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From: Portland, OR, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Rabbits Posts New Song Online

Following the recent dissemination of news that Portland antisocialite brigade Rabbits has a bruising new album cruising towards release this Summer, today the first public audio flogging from the impending "Untoward" album takes place through Invisible Oranges.

Listen to "Pack Up Your Shit" below. The band also shit out this bit of insight on the anthem's background:

"It's a touching story about a friend who loses another friend due to that friend being more of a colossal fuck up then, uh, the first-person plural narrator, whoever that may be. We're talking about drawing a line in the fucking filth, man. The last defense against rampant advantage-taking by those dear to oneself. The coming class war between the low class and the no class..."

Rabbits will release "Untoward" on August 12th via Lamb Unlimited, the label spawned of Chris Spencer of Unsane and Alan Schneider of No More Records. The record was exhaustingly tracked live to tape at Type Foundry, Portland in one day and then mixed in two. The engineering duties on "Untoward" were tag-teamed by Jeremy Romagna (Trees, Tecumseh, Wives) and Fester (Nux Vomica, Usnea, Stoneburner), both of whom have recorded the majority of the band's previous material, the tracks mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster Mastering, and the cover artwork hand-sewn by Anne Mersereau. You can also see Rabbits live on these dates:

8/16/2014 East End - Portland, OR @ Festicide w/ Honduran, Diesto, Towers [free matinee]
8/23/2014 The Victory Lounge - Seattle, WA w/ Prizehog More...

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Rabbits Announces New Album Release

Portland, Oregon's noise tacticians in Rabbits will release their third studio full-length "Untoward" on August 12th via Lamb Unlimited, the label spawned of Chris Spencer of Unsane and Alan Schneider of No More Records. The following press release was issued about the album:

"With nearly thirty minutes of all new material, Rabbits's inbound third LP undertaking, Untoward, captures the snarling trio's most back-alley, gutter dredging, ultimately sinister cavalcade of captivatingly negative hymns yet, the record exhaustingly tracked live to tape at Type Foundry, Portland in one day and mixed in two.

"The engineering duties on Untoward were tag-teamed by Jeremy Romagna, who recorded/mixed the band's Lower Forms debut, their early 7" releases, all the covers on the band's recent SOS collection, in addition to records from Trees, Tecumseh, Wives and more, and Fester, who recorded the band's Bites Rites sophomore LP and subsequent splits with Whores and Arabrot, and a long line of other notable acts including Nux Vomica, Usnea, Stoneburner and others, then mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster Mastering."

The track listing will be:

A1. Ever Mind
A2. Pack Up Your Shit
A3. So Fake It's Real
A4. Reek and Ye Shall Find
B1. An Odd Coloration
B2. Like You A Lot

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Rabbits And Whores Streaming Split

East (Coast) meets West (Coast) in noise rock: Whores and Rabbits joined together in misanthropy and misery. And what better material to manifest their unwavering rage than that of The Cure?

Whores crushes "Jumping Someone Else's Train," taking said train on a insanely heavy ride, the main riff stretched into a hypnotic groove forever beat into your brain. Rabbits opens with the stark "A Reflection" before cranking out an uncaged, claustrophobic version of "Give Me It." Who let these maniacs out?

You can stream the Whores / Rabbits split below, courtesy of Cvlt Nation. More...

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Rabbits Streaming Full Rarities Collection

Portland trio Rabbits has now unleashed the "SOS (Singles, Other Shit)" compilation via Eolian Empire, which features unreleased demos, radio performances, and other rarities.

Now the band has teamed up with Decibel Magazine to stream the full collection online. Check it out below, or catch Rabbits live:

12/14/2013 Dekum Manor - Portland, OR w/ Honduran, Sloths
1/11/2014 Slabtown - Portland, OR w/ Gaytheist
1/31/2014 Tonic Lounge - Portland, OR w/ Graves at Sea, Norska, Drunk Dad More...

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Rabbits Posts "No (More) Depth" Video

Rabbits once again run rampant with another video from the "SOS (Singles, Other Shit)" release.

Produced by the band's Joshua Hughes, the "No (More) Depth" video was directed Adam Cornelius, also recently to blame for Diesto's video for "Edge of the World" and Honduran's "Yawnmower."

Check out the new video below, courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan. You can also catch the band live:

12/14/2013 Dekum Manor - Portland, OR w/ Honduran, Sloths
1/11/2014 Slabtown - Portland, OR w/ Gaytheist
1/31/2014 Tonic Lounge - Portland, OR w/ Graves at Sea, Norska, Drunk Dad More...

