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Lich King

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Below is our complete Lich King news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Lich King Announces "The Omniclasm" Release

Lich King's new album "The Omniclasm" is due to arrive on April 14th, 2017 and various pre-order bundles have now come online here. Check out a teaser trailer below.

Bundles include new shirts, patches, and hats. Pre-orders get two free digital bonus tracks, a limited edition signed and numbered 18" x 24" album art poster, and free stickers and koozies in select bundles. More...

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Lich King Wants You To "Cut The Shit"

Lich King just released a video for "Cut The Shit," which can be seen below, and the U.S. thrash band also issued this brief message to fans:

"This video, after almost two years of editing hell, is now released. Here's the new song. Aaaaand a very merry Lichmas to you all." More...

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Lich King Seeking New Vocalist

On April 1st, Massachusetts thrash outfit Lich King published a new track entitled "I Quit." It was naturally received as an April Fools joke, however now Lich King singer Tom Martin has made an announcement that he would in fact be relieving himself of vocal duties.

Lich King is currently scouring the globe for a replacement singer and is pushing forward with plans to release a new full length album in 2015.

Interested applicants can find instrumental tracks and lyric sheets right here. Record your vocals over the tracks and send them to Andy@evileyeindustries.com or Mail@lichkingmetal.com. Tom Martin's full statement reads as follows:

"So yesterday we put up an announcement in the form of a song, in which I declared I was quitting Lich King, and... April Fools! It was the truth. These are my reasons for leaving. My reasons are my own, and don’t at all reflect on the attitudes or opinions of the other guys.

"Reason #1: Live shows were never my thing. I have bad hearing so at a metal show when you hear the music, almost all I hear is deafening jangled noise.

"Reason #2: Bars are the worst. On tour, you’re hanging around in a venue for seven to eight hours every night, and usually it’s a bar. I have no idea how someone sits in a bar for that long and doesn’t want to open their wrist with a blender.

"Reason #3: I’m a homebody. I like sitting at home, surrounded by my comfort zone, making stuff. This isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy touring with Lich King, because largely, I did. I love those guys and discovered I love traveling... but I stopped having a good time when we pulled into the venue every night. I’d dread shows, and during them I’d sit on the bus and fantasize about being home with my stuff. More...

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Lich King Streaming "Do-Over" EP

Lich King is streaming the band's "Do-Over" EP online, which can be heard below, and the group also comments:

"Our new EP 'Do-Over: Songs We Didn't Get Right The First Time' is now available worldwide. After months of working on everything leading up to the release, it's pretty awesome seeing all the pictures of the goodies finally in your guys' hands. Huge thanks goes out to all of you who pre-ordered or have already picked up your copy - we hope you've had the best Lichmas yet."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Mascot War 04:59
2. Thrashssacre 04:06
3. Predator 05:43
4. Toxic Zombie Onslaught 04:39
5. Hot For Teacher (Van Halen Cover) 04:54
6. Black Metal Sucks 03:09
7. Crossover Songs Are Too Damn Short (Demo) 01:13 More...

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Exmortus Announces New Tour Dates

Immediately following an upcoming North American tour with Dark Tranquillity and Omnium Gatherum, SoCal heavy metal brigade Exmortus will join thrashers Lich King for a short run throughout the Eastern U.S. in support of forthcoming Prosthetic full-length debut “Slave To The Sword.”

Recorded by Zack Ohren (All Shall Perish, Suffocation) at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, California, “Slave To The Sword” features cover artwork by Philip Lawvere. Catch Exmortus on these dates: More...

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Lich King Offering New Track For Download

As a Christmas gift to fans, Lich King has released a new demo track titled "Lich King V: Stalemate." You can hear the track in the player below, or download the song for free over at the Lich King Bandcamp page here.

