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From: Newcastle, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Regrouped

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Sunday Old School: Venom

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal produced dozens of new acts, some of which have gone down in history as legends of heavy metal and hard rock music, but of all these bands, none were as extreme, as over the top, as exciting, as Venom. The band was formed in the early '80s in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England and released their first album, "Welcome To Hell," in 1981. They gained an underground, cult following in the United Kingdom as well as in the European and North American metal underground, yet they didn't perform a proper live concert until after the release of their second album in 1982. "Black Metal" would go down in history as one of the most influential metal records of all time, and the band's first show took place at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon.

During interviews, Venom would invent numerous tags to describe themselves in order to set them apart from other heavy metal bands of the time. Almost all of these tags went on to become actual sub-genres such as "black metal," "thrash metal," "death metal" and "doom metal." Venom claim they wanted to stand out from the other bands of the time because they felt metal wasn't being represented as well as it should have been. The final straw for Venom came, surprisingly, after Michael Jackson entered the British heavy metal charts with the song, "Beat It" because it featured a guitar solo from Eddie Van Halen.

Over the years, the band released several more albums and experienced several lineup changes, which some might say led to the somewhat unfair reactions to strong albums that didn't feature certain original members. Although they might seem ridiculous when looked upon, Venom is one of the most influential metal bands ever to enter a recording studio and is without question responsible for the likes of thrash, death and of course, black metal. They helped American bands like Slayer, Exodus and even Metallica find fans in Europe by taking them out on tour and their original sound can be heard on many albums from other thrash metal bands such as Metallica's "Kill 'em All" or Slayer's "Show No Mercy." Venom is still going today, with singer/bass player Conrad "Cronos" Lant remaining as the band's sole original member and they are currently working on a brand new album. For Venom, it wasn't quality or quantity that counted, it was standing out from their peers and creating something new, and no-one can deny they did just that.

Venom - "Bloodlust"

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Former Venom Members Form New Band

Jeff "Mantas" Dunn, the original guitarist and one of the founding members of British extreme metal legends Venom, has announced that he has formed a brand new band named Dryll with Anthony "Antton" Lant, a former drummer in Venom and the brother of Venom vocalist/bass player Conrad "Cronos" Lant. The band also features bass player Craig Elliot, formerly of Def Con One, which also featured Anthony Lant. You can check out some audio samples by heading to the bands official Myspace page.

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Venom Announces South American Tour

British extreme metal legends Venom has annnounced that they will be heading to Mexico and South American for a headlining tour in December. A statement from the bands management reads as follows:

"We started looking into the possibility of organising a Venom tour in South America a couple of years back, Venom have a massive following in Latin America, and now that the bands Agent has organised a fantastic tour with the promoters, the band immediately agreed to take time out from recording the new album to start their rehearsals for the tour."

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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Vader Reveals "Necropolis" Details

VADER's new full length album entitled "Necropolis" will be released in Europe on August 21 through Nuclear Blast. The album will be available as a standard CD edition, digi pack (featuring two cover tracks and bonus DVD) edition and vinyl edition. The album artwork and the whole layout was made by Jacek Wisniewski (who also made cover arts for such albums as "Black To The Blind", "Litany", "Revelations" and many more).

"Necropolis" was recorded at Hertz Studio with Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski behind the helm. Then the album was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at his Antfarm Studio (it's been band's first cooperation with a foreign producer since "The Ultimate Incantation").

Peter commented: "Tue Madsen did tremendous work! He modeled power on this album. It is not easy to make VADER sound heavy and clear. When I was listening to the master tape for a first time, I knew after the opening notes that 'Necropolis' is gonna be a BLAST indeed!!! Tue thinks the same, which makes me even more happy. No VADER album sounded so powerful without loss of all these details in the songs. I am impressed indeed!!! We will do video clips, of course! I'm not sure yet which songs are gonna be chosen. I have some 'evil stories' in my mind just waiting to be realized. Personally, I want to see a clip for 'Devilizer', which opens 'Necropolis'. The CD front cover was done by Jacek Wisniewski and explains what's inside the album... We summoned the Old Spirits again. The Unknown is awakened...again. 'Necropolis' is exactly like the picture seen on the front cover: solid, metal and evil, with many details, backgrounds and... hidden mysteries. There's also another thing that don't let me fall asleep since a few days. I mean very honest, positive, almost enthusiastic response from Nuclear Blast!"

Digi pack editions of the album will feature two cover songs: "Black Metal" of VENOM (with a guest appearance of Bart Krysiuk from HERMH), and "Fight Fire With Fire" of METALLICA (featuring Maciek Taff from ROOTWATER, BLACK RIVER). Also included is a bonus DVD featuring a part of a charity show for Covan (DECAPITATED) the band played on April 26 in Krakow. The show recorded by 5 cameras, dynamic editing and HD quality - all that made by Inbornmedia Company from Wroclaw.

