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Neaera Reveal New Album Details

Neaera have issued the following update, touching on the new album and the Hell On Earth tour they just wrapped up:

"Hi everybody! It’s about time for another one of them steamin’ hot news updates! After having to spend the last week recovering from some more or less serious cases of sudden disease, and even being forced to cancel two concerts, we are finally back and able to frequently check our site and answer your people’s questions, should you have any.

"As you all know, we have spent the better part of the last month travelling and moshing through Europe with the HELL ON EARTH tour. We want to thank all the people who made this tour such a great and overwhelming experience for us, meaning especially our tour and stage managers Schlumpf and Danny of M.A.D tour booking, all the great people and our brothers in End of Days and Agents of Man and our friends in Evergreen Terrace, Heaven Shall Burn and As I Lay Dying, all the promoters who organized the shows, but most of all YOU, the fans, all you people who have embraced our music in such a positive and awesome way. What a great first tour to be on, what a great tour for EVERYBODY involved! More...

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Hell On Earth Comments On FL Suicide Loopholes

Hell On Earth is reporting on their website, loopholes and flaws of the new suicide law. The law was designed to deter anyone from making certain political statements in support of physician-assisted suicide. It was unanimously approved by Florida Legislature, then signed into law by Gov. Jeb Bush on May 11, 2004 under statute 782.081 "commercial exploitation of self-murder." Under this law, anyone who conducts, provides a venue for, or deliberately assists in an event that includes an actual self-murder for commercial or entertainment purposes shall be guilty of manslaughter, a felony of the third degree, punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

The band's website, www.hellonearth.net, reports on four specific loopholes and flaws within the new law that lawmakers failed to observe, one of which could actually implicate city and state officials with criminal penalties, fines and civil lawsuits.

A representative for the band asked, "Who are these lawmaking buffoons who unanimously approve ridiculous laws that create more problems then they solve?" He went on to say, "Hell On Earth is offering their consultation services to Florida legislators for their next lawmaking session."

Hell On Earth received international attention last year when Florida lawmakers banned them from playing their music in an attempt to stop a terminally ill fan from committing suicide on-stage at their show as a political statement in support of physician-assisted suicide.

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Hell On Earth Dropped From Sun n' Steel Metalfest

Industrial rock band HELL ON EARTH have been dropped from the bill of Florida's Sun n' Steel Metalfest after "Baptists were calling [the promoter] and complaining about [the band] performing at the show," according to a post on the group's web site.

In response to the cancellation, band leader Billy Tourtelot said, "It's a sad state of affairs when the promoter for a metal festival is more concerned about pleasing a handful of Baptists rather than the fans."

HELL ON EARTH made worldwide headlines late last year when they promised to broadcast the suicide of a terminally ill fan during an Oct. 4, 2003 concert in St. Petersburg. The band played that night, but no suicide was reported. More recently, the group claimed to have engaged in "consensual cannibalism," although footage of this activity has yet to be seen outside the "members-only" section of the group's web site.

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Hell On Earth To Feature "Consensual Cannibalism"

Industrial rock band HELL ON EARTH will attempt to extend their 15 minutes of fame by featuring "consensual cannibalism" during their Saturday, March 6 performance at the first annual Sun N' Steel Metalfest in Pinellas Park, FL. Bandleader Billy Tourtelot was quoted as saying, "I haven't eaten human meat before, so it will be interesting to see what it tastes like. I understand it is quite a delicacy in some cultures."

Tourtelot went on to say that they plan to give their fans a chance to taste some of the disturbing cuisine. "We're having an online contest on www.hellonearth.net. The winner will get to play 'food critic for a day' by tasting the human meat during our show followed by his or her commentary to the audience regarding how it tastes."

The event, the first annual Sun N' Steel Metalfest, is a two-day festival that will feature over 50 extreme bands from around the world, including BODY COUNT, TESTAMENT and PRONG.

HELL ON EARTH made worldwide headlines a few weeks ago when they promised to broadcast the suicide of a terminally ill fan during an Oct. 4, 2003 concert in St. Petersburg. The band played that night, but no suicide was reported. The group's follow-up gig on Oct. 12 at the Liar's Club in Tampa attracted a whopping 20 fans, according to a report published in The Tampa Tribune.

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Headline News

Sunday Hell On Earth Show Went On, No Suicide

Hell on Earth played their Sunday night gig, but the suicide of a terminally ill fan on stage didn't happen, again. The concert at the Liar's Club, 6416 N. Florida Ave, attracted about 20 fans. Outside, police and television crews waited for the suicide that didn't happen.

The band grabbed headlines when it promised to broadcast the suicide of a terminally ill fan during a concert Oct. 4 in St. Petersburg. The band played that night, but no suicide was reported.

Billy Tourtelot, the band leader, instead used Sunday's concert to declare his candidacy to the St. Petersburg City Council.