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Rabbits Streaming Bikini Kill Cover

As tinnitus troupe Rabbits reels back to punch the public in the nuts with the "SOS (Shit, Other Singles)" compilation in less than three weeks, Noisey today pimps out one of the gnarly punk/hardcore classics.

Among a rash of original tracks, a bundle of bashed-in and cranked-way-up jackhammerings of tracks from Cro-Mags, Negative Approach, Poison Idea, Minor Threat and others infiltrate the mix, including a revamped retroizing of Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl" anthem. Check out the song below.

"SOS (Singles, Other Shit)" is due out December 3rd via digital download and cassette stateside, with Czech label Stoned to Death depositing the droppings on European turf. You can also catch the band live:

1/11/2014 Slabtown - Portland, OR w/ Gaytheist
2/01/2014 Tonic Lounge - Portland, OR w/ Graves at Sea, Norska, Drunk Dad More...

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Rabbits Releasing "SOS (Singles, Other Shit)"

Rabbits is at it again: steadfast in the determination to not give a shit what you or anyone else thinks, the band burrowed deep into its own rabbit hole to scrape together a mish-mash of down-and-dirty tracks from every corner of its storied past.

"SOS (Singles, Other Shit)" is a disturbing and dissonant distress signal from the underground assembled from LP session bonus tracks, 7-inch tracks, unreleased demos, radio performances, alternate versions, and practice space jams recorded from 2006 to 2013.

With few overdubs and mostly single live takes, these tracks capture Rabbits cranking out bludgeoning full-throttle hardcore noise rock until your ears are ringing and you see stars; pummeling drums, gnarled guitars, maniacal vocals, and deranged solos. The A-side comprises six original songs, while the B-side collects nine covers of '80s punk and hardcore songs.

Eolian Empire will deposit "SOS (Singles, Other Shit)" December 3rd via digital download and cassette. The tape will also be released in Europe on Czech label Stoned to Death at an undisclosed date to be figured out. A video for "No (More) Depth" from will also be released in the coming days. The full track listing is: More...

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Rabbits Streaming Split Release

Oregon’s Rabbits and Norway’s Årabrot continue to co-pummel audiences across Europe on their ongoing brutal trek, touring in support of their new split 7” release, available now via Tiger (Europe) and Eolian Empire (USA).

To spread the vile news, today Invisible Oranges is streaming the noisemangled split release, right here (you can also check it out below). The following press release was also issued about the split:

"On the raging split release, Norway's ever-morphing Årabrot meets Portland's sludge-punk kings Rabbits, as if twins separated at birth with a psychic connection that spans a continent and ocean, both acts have mired themselves in the most base elements of rock and rebuilt these primitive pieces into music of violent, raw beauty. Årabrot's 'Blood On Bunny' (no dig at their split partners, they swear) is part industrial, part noise-rock, part sludge and all disturbing, while Rabbits's 'Yr In Luck' shifts between swinging, rolling, droning versus to grinding choruses, interspersed and ending with a pummeling dirge; like two fucked-up sides of the same shitty coin. The split will be pressed on mega-heavy 70-gram wax -- a split release with Rabbits' label Eolian Empire and Arabrot's Norwegian label Fysisk Format.

"Blood On Bunny, Fysisk Format confirms, is the first single from the pending self-titled LP from Årabrot, the act’s massive sixth full-length to date. The label will release more info on Årabrot in the coming weeks, while the band takes to the road with Black Cobra and Bison B.C. on a rampage through France, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria." More...

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Eolian Empire Releasing Compilation

Recently out of hibernation, Portland label Eolian Empire is preparing to release the most ambitious and dedicated project on ITS diverse roster this Spring, with the newly-completed "Keep Our Heads" label compilation. The following press release was issued about the compilation:

"The tiny D.I.Y. label more focused on maintaining a kinship with their regional underground music scene than attaining national acts or breaking into charts, the clan at Eolian has literally dedicated thousands of hours to arranging, collecting, compiling, mixing and preparing this massive offering of what they consider the best of their local underground, with Keep Our Heads.

"Aligning metal, sludge, doom, prog, punk, rock, thrash, hardcore, noise and unclassifiable anti-genre acts from across the region into a herculean ninety-nine-minute soundtrack to the Portland heavy underground, Keep Our Heads bears twenty-six exclusive tracks from stalwarts in the scene, like some twisted, many-headed beast raised on the soundtracks to River's Edge, Lost Highway, and Repo Man, practically all the tracks recorded in Portland specifically for this release.