Here is the complete "Necropolis" tracklisting: More...

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Venom Reveals New Drummer, Start On New Album

British extreme metal legends Venom has announced a replacement for former drummer Antton with a man known simply as "Dante."

"We had a fantastic response", explained Cronos, "there were many great players to choose from, but at the end of the day I wasn't looking for someone who could just play the songs, I wanted somebody who was really hungry to be in the band for all the right reasons, and Danté also has all the right qualifications".

Venom and their management would like to thank all of the drummers who came to the auditions, plus all of the others who sent their CVs and CDs etc. The band are now in rehearsals with Danté and will be recording new demos for the next album over the coming weeks, as well as planning future shows. News of upcoming concerts coming soon.

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Venom Drummer Antton Leaves The Band

Extreme metal legends Venom has announced that drummer, Antton (brother of Venom frontman Cronos aka Conrad Lant) has left the band to focus on his group Def-Con-One. No replacement has been announced so far but stay tuned for updates.

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Venom To Re-Release "Black Metal"

Newcastle, England based Extreme Metal legends Venom has announced that they will once again be re-releasing their classic 1982 album, "Black Metal" later this year. The release will contain bonus tracks as well as an extra DVD which features the 1984 video release, "7th Date Of Hell" which documents the band's performance at the Hammersmith Odeon.

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Cronos Discusses The Importance Of Venom

The following story is courtesy of Jeff Kitts from Guitarworld.com:

Guitar World sits down for an in-depth interview with founding VENOM bassist Cronos to discuss the black history of his highly
influential - and storied - band.

1981 was a good year for metal. IRON MAIDEN’s Killers, BLACK SABATH’s Mob Rules, DEF LEPPARD’s High ’N’ Dry, OZZY OSBOURNE’s Diary Of A Madman: all quintessential, landmark albums in their own right, all indicative of where metal was at the dawn of the Eighties. The genre was still a few years away from poofy-haired MTV domination, but these and other releases, like RUSH’s Moving Pictures, with their singalong choruses and hooky riffage, hinted at the overly commercialized direction metal was headed. And the hard rock community - bands and fans alike - certainly seemed content with this evolution. Except three lads from the north of England, that is. More...

Read the full article at GuitarWorld.

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Venom Delays "Hell"

Metal legends Venom have pushed back the release of their new album "Hell" by a coupleof weeks. The album will now be released on June 9th in Europe and June 10th in North America.

You can listen to the new song "Straight To Hell" at their official website.

The complete "Hell" tracklisting is as follows:

01. Straight To Hell
02. The Power And The Glory
03. Hand Of God
04. Fall From Grace
05. Hell
06. Evil Perfection
07. Stab U In The Back
08. Armageddon
09. Kill The Music
10. Evilution Devilution
11. Blood Sky
12. USA For Satan
13. Dirge / The Awakening

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Sigh's Venom Tribute To Feature Lilker, Embury

SIGH's upcoming six-song tribute to legendaryblack metal band VENOM, titled "Sigh's Tribute to Venom," will featurethe bass work of Dan Lilker (BRUTAL TRUTH, NUCLEAR ASSAULT) and ShaneEmbury (NAPALM DEATH, VENOMOUS CONCEPT)

In an update from the band, singer MIRAI KAWASHIMA says: "We're excited to have these two guest musicians and friends of SIGH to take part in our tribute to VENOM. Their work has helped make the tracks stand out even more. Dan plays bass on "Countess Bathory," while Shane is on "Witching Hour." It sounds awesome!"

Here is "Sigh's Tribute to Venom" tracklisting:

Black Metal
Die Hard
Countess Bathory
Teacher's Pet
Witching Hour

The recording line-up is as follows:

Mirai Kawashima: Bass, Organ, Backing Vocals
Satoshi Fujinami: Drums, Guitar
Shinichi Ishikawa: Guitar
Junichi Harashima: Drums
Dr. Mikannibal: Vocals

In other news, the band is preparing for their 8th full-length album that will be entitled "Scenes from Hell / Tempore Belli / Vanitas." Sigh will work with a real string quartet and some brass players on this effort.

The new album is scheduled for release this fall on THE END RECORDS to coincide with SIGH's headlining tour
of North America with ZIMMERS HOLE and UNEXPECT.

Here are the latest Sigh tour dates: More...

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Venom Posts New Song "Straight To Hell" Online

UK metal legends Venom have posted a track from their brand new forthcoming album "Hell" online. You can check out "Straight To Hell" at the bands official website.

