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Star One

Formed: 2002
From: Netherlands
Last Known Status: Active


Star One is a straightforward and hard-edge metal side-project which Arjen Lucassen created in 2002 as a reaction to the soft and atmospheric Ambeon release a year earlier.

Although the Star One vocal duties were originally intended for one singer only, the project quickly transformed into a multi-singer endeavor. The first album, "Space Metal" (2002) features singers Russell Allen, Dan Swanö, Damian Wilson and Floor Jansen. Following the release of "Space Metal" Arjen toured with most of this stellar cast during the Intergalactic Space Crusader Tour 2002. The shows were recorded live and released on the 2-CD "Live on Earth" (2003). The limited edition of "Live on Earth" includes a bonus DVD of the live show recorded informally by fans (who later became the professional video company D'iMages).

Nearly all the songs on "Space Metal" are based on science fiction movies situated in space. You can learn which movies were used here. The name Star One come comes from a 70s cult British television series called Blakes 7 in which features an artifical planet called -- you guessed it -- Star One. The song Intergalactic Space Crusaders is also based on Blakes 7.

For information about "Victims of the Modern Age," the 2010 follow-up to "Space Metal," please visit Arjen's main news page.


Star One Interviews and Features

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Arjen Lucassen On Star One, Steve Lee, and Ayreon

The progressive metal force from the north, Netherlands-based guitar-player and songwriter Arjen Lucassen, has just finished up the second album for his project, Star One, which is set for the release date of October 26th for the US and November 1st for Europe. Arjen's been a busy man in the eight years between "Space Metal" and "Victims of the Modern Age." He's written, recorded, and put out several albums with Ayreon, Guilt Machine, Ambeon, and Stream of Passion -- Each one of them a banquet of musical styles, involving a lot of instrumentalists, vocalists, and musical talent. The man behind the helm of these projects took some time out for an interview to discuss these things, as well as the tragic death of Gotthard's Steve Lee, who had been a guest vocalist on the latest Ayreon album, "01011001." More...

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