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From: Kuwait
Last Known Status: Active

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Benevolent Taps Andols Herrick For New Album

UAE-based metallers Benevolent are in the recording process for their upcoming debut full-length album, and the band is now adding Andols Herrick (ex-Chimaira) as a featured musician on the album to record one track.

Hadi Sarieddine, the band co-founder and lead guitarist states "It is pretty crazy thinking that Andols Herrick is going to be drumming on one of our songs; if I go back in time and tell past-me that this was happening I'd probably get a pretty sarcastic reaction." He added "The last couple of years since we started the band have been absolutely insanely great for us; getting such great reviews for the debut record, getting signed to Spellbind Records, and now this? I can't think that things could be any better for the band, I'm really proud of how things are coming together."

Andols Herrick commented on his work with Benevolent and how this all came together: "I was approached by Hadi Sarieddine awhile back about the possibility of tracking drums for Benevolent. I was quite impressed with the quality of the music and vocals. I love having the opportunity to work with a great band, who happens to represent the Middle East metal scene very well. I do know it is very vibrant having had the pleasure of performing with Chimaira at the Desert Rock Festival in Dubai back in 2009." More...

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Benevolent To Record New Album

Benevolent’s guitarist/vocalist Hadi Sarieddine has confirmed that the band is nearing the end of the writing and pre-production process for the band's debut full-length album, following the "Divided" EP (2010) which saw the Lebanese-founded metal band signing with Spellbind Records.

Hadi describes the material as “dramatic, technical, uneasy, and progressive” stating that the album is a step up from the bands’ previous work and pushes the group’s limits and boundaries ahead. “This album’s definitely a fine blend of lots of dramatic moments, the songs are heavier than before and I think it’s an honest attempt at pushing our artistic limits further.”

Hadi went on to say, “The songs are longer, the soundscapes and textural backgrounds are there and there’s a whole new tuning on the album…I think there’s only one or two songs that share the tunings used on Divided EP and I’ve taken that as a conscious decision, I wanted to explore writing riffs in different tunings…it felt like uncharted territory for me and that definitely got the creative juices flowing!” More...

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Benevolent Signs To Spellbind Records

Kuwait based extreme metal outfit Benevolent has signed with Spellbind Records, and lead vocalist and co-founder, Fadi Sarieddine, states "This is really big for us, we're really excited about working with Spellbind Records and we feel that this will be our home to fantastic growth across the scene and internationally where we get to perform and share our music with many new fans."

Hadi Sarieddine, the band's lead guitarist and co-founder, added "When you're in a band, especially one that plays metal, in the Middle East you're really tied down with how much gigging and exposure you get to experience but I feel that this is going to ignite a shift in that stance for us and we seriously cannot wait to get out there, share the stage with other bands from abroad and the region, and just play our songs with audiences across the region and beyond! We're psyched!"

Benevolent will be performing extensively across the Middle East and North Africa with concert dates to be announced in the very near future. The band is currently working on a single scheduled for release in 2011, along with working on their full length which is rumored to be released in 2012.

Keep up with Benevolent's updates on the band's official Facebook page at this location, and if you haven't downloaded the "Divided" EP yet go ahead and grab your free copy at Bandcamp.

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Metality Releases New Compilation For Free

Metality.net has released a new compilation for free download. "METALITY - The Compilation: Volume 2 - Sounds of The Middle East" features over 50 bands from across the region. Here's the full tracklisting:

1. Sand Aura "Aljahelia" (Egypt)
2. InnerGuilt "Burden Of Guilt" (Lebanon)
3. Let It Flow "Grey Man" (Turkey)
4. Phobia "Unavoidable Torment" (Tunisia)
5. Coat of Arms "212" (UAE)
6. Benevolent "The Tyrant" (Kuwait)
7. Sakadoya "Get back" (Morocco)
8. Sabhankra "Buried In Dust" (Turkey)
9. Bilocate "The Dead Sea" (Jordan)
10. Depth Feat. Sarj "Crimson Goddess" (Kuwait)
11. Voice of The Soul "Under A Blood Red Sky" (Kuwait)
12. Mental Implant "Latitude & Longitude" (Turkey)
13. Kimaera "The Taste Of Treason" (Lebanon)
14. Arsames "Testament Of The King" (Iran)
15. Bouq "Wrath of a Warrior's Soul" (Jordan)
16. Varden "Prevail" (Egypt)
17. Lunacyst "Merciless Cold Blooded Murder" (Bahrain)
18. Black Well "Drowning In Blood" (Kuwait)
19. Kaoteon "One by One (Dogs Heed the Call)" (Lebanon)
20. Midway "Burning Bridges" (UAE)
21. Osprey "Al Himeeneeni Al Habani" (UAE)
22. Destiny In Chains "Shout Your Name" (Egypt)
23. Blood Ink "Brain Infestation" (Lebanon)
24. Breeze of The Dying "FOA Act 1" (Saudi Arabia)
25. Damned Sorrow "Die On Your Own" (Tunisia)
26. Smouldering In Forgotten "I, Devourer" (Bahrain)
27. Odious "Poems Hidden on Black Walls" (Egypt)
28. Perversion "Subconscious Mutation" (UAE)
29. TRAXXX "Sound of Revolution" (Algeria)
30. Suicide "Bone Collector City" (Turkey)
31. Detonation Theory "In Death Is My Final Part" (Qatar)
32. Apocalyptic Dawn "Stoned to Death" (Bahrain)
33. 13 Days Later "Razor Roses" (Tunisia)
34. Soldered Poon "Splatterpunk" (Morocco)
35. Sawlegen "De Profundis Clamavi" (Morocco)
36. Origin "A Night's Creed" (Egypt)
37. THEE PROjECT "Warriors" (Bahrain)
38. The Crow Murder "The Drowning" (UAE)
39. Vielikan "Celestial Autumn" (Tunisia)
40. Thrashstorm "Skatanic" (Lebanon)
41. The Weeping Willow "Tyrant of The Fall" (Lebanon)
42. Flagellation "Your Remorse" (Tunisia)
43. Soor "The Maze II (The Stranger & The Guardian)" (Morocco)
44. Anaconda "Between Life And Death (Part I)" (Morocco)
45. Karma "No Surrender" (Egypt)
46. Massive Scar Era "The World is Rising" (Egypt)
47. Chalice Of Doom "Endless Prison" (Jordan)
48. Grieving Age "Therefore, A Myriad Of Gargoyles Bellow Their Aborted Versicles, Quoth Thee..." (Saudi Arabia)
49. Mephostophilis "Bloody Sign" (Egypt)
50. Analgesia "From The Ashes Of Morocco" (Morocco)

Bonus Tracks:
1. Tristmoon "The Dungeon" (Lebanon)
2. Dethroned "My Eternal Love" (Lebanon)
3. Omnicide "Buried Without A Name" (Saudi Arabia)
4. Binding Shade "Paroxysm of Emptiness" (Jordan)
5. Forgive Me "Life=Nightmare" (Jordan)

You can stream each track or download the compilation here.

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Unearthing the Metal Underground in Kuwait

Each week in Unearthing the Metal Underground we take a look at lesser known bands that are keeping metal alive and kicking in their respective regions and hometowns. This week, we introduce you to three bands from Kuwait: a country that has seen wars fought on its own home ground and in neighboring regions, as well as becoming a home to families trying to get away from conflicts. It has also become a small hub of high quality heavy metal, in both terms of production and originality.

Voice of the Soul

While Voice of the Soul may be better known as a song from the purveyors of death metal, Death, it also happens to be a progressive/melodic death metal band from Kuwait. With the typical line up of influences such as At the Gates, Carcass, Arch Enemy and the aforementioned Death, Voice of the Soul has set about creating a sound that is both intensely heavy and technical, but melodic enough to create memorable and satisfying songs.

Formed in 2007 by three like-minded metal heads who wanted to cover some of their favorite songs, Voice of the Soul eventually started to write and record it's own material, which brought about the release of their its EP, “Winds of Apprehension," in 2009. It included 3 original songs and a cover of Death’s “Empty Words." With this first EP, Voice of the Soul took a very straight forward melodic death metal approach. The release of the second EP, “Eyes of Deceit," in 2010 saw the band take a more progressive approach to it's sound.

The band’s song “Farewell to Hope” was featured on the Metality Compilation alongside Norther and The Empire Shall Fall. The same song was also voted as the top metal track of 2010 by the readers of Rockability Magazine.

While the band members are currently all based in separate countries due to school, Voice of the Soul is working on a full length album. You can download the “Eyes of Deceit” EP here.


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Benevolent Posts Entire EP For Free Download

Kuwait-based metal band Benevolent have just released their debut EP titled "Divided," which features five tracks. The album was recorded at one of the Middle East's fastest growing recording studios, Sarj's Studio, through 2010, and co-produced by Hadi Sarieddine and Sajid "Sarj" Masoud. "Divided" can be downloaded fully for free for a month from the band's Bandcamp page.

Fadi Sarieddine, band co-founder and lead vocalist, added, "It was such a great experience! Just looking back at how these songs slowly came to life is such a great feeling! I really feel that we got to experience and learn so much about ourselves as musicians and as people through out this process...and it's just great to be on the other side with everything done. I hope that listeners enjoy this record as much as we enjoyed putting it together!"

Pre-production took place at the band's home recording studio. Hadi Sarieddine, band co-founder, comments, "I like to come in to the studio with a game plan. I have to get to know the song before going in to record the final product so that I know what sort of sounds need to go on there, and just generally be able to pay attention to the very little details in my own personal space. I think the process worked out great!"