The new album will be released on May 26th in Europe and May 27th in North America and featured the following tracklisting: 'Straight To Hell', 'The Power And The Glory', 'Hand Of God', 'Fall From Grace', 'Hell', 'Evil Perfection', 'Stab U In The Back', 'Armageddon', 'Kill The Music', 'Evilution Devilution', 'Blood Sky', 'USA For Satan', 'Dirge' / 'The Awakening'.

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Venom Reveals "Hell" Album Artwork

Legendary fathers of seemingly every metal sub-genre Venom have posted the front cover for their new album "Hell" online. Check it out at this location.

The official tracklisting for "Hell" is as follows:

01. Straight To Hell
02. The Power And The Glory
03. Hand of God
04. Fall From Grace
05. Hell
06. Evil Perfection
07. Stab U In The Back
08. Armageddon
09. Kill The Music
10. Evilution Devilution
11. Blood Sky
12. USA For Satan
13. Dirge / The Awakening

The album is scheduled for release in Europe on May 26th and May 27th in North America.

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Venom Reveals "Hell" Tracklisting

UK black metal legends VENOM have confirmed the following tracklisting for their new album, Hell, due out on May 26th via Sanctuary in the UK and Germany: 'Straight To Hell', 'The Power And The Glory', 'Hand Of God', 'Fall From Grace', 'Hell', 'Evil Perfection', 'Stab U In The Back', 'Armageddon', 'Kill The Music', 'Evilution Devilution', 'Blood Sky', 'USA For Satan', 'Dirge' / 'The Awakening'.

You can check out samples of select songs at the official Venom website

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Venom Post Audio Samples Of New Material Online

British black metal pioneers VENOM have posted streaming audio samples of eight songs from their forthcoming album, "Hell". Click here to check out the following tracks:

* Hell
* Straight to Hell
* Stab U in the Back
* The Power & The Glory
* USA for Satan
* Evil Perfection
* Hand of God
* Dirge

According to a posting on the band's web site, the CD — which will be released in May via Universal — is "packed with 13 brand new malevolent tracks from the masters of black metal," including "Armageddon" and "Kill the Music".

VENOM will perform at the Hellfest (June 20-22) in Clisson, France. More shows will be announced soon.

A brand new VENOM band photo can be viewed at this location.

VENOM last year parted ways with guitarist Mykvs (a.k.a. Mike Hickey; ex-CARCASS, CATHEDRAL). "Personal unavoidable commitments in the U.S. have forced Mykvs to announce that he cannot commit 100% to VENOM's schedule," the band previously wrote in a statement. A new guitarist by the name of Rage has been drafted in to replace Mykvs.

With regards to the direction of the band's next album, VENOM frontman Cronos previously said, "VENOM will be even darker and heavier for the next release. The new song ideas that Antton and I have been composing over the last year will be exactly what the 'legions' expect from us, and will really test the abilities of the band members. There's going to be a lot of blood spilled making the next album. This band belongs to the fans and I'm going to stay true to the spirit of VENOM no matter what sacrifices have to be made."

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Venom To Headline Hellfest

The following message has been posted via Venom's official Myspace:

"Venom will be appearing at HELLFEST in Clisson, France on June 20th, 2008! The band are set to headline the first night of the three-day festival and promise to kick the festival off with a bang.

Currently in production rehearsals with their new stage show, the band guarantee a truly spectacular event for their French Legions."

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Venom Planning Live Shows

UK black metal legends VENOM check in with the following update:

"Venom are planning to play a select number of festival shows this summer to coincide with the release of their new album. The bands management are now in negotiations with promoters to confirm the shows."

Venom will release their new album "Hell" next month via Universal.

There will be 13 tracks on the album. Some confirmed song title for "Hell" include, "Hand Of God", "USA For Satan", "Kill The Music", "Straight To Hell", "The Power And The Glory", "Armageddon", "Evil Perfection" and the title track.

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Venom Unleash "Hell" In May

The new album from UK black metal legends VENOM is called Hell and is set for release in May through Universal.

According to a band update, "packed with 13 brand new malevolent tracks from the masters of black metal, Venom are now preparing to unleash this thunderous sequel to their 2006 Metal Black album. With song titles such as: 'Armageddon', 'Straight To Hell', 'Hand Of God', 'USA For Satan', 'The Power & The Glory', 'Evil Perfection', 'Kill The Music' and the title track 'Hell'. The new album truly shows the power and intensity that is Venom, the trio of Cronos, Antton and Rage deliver the metal album of 2008."

For more info click here.

