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Riotgod Illuminates New Album "Invisible Empire"

Riotgod members Bob Pantella and Jim Baglino planted the first seeds of Riotgod while on tour with Monster Magnet in 2006. Because the two artists play in Monster Magnet—a group with resume that includes several radio hits—people are bound to compare the two bands. Both have retro-rock fittings, but there is no confusing the two. In fact, Bob and Jim started Riotgod as a vehicle to express ideas they couldn’t in Monster Magnet. The result is a collusion between 70s rock, modern stoner rock and alternative (grunge) influences.

“Invisible Empire,” Riotgod’s sophomore full-length release, may contain symbols and a title (as did their self-titled debut) that reference secret societies and Illuminati conspiracies, but the group seems to be using these ideas for show only, which is fine because these ideas aren’t tailored for radio-rock listeners. Although Riotgod keeps building on its fan base through touring, the band hardly boasts a large following. Having been compared to rock icons such as Chris Cornell, Robert Plant and Layne Staley, Riotgod certainly has the tools for its music to find regular rotation on your local radio station.

Metal Underground originally scheduled a live interview during Riotgod’s recent performance in Austin, Texas, but this didn’t happen due to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, singer Mark Sunshine answered questions via email. Sunshine takes an humorous approach on many of his answers, and without the ability to offer follow up questions, some ideas may appear confusing. He did, however, provide honest answers concerning Riotgod’s professional goals, use of Illuminati symbols, association with Monster Magnet and other topics of interest. Read on to find out more about this group destined for stardom. More...

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