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From: Germany
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Todtgelichter News

Below is our complete Todtgelichter news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Akoasma Taps Todtgelichter Vocalist For New Album

Marta from German avant-garde project Todtgelichter is making a guest appearance on the upcoming first album from new band Akoasma, which issued this statement:

"Today we have a very special announcement to make. Marta, lead singer of the Hamburg band Todtgelichter on our debut will be heard! We are grateful, happy, and can already say - she did a great job. Big thanks also to the Dying Lizard Tonstudio for the great input." More...

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Headline News

Todtgelichter Announces Final Album, Tour Dates

Following the "Rooms" album release earlier in 2016, German avant-garde outfit Todtgelichter has revealed 2017 will be the band's final year. A handful of last shows are being lined up, along with a final studio output. The band comments:

"Okay people, some sad news for you: We have mutually decided to put Todtgelicther on ice indefinitely. We will play some selected shows in 2017 (the last ones in March/April), after that we will effectively function as a studio band for one more album coming soon (promise!) and then –
Good Night.

"Reasons? Legion. The effort to create something new and exciting with which we can surprise ourselves feels bigger and bigger, and we keep asking ourselves more often why we put up with it. Add to that the hardships of the whole business, the decline of physical sales, the fading will to tolerate let-downs and disappointments you inevitably get when people that are supposed to work with you do not burn for the band with the same fire as you do, the fact that any band our size will know this hobby is a money-burning machine (Did we really get filthy rich with the supposedly moneygrabbing move 'Apnoe?' Not so. Yes, people actually did accuse us of that intention). More...

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Todtgelichter Posts "Rooms" Trailer

Todtgelichter has a teaser trailer online this morning for upcoming fifth album "Rooms," which is set to drop on February 26th, 2016. Listen in below. The full "Rooms" track listing is as follows:

01. Ghost
02. Schrein
03. Lost
04. Shinigami
05. Necromant
06. Zuflucht
07. 4JK
08. Origin
09. Pacific More...

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Todtgelichter Reveals New Album Artwork

Todtgelichter today reveals the cover artwork for forthcoming album "Room," which can be seen below, and the band also comments:

"Finally we can spill the beans: The cover/backcover artwork and parts of the booklet have magnifically been excecuted by the renowned Norwegian artist Truls Espedal, best known to the metal world for his outstanding work with Norwegian avantgarde/prog metal Vikings Enslaved.

"Since the first contact it was very clear that Truls has been the missing puzzle piece in terms of inspiration, interpretation and execution of the visualisation of the album. The cover speaks for itself and continues an old tradition: Simple but deep in meaning. A remarkable artist and great person to work with.

"That leaves us the tracklist of 'Rooms.' So, without further ado; below are the 9 tracks with over 52 min. playing time."

01. Ghost
02. Schrein
03. Lost
04. Shinigami
05. Necromant
06. Zuflucht
07. 4JK
08. Origin
09. Pacific More...

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Todtgelichter Signs New Record Deal

Todtgelichter is gearing up to release a new album next year to follow 2013's "Apnoe" (reviewed here). Thhe band comments:

"It's official, folks – We just signed a multi-album deal with Supreme Chaos Records! This is great on several levels. Not only does SCR have a longtime reputation for putting out high-quality releases in the Avantgarde/Progressive Metal scene – we're also signing on a German label again which will make things considerably easier, and last but not least we're in good company – with Nocte Obducta, Agrypnie, Vyre and many others on the same label we can say we're amongst bands with a similar vision and also good friends.

"We want to say 'Thank You' to Code666 / Aural Music for all the work and effort they put into the last two albums, you rock – but now it's time to move on.

"The release date for 'Rooms' is now set to February 26th, 2016. A vinyl version (!) will follow later, release TBA due to the unpredictable manufacturing situation these days but most likely in summer. Sorry we couldn't make it 2015 as planned, but putting everything into place took a little longer than expected. To make it up, we will release at least an album trailer this year." More...

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Todtgelichter Vocalist To Miss Summer Breeze

Avant-garde band Todtgelichter has announced vocalist Marta will not be performing at the upcoming Summer Breeze festival due to illness, and Torsten from Agrypnie will be stepping in to handle vocal duties at that show. Marta comments:

"Dear friends, my enthusiasm and joy to perform at the Summer Breeze was very high! All the more devastating though was the news I got from the doctor today. Due to an infection and following pain that developed overnight my voice got affected in a way that left only one option: to cancel my participation for the gig in two days. More...

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Todtgelichter Issues Vocalist Update

Yesterday German avant-garde metal outfit Todtgelichter announced the departure of three members. Now the band has checked in with the following vocalist update:

"Yesterday we had some news for you which will surely shape a new future for Todtgelichter. For those who didn’t read it, Tobias is no longer part of the band. You may read all about in yesterday’s post.

