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Earthen Grave

From: Chicago, IL, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Interview with Earthen Grave

Earthen Grave guitarist Jason Muxlow explains that his band mates, “all love Black Sabbath’s ‘Black Sabbath.’ That’s the first song on the first record by the first heavy metal band.” It indeed was the first heavy metal song. It was also the track that laid the floor plans for what would become doom metal. Those diabolic trichords first picked and hammered by Toni Iommi comprise much of Earthen Grave’s spirit, but unlike many genre-specific bands, those notes only comprise, to quote Holzner, a piece of the pie.

There is no mistaking the imprint left by bassist Ron Holzner’s former band, Trouble, but Muxlow adamantly stated Earthen Grave doesn’t share Trouble’s stoner rock tendencies. Still, there is an element of that hard rocking swagger on the track “Titled World.” In the end, Earthen Grave is about six musicians coming together to infuse their own influences and inspirations—including the classical violin virtuosity of Rachel Barton Pine and the epic, blackened doom metal progressions of Muxlow’s The Living Fields—in a superbly written album of myriad moods.

After giving their fans a few months to digest their album, Earthen Grave drove south to play a couple shows just to find out one the shows, the New Orleans show, got canceled. Seeking out another place to play, the group booked a show in Austin, Texas. Metal Underground.com gathered all its members, minus Pine, to talk about these shows, writing and recording their album and how they brought unique visions to covers of Witchfinder General and Pentagram songs. More...

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