"I want your vote," he declared, saying his candidacy was "the only way to change things."

The band was scheduled to play at the Brass Mug on Sunday, but the bar's owner canceled the show.

Well, I think that's it. Hell On Earth has earned their 15 minutes of fame. If they can't muster more than 20 fans from a stunt that has received international attention, then the gig is up. Back to grinding dead rats.

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Hell On Earth Suicide Broadcast Failed

The Internet broadcast of the HELL ON EARTH concert in Florida that was supposed to feature the suicide of a terminally ill person did not happen last night. Frontman Billy Tourtelot had planned to hold the concert and suicide at a local theater but the theater manager canceled the performance. Tourtelot then said the concert and suicide would be shown on the internet from separate undisclosed locations in St. Petersburg.

Thousands of internet users logged onto the Hell On Earth website for the Saturday night show in St Petersburg, Florida, overloading the web server. Some sources report this failure as being due to an “Internet attack”, but in all likelihood, the server simply could not handle the massive amount of traffic that the press frenzy had generated, as in most such cases. (Wake up, the story has been carried by hundreds of news site small and large around thye world).

There are mixed reports of whether the concert did in fact go off without a hitch. Some sources report that neither the concert nor the suicide took place and that both events had been postponed for a week.

Others claim that Tourtelot said Saturday night that his group performed at an undisclosed St. Petersburg location as scheduled and that he was unaware of the Internet problems until after the show. Tourtelot said the suicide was scheduled to take place at a separate location, which he also refused to reveal. It was not shown on the band's Web site as planned, but that did not necessarily mean it didn't happen, Tourtelot said.

“I don't know if that was done tonight,” Tourtelot told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

That’s pretty anticlimactic for all the press this story has received, showing how whether or not it was meant as a publicity stunt, that’s exactly what it’s been.

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Hell On Earth To Defy Assisted Suicide Law

Continuing the saga of the Hell On Earth publicity stunt/controversy, the leader of the rock band Hell on Earth said Monday that an onstage suicide will be conducted during a private St. Petersburg concert this weekend in defiance of a new city law designed to stop the act.

"The show will go on," Billy Tourtelot said. "It will be available on the Internet and it will be in the city limits (of St. Petersburg)."

Earlier Monday, the St. Petersburg city council unanimously approved an emergency ordinance that makes it illegal to conduct a suicide for commercial or entertainment purposes, and to host, promote and sell tickets for such an event.

"While I still think it's a publicity stunt, we still couldn't sit idly by and let somebody lose their life," council member Bill Foster said. More...

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Hell On Earth's Suicide Show Cancelled/Moved

HELL ON EARTH's hyped show in Florida where they were going to let someone kill themselves has been pulled by the owner.

David Hundley, owner of the State Theater in St. Petersburg, said he was certain the suicide was either a publicity stunt or would be an "illusion," but said he was worried of what some other "nut case" might do during the show.

"We couldn't allow anything to happen," Hundley said at a news conference.

"We deal with a lot of kids here and we don't want their parents to think anything bad or that their kids are ever at risk."

The owner of Club Venom, a Pinellas Park venue where the band said would be the new location of the show, also said he won't allow them to play if a suicide is going to be part of the act.

"We're going to nip it before it happens," owner Matt Mullins said.

Obviously it was a "publicity stunt" and there were already lots of "nut jobs" involved.

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Hell On Earth To Have Live Suicide At Show

Industrial rock band Hell On Earth will feature a "live suicide" at their State Theatre performance in St. Petersburg, FL on Saturday, October 4th. A Euthanasia Society member will carry out the suicide to raise awareness for dying with dignity. The Euthanasia member, who suffers from a terminal illness, is using the event as a platform to help make back-street suicides a thing of the past.

Though his identity is being withheld until the day of the event, he did have this to say, "I thank the lord that Hell On Earth is giving me this opportunity to end my suffering. I just want to say as my last will and testament that this is my god given choice to end my life. I'd prefer to have a physician-assisted suicide but until the laws are changed, those who are in pain like me will either have to continue to suffer or do it themselves."

The event, The Hell On Earth Haunted Tour, is part of a national tour the band is on to support their new album, 'All Things Disturbingly Sassy.'

My gut reaction is that this is so over-the-top that it may not be true, and that it's definitely a publicity stunt (probably for all parties involved). However, I remain skeptical whether it would be allowed to happen anyway, now that the time and location have been so widely publicized.

UPDATE - Bay News 9 weighs in with some updated info about this event:

St. Petersburg City Councilman Bill Foster says he feels pretty confident that the event won't happen at the State Theater on October 4.

"This activity will not be tolerated in the City of St. Petersburg," Foster said.

The councilman, who happens to be an attorney, cites the Florida Statute that makes assisted suicide a second-degree felony.

"If it's a stunt, then they have very right to perform this stunt on stage," Foster added. "If somebody loses their life, they will be prosecuted as conspirators."

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