"We have decided to continue as a five-piece band with long-time (and honorary founding) member Marta as sole main vocalist, sometimes accompanied by backing vocals of Frederic. We think this is the best solution as she knows exactly what we are looking for in a vocalist, what the band needs and what moods we want to invoke. Furthermore her influence on songwriting has been growing over the last years and her skills have greatly improved also.

"Yes, that means she will take over ALL main parts. Those of you who think she can’t cope with the older songs, just you wait until she spits 'Blutstern' right into your faces!

"The new guitar player will be revealed tomorrow, so all that is left is: We're searching for a new bass player! Beware the new setup – watch us at the RAGNARÖK festival 2014!" More...

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Todtgelichter Parts Ways With Three Members

Germany's Todtgelichter - which was covered in our look at non-traditional black metal bands - has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with three band members:

"Not many of you (if any) have noticed that - roughly since the departure of Nils – we have been trying to find a consistent way of expressing ourselves. Always searching for new ways while staying true to the core of what has been Todtgelichter: Completely different individuals with different tastes finding their common denominator in making music.

"Well, things do not always work out that way and sometimes compromises are not enough. The last months have been an example for that.

"In short: Claudio, Chris and Tobias are no longer part of Todtgelichter for various reasons.
You knew about Claudio’ s departure since the end of 2013 – he just grew out of the band, evolving, searching for other ways of expressions to make music. He will stay close to us though and might contribute one or the other riff someday as well as accompany us on tour. Thanks for being an active and creative part of us for so long, and we hope that behind the curtains you’ll stay with us even longer, mate!

"With Tobias we parted ways because the visions of what was to become the next emanation of Todtgelichter just went in completely different ways. He is a great vocalist, a great guy to be around and a creative mind and we all are proud of his contribution and effort regarding 'Apnoe.' But when it came to the future (and the past) of the band it just didn’t work out. What we, the remaining core of Todtgelichter, need to ask his forgiveness for is that we realized too late we couldn’t continue without our past, while he, being from a different background, was obviously looking forward. We are sorry for how it turned out and just hope you’ll understand someday. Thank you for your time with us, for the album and the great experiences we had with you!

"Chris left shortly after Tobias – let’s just say this foundation-shaking time was much to bear for everyone and of course very, very tedious. Chris decided that the last months drained too much of his energy to continue with us in a new formation. We respect his decision and thank him too for the energy, sweat and creativity he has put into the band – we would wish him goodbye too at this point, but in order to ensure the announced concerts he’ll hang around a little longer, you’ll see him on the Ragnarök and the Heavy Veddel festival! More...

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Todtgelichter Recruits New Guitarist

Avant-garde metal outfit Todtgelichter split with its guitarist back in September, and now the band has checked in with the following statement about bringing on a new member:

"Okay, folks - some big news comin' up. One you might already have guessed - we have found a new permanent guitar player with whom we will be working on the fifth album.

"As far as things look, he'll be introduced live on the RAGNARÖK 2014, maybe earlier. Aaaand - there'll be another major gig announcement coming up for next year soon. Be patient...

"Cheers!" More...

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Todtgelichter Splitting With Guitarist

Hamburg, Germany based avant-garde metal act Todtgelichter (which was covered in our look at non-traditional black metal) is currently looking for a new guitar player due to the imminent departure of longtime member Claudio. The band comments:

"With a dedicated new guitar player we aim to strengthen our live presence in 2014 and to start the composing process for album number 5.

"We are searching for YOU: you are no rookie, you have a sense for melodies and songwriting, you play tight, groovy and in time and (ideally) are familiar with the songs of our last two albums 'Angst' and 'Apnoe.' Furthermore, you are able to rehearse twice a week in Hamburg/Hamm; you like rehearsing as much as playing live and you are always looking to improve your playing and to broaden your musical horizon.

"If all that is the case, send us a short notice to mails@todtgelichter.de and we will provide you with tabs and song examples so you can prepare for tryouts with us. Write us now – we’re waiting for your application!"

Todtgelichter released latest full-length album "Apnoe" earlier this year (reviewed here).

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Unearthing The Non-Traditional Black Metal Scene

Record sales may be dropping and labels may be on the verge of extinction, but the underground metal scene is still a thriving and vibrant place where musical innovation continues to occur. Every Monday we dig deep into the underground to unearth three bands you may not have had the chance to check out yet, but which deserve to be heard.

It’s no secret I dig bands that mix it up and don’t stick to one straight style, having previously unearthed avant-garde bands, a handful of genre flip-floppers, metal outfits that experiment with non-traditional sounds, and those bands that just plain ignore musical trends.

Today you’ll get another dose of heavy music that doesn’t play by the normal genre rules. These three bands may all technically be black metal, but they push that definition to its limits and sometimes even well beyond!