The album's tracklisting is as follows:

1. Clairvoyant Transmission
2. Purgatory
3. The Tyrant
4. Haunting Shores
5. The Quantum Paradox

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Benevolent to Release Debut EP

Benevolent, the Kuwait based death metal band, is set to release their debut EP, "Divided" on the 5th November, 2010. The EP was recorded at Sarj's Studio, with the guidance of producer/engineer Sajid "Sarj" Masoud. The previously released song, "Haunting Shores," is included in the EP, as well as 4 other tracks. The track listing is as follows:

1. Clairvoyant Transmission
2. Purgatory
3. The Tyrant
4. Haunting Shores
5. The Quantum Paradox

The full EP will be available for free download for the first month after its release.

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Benevolent Finishes Up Recording New Album

Benevolent recently issued an update from their final week in the studio:

"All great here! Just got back from Sarj's Studio and have officially finished tracking all lead guitars for the EP. I had to do the 2 solos for the song "Purgatory", one's a bit shreddy and atonal, but the other solo is pretty at ease and melodic! Feels great to have the solos done!

"So the next step is 1 more session to track vocals for one more track and to track bass for that same track and THAT'S IT!!!!! Then will come mixing, mastering, rehearsing, album design and such!

"Oh!! And Bader Nana is putting together the artwork for the album and it's looking awesome so far...it's a conceptual idea and takes a piece from all the songs in the album into perspective...we're really psyched!!!!!!!"

You can stream the song "Haunting Shores" below, from their new album:

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Benevolent Gives Recording Update

Kuwaiti heavy metal band Benevolent has issued an update on their recording efforts for their new studio album. Here's the update from Hadi:

"So I was at the studio this last weekend tracking guitars and bass for 'Stab Me' (working title) and 'What did you just call me?' (Working title as well!). It went great! Got everything done in a few hours and had some fun in the process at Sarj's Studio!

"There's a mini solo on 'Stab Me' and I still have to finalize writing the guitar solo for 'What did you just call me'...every other bit is written and just needs to be tracked.

"Also! Lyrics and vocal melodies are in the cooking stage, 3 songs need vocal recording (Which is going to start this weekend!)

"We're hoping to get all the recording stuff done within the coming couple of weeks so wish us luck.

"The material is heavy and quite experimental, has a bit of a progressive feel to it and it's got some interesting twists here and there! I'm very happy with the stuff that's been written and I hope that you guys enjoy it once it out and finalized!

"We're having the time of our lives putting this record together!"

As previously reported, Benevolent has a track featured in Metality's free compilation. You can also hear a couple songs below.

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Metality.net Releases Free Metal Compilation

METALITY.net, in cooperation with Metalhit.com, released their first digital compilation album, "METALITY - The Compilation." It's been out a while now, but free music is always worth passing on to our readers.

2. FOMENTO "The Die Is Cast"
3. NEOSIS "Unwilling Fate"
4. NERVECELL "Vicious Circle of Bloodshed"
5. NORTHER "Break Myself Away"
6. DEMONIC RESURRECTION "The Unrelenting Surge"
7. DAYLIGHT DIES "A Portrait in White"
8. SCARAB "War to End"
9. CiLiCE "Mental Breakdown"
10. EMPYREON "Beyond Perception"
11. MANTRIC "Symptoms"
13. DREAMSHADE "Our Buried Secrets"
14. CHROMIUM "All I Have"
15. BENEVOLENT "Haunting Shores"
16. A THOUSAND REASONS "Strength and Fight"
17. WARTHANE "Lord Oblivion"
18. VOICE OF THE SOUL "Farewell to Hope"
19. COAT OF ARMS "Ballad of the Mariner"
20. PAURA "Scars of Life"
21. BILOCATE "Inoculate"
22. CRESCENT "Jerusalem"
23. POST MORTEM "Whispers of Ages"
24. A SHOT OF ADRENALINE "The Human Plague"
25. DEPTH "Memento Mori"

There are three3 bonus tracks available on the download version of the album, including:
1. BLACKWELL "Deliverance"
2. KILL THE ROMANCE "Trespasser"

You can download the whole thing here, individual tracks here or preview them first on a player here.

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New Benevolent Song Online For Download

Kuwait-based Lebanese extreme metal band Benevolent has just released their new single titled "Haunting Shores" on their MySpace page and through METALITY - The Compilation as a free download.

The song is a follow up to the band's January-released single "Augmented" and it showcases a fast-driven, riff-rich, haunting production with atonal and melodic moments.

Hadi Sarieddine, guitarist and co-founder of Benevolent explains the track's preproduction process, "It's a haunting little story, and that was the most fun part of it all! Having that theme set along with a few lyrical lines really inspired me and I guess it all just came together!"

Hadi Sarieddine states about their inclusion on the Metality compilation: "This is big for us, and hats off to the crew at Metality and Metal Asia for putting this stuff together! We’ve been working hard and it’s a huge encouragement to be able to share our music with the rest of the world and represent our country and region."

The band resumes the writing/recording process of their still untitled debut EP, which is slated for release early in the fall of 2010. The band is working with Sajid "Sarj" Masoud (Nocturna founder and frontman) who is engineering and co-producing the EP alongside Hadi Sarieddine.

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