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Lich King Announces Fill-In Guitarist

Lich King has checked in with the following announcement about bringing on a session guitarist for upcoming tour dates:

"What with Rob filling in on new daddy duties, that means third tour, third fill-in guitarist. This time it's Nick Timney of Zombie Fighter. Hopefully he won't team up with our bassist to commit atrocious acts like our last fill-in guitarist did. Take a listen to the dude's chops here or below." More...

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Axis Of Metal Releases Second Compilation

Axis of Metal has now released a second free online compilation (check out the first one here), which can be streamed or downloaded via Bandcamp or in the player below. Axis of Metal also commented:

"Axis Of The Underground Volume 2 will treat your eardrums to the thrashiest of metal, heinous black metal, putrid death metal, empowering traditional metal, methodical doom metal, boundary pushing progressive metal, the grooviest of groove metal, avant-garde madness, and bouncy folk metal among many other genres and incarnations of heavy sounds.

"We’ve loaded our heavy metal shotgun and are discharging the most comprehensive of compilations to satisfy even the pickiest of nay-sayers and nitpickers. Axis Of The Underground is our way to give back to the genre that has brought all of us years and years of elation and enjoyment. So sit back, crack a cold one, or roll a herbal cigarette and hit play on the bandcamp player below, and be prepared to be whisked away to a heavy metal nirvana. "

1. Obduracy - Virtue And Vice 04:38
2. Razorwyre - Knights Of Fire 03:23
3. Wings Denied - Clockwork 04:50
4. Desultor - Black Monday 03:13
5. Monsterworks - Freewill 04:28
6. Rusted Brain - Caught In The Fire 02:29
7. Scythia - Sailor's Accolade 03:19
8. Symptom - Into The Scalding Spring 05:43
9. Eryn Non Dae - Hidden Lotus 06:12
10. Lich King - In The End, Devastation 04:36
11. Cultfinder - Archangel Burial 02:51
12. Derelict - Shackles Of Indoctrination 05:14
13. Infiltrator - Crush The False 05:59
14. Mares Of Thrace - The Gallwasp 04:36
15. Cryptopsy - Damned Draft Dodgers 03:57
16. Entropy - Encryption 07:11
17. Auroch - From Forgotten Worlds 04:35
18. Fatality - Thrash Fuck Eat Sleep 05:25
19. Gypsy Chief Goliath - St. Covens Tavern 05:56
20. Adrenechrome - Titans Fall 03:18
21. Invective - Systemic 03:22
22. Dire Omen - Deserving Of Ash 03:09
23. Mortor - Under The Flag 03:00
24. Bushwhacker - Forest Lord 08:09
25. Abstract Violence - S.N.M. 03:25
26. Seprevation - Sea Of Thoughts 03:02
27. Luna Azure - Meadows Of Spring 06:43 More...

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New Metal Available For The Rock Band Network

With Friday here again the Rock Band Network now has new tunes for metalheads to rock out with over the weekend. Xbox 360 players now have these tracks available to purchase:

Amberian Dawn – “Charnel’s Ball” (160 MSP)
Anarchy Club – “A Single Drop of Red (The Gentleman)” (80 MSP)
Emmure – “Protoman” (160 MSP)
Escape the Day – “Turn Back Time (Rock Band Edition) (2x Bass Pedal)” (160 MSP)
Strikken – “Re-Live (2x Bass Pedal)” (80 MSP)

Meanwhile, the PS3 players will have these tracks to look forward to on 12/4 (12/5 in Europe):

Within the Ruins - "Controller" ($1.99)
Lich King - "Act of War" ($0.99)

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Sonic Pulse Announces U.S. Tour Dates

From the depths of a dingy basement to gearing up for the release of a debut album, "Lager than Life," and hitting the road across the US, Boston’s Sonic Pulse has come a long way in two short years.

Touring with Lich King, the beer-fueled, power thrashing group (featuring members of Razormaze, Skull Hammer, Ravage, and Vindicator) will be kicking it all off in New Jersey on July 21st. Dates can be found below, and you can also listen to the "Eye of the Beerholder" single in the player available below.