This German act is currently with Code666 records, which is a smaller label in the grand scheme of things, but it still has some very solid underground acts known for combining sub-genres and mixing up their sounds.

Todtgelichter has four full-length releases under its belt, having just dropped new album “Apnoe” this year (reviewed here). “Apnoe” is definitely less raucous and battering than previous releases, occasionally dropping out the black metal altogether, just to bring it back in at unexpected times to barrel over an unsuspecting audience. The harsh vocals are present but take a back seat to clean male and female singing, accompanied by atmospheric and calm parts that give off a modern-era Anathema vibe.

Keep up with the latest on Todtgetlichter at Facebook and be sure to check out a track from the current album and its predecessor “Angst” below.


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More Bands Confirmed For Ragnarok Festival

Catamenia, Graveworm, and Wolfchant have now been confirmed in the lineup of the upcoming 2011 Ragarok Festival. The festival takes place on April 29th - 30th, 2011 at the Stadthalle in Lichtenfels, and additional details are available here.

The currently announced lineup is as follows:

Bran Barr
Ignis Fatuu
Hammer Horde
Negura Bunget
Path Of Golconda
Orphaned Land
Twilight Of The Gods

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Todtgelichter Comments On Upcoming Album

Todtgelichter has issued the following announcement about the upcoming release of the band's new album:

"Greetings! Monday, November the 15th, will be a good day to visit our new Shop, available at this location. We finally take pre-orders for our new album 'Angst,' out on December 3rd on Aural Music/Code666! And not only that - new merchandise will be available as well! Be sure to check on new Shirts, Girlies, Long sleeves and Zipper hoodies to prepare yourself for black winter days.

"Pre-orders can be placed until November 30th. They will ship with priority over normal orders but not earlier than December 1st. Also, information and cover concerning the special edition will be revealed soon!"

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Todtgelichter Comments On New Live Shows

Germany's Todtgelichter has issued the following update about new live shows:

"Greetings! Once again we´re coming down south to Bavaria. On March the 19th 2011 we will Co-Headline the 'End Of Life Festival Pt.I' at the Wasserhaus in Hammelburg. Other bands are: AGRYPNIE, BLOODCULT & VEHEMENZ. Be there and experience life-Angst!

"It is always a pleasure for us to play on our home turf. And as we want to present 'Angst' properly to our Hamburg fans, please note that - though we couldn´t play our first release-gig there - we have not forgotten you. A date has been set and we will return in early 2011, stay tuned for updates! Regarding the gig with GORATH and E?S on December the 3rd - if you are an organizer/booker in NRW get in touch, we´re looking for a Friday gig."

The details of the shows are as follows:

12/3 2010 TBA, GERMANY
12/4 2010 From Hell Erfurt, Thüringen
12/5 2010 JC Metteko Mechelen, Antwerp, BELGIUM
3/19 2011 Wasserhaus Hammelburg, Bayern, GERMANY

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Todtgelichter Announces Album Release Date

Germany's Todtgelichter has issued the following announcement about the release of a new album and signing a new record deal:

"Thank you all for the patience. It is official now: After negotiations with several labels Todtgelichter has just signed a two-album deal with the renowned Label Aural Music/Code666. Thus, the release date for 'Angst' is fixed, and as we hoped and promised, it will still happen this year - December the 3rd, to be exact. Here is the final track list once and for all:

1. Café Of Lost Dreams
2. Bestie
3. Oblivion
4. Phobos & Deimos
5. Neon (feat. Nihilaz of VULVARK)
6. Subway (feat. Eike Freese of DARK AGE)
7. Moloch
8. allmählich More...

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Todtgelichter Issues Album Update

Germany's Todtgelichter has issued the following update about releasing "Angst," the band's upcoming album:

"Regards, it honours us that many old and new fans are awaiting the final release of 'Angst.' Though, some of you might have been a little too keen on spreading information on the net - so we need to clear things up a bit. Most important - we have not signed a record deal yet, contrary to some sources on the internet. Fact is that we got some interesting offers and are already near the final negotiations with a few, selected and renowned labels, each of them able to collaborate with us on a new level to give 'Angst' the presentation it needs.

"So please be patient as everything will be revealed within the next weeks. We should have a release date by then, too. Check our MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, ImGoth or Homepage for official news - these are the only trustful sources for anything related to 'Angst'."

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Gorath Announces Mini-Tour With Eis

Belgian black metal band Gorath has announced a rotating headliner mini-tour alongside Eis and Todtgelichter. The promotional poster for the mini-tour can be found at this location. The currently announced dates are as follows:

12/3 2010 Helvete Oberhausen, NRW, GERMANY
12/4 2010 From Hell Erfurt, Thuringia, GERMANY
12/5 2010 Metteko Mechelen, Vlaams-Bra, BELGIUM

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