"Keep our Haeds features acts: Acre, The Ax, Big Black Cloud, Crag Dweller, Diesto, Drunk Dad, Fist Fite, Gaytheist, Gone to Croatoan, Honduran, Hot Victory, Humours, Ix, LKN, Lord Dying, Nasalrod, Norska, Order of the Gash, Palo Verde, Prizehog, Rabbits, Redneck, Sei Hexe, Sioux, Tiny Knives, and Towers. The comp will see release digitally and on a limited-run cassette on May 1st, the cassette run including both a digital download and a slick beer koozie. View the full track/band listing below, and place pre-orders here."

As a public preview to Keep Our Heads, The Obelisk has released a brand new track from riff-crushers Diesto -- a precursor for the band’s upcoming LP on Eolian this Summer -- alongside a peek at what is going on with this comp. Check it out right here. More...

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Rabbits Posts "Fight Right" Video

Portland's Rabbits has released a hare-raising video to help ruin your day, constructed for “Fight Right,” the second track off the recently birthed "Bites Rites" LP.

The cinematic mayhem was completed by Wes Johnson of Good to Die Productions -- the film team responsible for labelmates Deadkill’s "Oh God Help You" video -- utilizing early live footage shot by the fourth Rabbit Daniel Abell. Unleash the visual chaos of “Fight Right” in the player below.

Head over to the Rabbits Bandcamp page to stream the “Straight Edge/Wasted” Flexihead and the entire "Bites Rites" fiasco. The band's upcoming live actions include:

12/07/2012 The Josephine - Seattle, WA w/ Fist Fite, Monogamy Party, Brokaw
12/08/2012 Club 21 - Portland, OR w/ Fist Fite, Monogamy Party, Brokaw
1/18/2013 Alleyway - Portland, OR w/ Gaytheist, Transient More...

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Rabbits Kicking Off U.S. Tour

The members of Rabbits will gnaw their way across the Western U.S. in support of their newly-birthed sophomore LP "Bites Rites," beginning tomorrow. Since previous announcements, new gatherings have been confirmed, with the now thirteen-date excursion including live mayhem alongside Black Cobra, Dietso, Witch Mountain, Castle, Sons of Tonatiuh, Drunk Dad and others. Rabbits will be uncaged and perform live on the following shows:

10/04/2012 Thee Parkside - San Francisco, CA w/ Black Cobra, Diesto
10/06/2012 [afternoon BBQ] - San Francisco, CA w/ Diesto
10/06/2012 Sugar Mountain - Oakland, CA w/ Diesto, Owl
10/11/2012 Plan B - Portland, OR w/ Witch Mountain, Castle, Holy Grove
10/12/2012 The Kraken - Seattle w/ Monogamy Party, Lord Dying, Same Sex Dictator
10/13/2012 The Shredder - Boise, ID w/ Drunk Dad, Phantahex
10/15/2012 Aqualung's Community Music Space - Denver, CO w/ Sons of Tonatiuh
10/16/2012 Lost Lake Lounge - Denver, CO w/ Glass Hits, Damaru
10/17/2012 Larimer Lounge - Denver, CO w/ Witch Mountain, Castle, Primitive Man
10/18/2012 Burt's Tiki Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT w/ INVDRS, Oldtimer
10/19/2012 Zoo City, Missoula, MT w/ Drunk Dad, Shramana, Darshan Pulse
10/20/2012 Baby Bar - Spokane, WA w/ Belt of Vapor, The Ax, Drunk Dad
10/21/2012 Ray's Golden Lion - Richland, WA w/ Drunk Dad More...

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Rabbits Posts New Song Online

Those stabby-toothed, noisemongering crop-raiders in Rabbits are about to drop their newest litter of frenzied buzzsaw anthems, as "Bites Rites" is now just days from official release via Good To Die Records. The follow-up to Rabbits’ 2011 "Lower Forms" debut, "Bites Rites" will be released on 180-gram LP with included digital download delivery.

Pitchfork today has released the "Bites Rites" album opener “We And Zoo." Hop on over here to check out the song.

The album's fifth track “Meth Valley 99" is also available via a Good To Die digital label compilation right here. The album's track listing is: More...

