"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Bodies in Barbwire

From: WV, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Bodies In Barbwire Issues Recording Update

Bodies in Barbwire has checked in with the following update about recording new material:

"Hails! Been working on new tracks and so far have 4 tracks done with guitars and currently working on new track #5 and drum programming. The new tracks offer everything from fast shreds to slow crunching riffs to even slower Brutal slams! Ive been trying different methods and recording techniques on these as well to raise the quality of the sound a bit. I will be doing exhale gutturals as normal but will be using inhales on these new tracks as well to give the tracks more depth. So far everything is sounding pretty good.

"Just cant wait to get you guys to lay some ears on the evolution and next step of BiB's Brutality! If you guys have a Facebook make sure you add BiB on there because I update BiB's Facebook almost hourly. Much respect to all my bros and bands who rep BiB! Keep Supporting you sickos!"

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Bodies In Barbwire Announces Split Release

Bodies in Barbwire has issued the following announcement about contributing songs for an upcoming split release:

"I've been talking to a good Bro of mine and we have decided to bring BTK and BiB to the underground on one disc! The split will feature 5 tracks form BiB and 5 from BTK, 10 tracks total. (May Change) These tracks featured on the split will be new tracks from both BTK and BiB!

"This will be the first chance to get ahold of these tracks on disc! This will be BiB's first split! I just don't put my seal of approval on anything unless it represents myself and BiB well. This is going to be a pretty sick split so dont miss this Brutal release from two viciously Brutal bands on one disc! More info as things progress. Spread the word and Support the Underground! (Things are still in the works and subject to change)."

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Bodies In Barbwire Writing New Songs

Bodies in Barbwire has checked in with the following update about writing new material for an upcoming release:

"Yes its that time! I've began to write new material for Bodies in Barbwire! Some bands will write a ton of stuff in a very short period of time which is very admirable, but just isn't BiB's style. I try to piece my recording time over periods so BiB keeps that edge to the music and not fade itself, kinda like Tool for instance with time between albums.

"Right now I have tracked guitars for a new song and the guitars are complete for that song. I will be working on lyrics and drums next. So far I have 10 song titles that are very comforting to those who enjoy sheer violence and Brutality to extreme lengths and the lyrics will be no different. Just straight gore! I will be posting the complete lyrics for my currently released tracks on BiB's Official Website to give you an idea of the content, detail, complexity, and things that I happily write about for BiB.

"As progress continues, I will keep you updated min to min on the Official Website and BiB's Facebook! Check out the sites and feel free to get at me anytime! Thank You to ALL of my supporters, Bands and Bros alike! It doesn't go unappreciated! Many Hails!"

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Flamecult Records Offering Free Compilation

Flamecult Records is currently offering the "Flamecult Records Presents: The Underground Alliance Vol I" compilation album as a free download at this location. Flamecult Records also issued the following statement about the release:

"Flamecult Records Presents: The Underground Alliance Vol I represents a collective of ambitious, intelligent and hard working bands or studio projects from all over the world! From full on black metal, war metal, doom metal, grind metal, death metal and hybrid metal, a full spectrum of the metal underground is showcased in this great compilation. Hosted by Flamecult Records, all the musicians involved in The Underground Alliance Vol I are talented and very respected in their underground circles, have a history of DIY albums and splits and many shows, and represent what the underground metal world is all about: Strength, Honor and Integrity."

The track listing is as follows: More...

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Bodies In Barbwire Working On Debut Album

West Virginia's Bodies in Barbwire has issued the following announcement about working on a debut full-length album:

"Brutal hailz to all of you! Big news recently. My label I'm signed to Flamecult Records ad was featured in the November issue of Decibel Magazine! (Dimmu Borgir Cover) It was promoting Coils of the Serpent new album 'Winter Decends,' with a mentioning of Bodies in Barbwire on the Ad! It may be small to some, but Huge for myself. BiB being printed in an international released mag is good promo.

"Also, getting ready everything to release the long awaited BiB debut album 'Barbwire Butchery!' This is in the works! There will be more info and updates as the progress continues. Keep it Pure Brutal Gore!"

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Bodies In Barbwire To Appear On Compilation

West Virginia's Bodies in Barbwire has checked in with the following update about appearing on an upcoming compilation album:

"'Flamecult Records Presents: Anicore Tome I' is a compilation that is in the works, featuring hard hitting bands such as Coils of the Serpent, Bodies in Barbwire, Zebulon Kosted, Astral Throne, Throne of Malediction, Nephilim Rising and Warseid, are so far the bands confirmed for this comp.

"There may be more, and things are subject to change. More info as it comes in so keep checking back for the full details. You don't want to miss out on this vital release from the underground!"

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