The "Lager Than Life" track listing is as follows:

1. Sonic Pulse (5:15)
2. Queen of Beers (4:45)
3. Bong Zombies (5:58)
4. Eye of The Beerholder (6:14)
5. Demoniac Spell (6:55)
6. Beyond the Black Hole (5:54)
7. Adventure Time (1:31) More...

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Lich King Posts New Song Rehearsal Clip

Lich King has posted a brief video clip online of the band rehearsing a new song to appear on the upcoming "Born of the Bomb" album. You can check out the rehearsal footage below. Lich King also recently posted a video revealing the artwork for the album, which is available at this location. Further details on "Born of the Bomb" will be announced as they are made available.

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Lich King Posts Guitar Solo Video

Lich King has posted footage online of a guitar solo to appear in the band's new album "Born of the Bomb." You can check out the clip below, and the band also commented:

"Rob records one of the solos for AGNOSTICISM whilst wearing an entirely inappropriate t-shirt. JUDGE HIM."

A teaser trailer for the "Born of the Bomb" album is also still available by navigating over to this location.

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Lich King Reveals New Album Title And Artwork

Lich King has posted a video teaser clip online showcasing the title and artwork for the band's upcoming fourth album. You can check out the "Born of the Bomb" teaser clip in the player below, or head over to the band's Facebook profile for more information.

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Lich King Comes To The Rock Band Network

Only two tracks have hit the Xbox 360 edition of the Rock Band Network this week, but luckily both are songs that may be of interest to metal heads. The newly added tracks are as follows:

Fallen Angel - "Ashes to Ashes/Leaving It All Behind"
Lich King - "Act of War"

The following tracks hit the PS3 edition on Tuesday, 8/16/2011 (Wednesday, 8/17/2011 in Europe):

Buckner & Garcia - "Pac-Man Fever" ($1.99) - Pop-Rock
Buckner & Garcia - "Froggy's Lament" ($1.99) - Pop-Rock
Buckner & Garcia - "Hyperspace" ($1.99) - Pop-Rock
Buckner & Garcia - "Mousetrap" ($1.99) - Pop-Rock
Possible Oscar - "Dead Again" ($1.99) - Rock

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Lich King Splits With Guitarists

Massachusseets based act Lich King has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band's guitarists:

"Due to scheduling and transportation issues, Erick and Kevin are leaving Lich King. Erick’s got a band closer to home starting up, called Hanging Judge, and Kevin’s going for his master’s degree. None of this is personal in this amicable split, we love these guys and wish them the best. Even still, we’re so going to badmouth them in our Behind The Music episode.

"So, part 2 of the announcement. Can you see where this is going? That’s right. We’re announcing a nationwide hunt for two new Lich King members. Joe’s upgrading to guitar so we need a guitarist and a bassist.

"If you - Can play aggressively, Have your own gear, Can practice in Greenfield, MA once a week or so, Are willing and able to tour, Aren’t a dick - you could join the greatest thrash metal band in all of space-time. Write us at LichKingMetal@gmail.com and we’ll set up an audition. We're hoping to be back in fighting form by the end of the year, because we've got bigger things lined up for next year. More...

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Lich King Announces Show With Exodus

Lich King has issued the following update about an upcoming live show alongside Exodus and Bonded By Blood:

"Greetings, loyal Lich King fans within traveling distance of the northeastern USA. We would like to schedule you for a neckbreaking. We want to make sure you know what we're playing with Exodus on August 27th. Being in this region of the country, we don't see a lot of shows with this sort of bill in the region... Exodus, Malevolent Creation, Holy Grail, Bonded By Blood, Lich King, Worcester Palladium, August 27th. Here's the Facebook event page. Get some thrash-friends, get a car, drive up and see us. If you're coming from far off we'll find you a place to crash.*

"*Lying, we totally won't. Remember, we can't wait until we're so famous that we can forget all the little people that supported us early on, so this is your chance to see and meet the greatest thrash metal band of all time."

The upcoming Lich King shows are as follows: More...

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