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Artarfe Vega Rock Festival Postponed

The organizers of the Atarfe Vega Rock festival — which was scheduled to take place December 1, 2007 at Coliseo Ciudad Atarfe in Atarfe, Granada, Spain and feature appearances by such artists as JOEY BELLADONNA, EXCITER, GRAVE DIGGER, KATATONIA, LACRIMOSA, LIZZY BORDEN, MAYHEM, MY DYING BRIDE and VENOM — have issued the following update:

"As some of you will know due to official statements that can be red in the websites of some of the bands confirmed for the Atarfe Vega Rock Festival 2007, we sadly have to announce that the festival must be postponed until March of 2008, as a result of the damages caused by the floods that the city of Atarfe suffered, and about them all media from Spain informed.

"The '200 litres / m2' heavy downpour has meant 20 euro millions worth damages. These damages, as well as the duties of the engineers of the insurance companies, don't let us celebrate the Atarfe Vega Rock Festival the coming 1st of December in the Bullring and its area, as it was announced.

"We've had a meeting with the Mayor and the local authorities to show them how worried we were about it, and to get a reply about this situation. They've always told us that the festival can take place as expected, and we have to respect it, to ensure the security of people who attend to the festival, bands and staff of the festival.

"We've looked for an alternative location, but once again due to security reasons it's been impossible to find another place in Atarfe. We've even tried to celebrate the festival in another city, but there was no suitable location available, where the festival could take place and we could work in the production required for this festival, taking in account that we didn't have much time.

"After searching without success an alternative location, and once we've reached an agreement with the City Hall and the confirmed bands, we've decided to postpone the festival until March of 2008.

"Except due to date difficulties, we count on all the confirmed bands, as well as with other groups which will be also in the billing.

"With regard to people who have bought their tickets, they'll get their money back in the same stores, where they bought them. We really thank you for your support and loyalty. Besides, we want to compensate those people who have bought a flight ticket to attend to the festival. For this reason they'll get in for free in March, and they'll get free drinks. It's required that they send us an e-mail with the receipt of the flight ticket to verify it.

"We're very sorry about this postponement and the problems that it can mean to you, but no one expected that such a natural disaster could take place in Atarfe. We beg you for comprehension.

"As well as you, this postponement affects us too, because we had booked some bands, which fortunately have understood this setback and have agreed to play in March.

"In the same manner we've bought many international flight tickets for the bands, and now we'll have to buy more to let the groups come and play in March.

"Once again we beg you for understanding what it has happened, because this extraordinary situation is out of our control."

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Venom Drummer Comments On New Material

Metal Hell magazine recently conducted an interview with VENOM drummer Antony "Antton" Lant (brother of VENOM frontman Conrad "Cronos" Lant). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

On the addition of "Rage" on guitar:

"We have known Rage for quite a while now; just like (when) I used to rehearse with my brother before I was in the band we used Rage to rehearse when Mykvs was in the states Rage would come along to rehearsals and we would go through the set. Rage is a great guy and a great guitarist; he plays the old songs very much like the early VENOM guitarist, (with) lots of dive bombs."

In regards to how the new VENOM material is shaping up;

"I am really happy with the way things are going. It's great to get in and blast through the tracks as a band. You hear of so many bands now writing bits and pieces and sticking them together in ProTools. I think you loose the energy and enthusiasm like that."

On what type of production he might prefer on the next album;

"We were really happy with the production on 'Metal Black'. Some people used to complain about the production on the early albums and when we recorded 'Resurrection' people said it was too produced. You can't please everybody. For 'Metal Black' we went in like bands would years ago and basically recorded the tracks. Some of my favorite albums to date are older albums like AC/DC or VAN HALEN or even KISS."

On his opinion on the current releases by HELLYEAH and MACHINE HEAD:

"It's great to see Vinnie [Paul, ex-PANTERA and current HELLYEAH drummer] playing again; he is one of, if not THE, biggest influence on my playing. I started playing drums along to Phil Rudd, Tommy Lee and Eric Carr, but Vinnie made me get heavy for sure. I play drums in another band called DEF-CON-ONE and we used to do 'Fucking Hostile' live then we started doing 'Strength Beyond Strength'. Vinnie rules and he is a really good friend. MACHINE HEAD are awesome. I think Dave McClain should have some serious coverage in the drum magazines. He is an awesome drummer. He has his own style. When you put a MACHINE HEAD album on you can tell it's them even before Robb [Flynn] starts singing; now that's rare. There are too many metal bands out now with the same guitar sound, the same drum sound and the same production. You get these free CDs in metal mags and sometimes it's hard to know who's who without checking the cover."

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Venom Confirmed For Spanish Festival

UK black metal legends VENOM are the latest act confirmed for the Atarfe Vega Rock Festival which will take place at Coliseo de Atarfe (covered Bullring) in Granada, Spain, on December 1st. Acts confirmed for the festival include: BELLADONA, EXCITER, GRAVE DIGGER, KATATONIA, LACRIMOSA, LIZZY BORDEN, MAYHEM, MY DYING BRIDE, VENOM

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