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Rabbits To Release New Album

After another session copulating into existence a new batch of scathing buzzsaw riffery, Portland’s Rabbits has completed some new noise. "Bites Rites" will invade the human population in the final days of Summer 2012, a release guaranteed to scurry more shit into your life than the loved/loathed 2011-released Relapse Records debut "Lower Forms." The following press release was issued about the band:

"Rabbits’ latest intoxicated orgy of adrenalized lagomorphic chaos will see release this September via a recent infestation of Good To Die Records. On Bites Rites this obligate nasal-breathing collective of rhythm morticians -- drummer KG and guitarists/vocalists Sethro and Booze -- ravenously gnaw through nine tracks, including demented covers of Spacemen 3's '2:35' and Husker Du's 'What's Going On.' Yes, a Butthole Surfers, Melvins, Unsane or Buzzov*en reference may scuttle forth during the sonic bombardment of Bites Rites, yet a thoroughbred uniqueness abounds within each segment. Bites Rites was recorded and mixed by Fester at Haywire Studios, Portland, (Wizard Rifle, Atriarch, Nux Vomica) and mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster Mastering, Portland (Agalloch, Muslimgauze, Fishbone), with cover art by Sacramento artist Skinner (author of Every Man Is My Enemy) and drawings and titles by Portland artist Kevin Abell (co-editor of Nudity in Groups). Bites Rites will be released on 180-gram LP with included digital download delivery via Good To Die Records on September 18th."

Experience the fifth "Bites Rites" track "Meth Valley 99," where Rabbits joins a mess of other Good To Die artists via a digital comp the label recently released, right here.

The album's track listing is:

a1. We and Zoo
a2. Fight Right
a3. Lame in Vain
a4. Move Her Body
a5. Meth Valley 99
b1. 2:35
b2. Suck It or Blow
b3. On Mars II
b4. What's Going On More...

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Good To Die Records Releases Digital Compilation

Good To Die Records has released a compilation album online for streaming and "pay-what-you-want" download. You can check out the release, which features punk, rock, and metal acts, in the player below or over at bandcamp. The label also commented:

"Good To Die is ready to get you caught up with its first digital-only compilation. Featuring tracks from all of the label's releases to date, this handy little primer is rife with furious riffage, impassioned singing, and energy to spare. This free collection wraps together tracks from prog-metal dynamos Dog Shredder, the angular, furious punk outfit Deadkill, and the titans of sci-fi power rock Sandrider.

"This compilation also boasts a pair of exclusives. You can grab your first taste of Portland's queerest rockers Gaytheist, via 'Condemn The Condemners,' a cheeky politically minded blast from the trio's upcoming full-length Stealth Beats (out on August 21st).

"And you get your first glimpse into Good To Die's most recent signing: the sludge punkers from Portland known simply as Rabbits. A sample of the band's future Good To Die release, 'Meth Valley 99' both pays homage to the influence of Sonic Youth and gives the trio a chance to show off their love of steaming noise and throat-shredding screaming. All the goodness of Good To Die in one neat, tidy, and cost-free package? What the hell are you waiting for? Those eardrums of yours aren't going to puncture themselves." More...

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Rabbits Posts Another Song Online

Rabbits has posted another new track, titled "Duck, The Pigs," from the band's forthcoming Relapse debut "Lower Forms" online now via AlarmPress.com at this location. Rabbits has previously posted the track “Burn, Sun, Burn” on the band's Facebook page.

"Lower Forms" is set for a February 15th North American release date (February 28th internationally). Rabbits recorded Lower Forms at the Type Foundry in Portland, OR with Jeremy Romagna and Lauren Newman.

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Rabbits Streaming New Song

Rabbits, which recently signed to Relapse Records, has posted the first preview track, "Burn, Sun, Burn," from the band's Relapse debut "Lower Forms." The song can be heard through the official Rabbits Facebook page.

The upcoming "Lower Forms" album is currently set for a February 15th North American release date (February 28th internationally) through Relapse Records. Rabbits recorded the new album at Type Foundry in Portland, OR with Jeremy Romagna and Lauren Newman. You can also find out more details on Rabbits through the band's MySpace profile.

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Rabbits Signs To Relapse

Relapse Records has issued the following update about signing a deal with Rabbits:

"Relapse Records is proud to announce the signing of Portland, OR’s Rabbits. Rabbits’ music meets somewhere in the crossroads of punk, sludge, and metal, using unwavering volume and intensity as their guides. The three-piece, which features ex-members of Angel Hair, The VSS, Pleasure Forever, and Lion Fever, have previously released three vinyl-only records, including a 12” split with Under Mountains. Rabbitsrecently finished recording for their Relapse debut album. Release date and additional album details will be announced shortly."

The band also commented on the signing: "We are putting the final grimy touches on our new record, ten unhinged punk-sludge-thrash nature-crushes-man anthems. We are thrilled that our first long-player will be unleashed by the mighty Relapse--our new, seemingly fearless label--so that we may forever damage the ears and psyches of people all over the world, just as we have done for the last six years to basement dwellers and bar flies all over Portland. We will not stop until we reach the very bottom."

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