of Vancouver and forced him to conduct an interview in order to promote GWAR's 25th anniversary. Cody hasn't been seen since, but Oderus Urungus was kind enough to send us the tape. What a nice guy! More...

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Interview with Beefcake the Mighty of GWAR

If you haven't heard of GWAR by now, then you must be living under a very dense rock. Still celebrating their 25th anniversary (although it's now their 26th anniversary), GWAR is currently touring with Mobile Death Camp, The Casualties, and Infernaeon. Their latest album " Bloody Pit of Horror" is newly released and GWAR will be murdering such people as Lady Gaga and Sarah Palin for your violent pleasure. I was lucky enough to have a nice, long chat with bassist Beefcake the Mighty. We discussed the new album, zombies, and other crazy things. The audio of the interview is available, but the camera lens broke when it saw Beefcake's face, so no image. A transcription follows. More...

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Interview with Oderus Urungus of Gwar

Celebrating their 25th year as a band (at least on Earth), Gwar is tearing across the U.S., destroying this planet city by city. I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with vocalist Oderus Urungus about how he's dealing with this special tour and what he was going to do to me after the show. A transcribed version follows. More...

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Interview With Oderus From Gwar

When Gwar was in Vancouver for a show on November 24, my friend Jen and I interviewed their singer Oderus (real name: Dave Brockie). It was really a ton of fun doing the interview with him and he just kept us laughing non-stop, even more so when he mocked Eddie Vedder. More...

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