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From: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Last Known Status: Active


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Below is our complete Auroch news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Auroch Streaming Full New Album

As Profound Lore Records prepares to issue the monolithic third album "Mute Books" by Vancouver's death metal elite Auroch this week, the full record is now streaming in its entirety below.

Recorded at Raincity Recorders (Baptists, Japandroids, White Lung), "Mute Books" was mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Prurient, Inquisition, Pissgrave, Black Twilight Circle, Power Trip). The album's expansive cover art was handled by Cold Poison Design, with each format of the album showcasing different aspects of the artwork.

Profound Lore Records will release new album "Mute Books" on CD, LP, cassette, and download formats tomorrow (October 21st). Pre-orders are still available here. More...

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Auroch Posts New Song

With Auroch's predatory third LP "Mute Books" approaching release through Profound Lore Records on October 21st, a pulverizing new preview of the album is available through a stream of the track "Say Nothing."

Recorded at Raincity Recorders (Baptists, Japandroids, White Lung), "Mute Books" was mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Prurient, Inquisition, Pissgrave, Black Twilight Circle, Power Trip). The album's expansive cover art was handled by Cold Poison Design, each format of the album showcasing different aspects of the artwork.

Alongside the premiere of "Say Nothing," Auroch's Shawn Haché offers, "A song that represents a bold plunge into strange new territory, while still maintaining a viciously primitive approach. Balancing the unorthodoxy on a solid crux, the primal death metal is flanked by Aurochs most experimental moments. We are standing on an immutable foundation, while always moving forward!" More...

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Auroch Streaming New Song

With the third LP from Vancouver death metal outfit Auroch nearing release through Profound Lore this October, today a new song from "Mute Books" comes online - check out "He Wreaths The Cross" below.

Offers Auroch's Sebastian Montesi on the new track: "'He Wreaths The Cross' is the second part of the initial movement of 'Mute Books,' titled 'Trefoil Is The Grail Of Perdition.' The first three songs comprise this movement, and borrow from each other thematically and musically. It has quickly become Zack's (drums) favorite song to play live. One listen should indicate why."

Profound Lore Records will release "Mute Books" on CD, LP, cassette, and download this coming October 21st. The full track listing is:

1. Billowing Vervain
2. He Wreaths The Cross
3. Say Nothing
4. Tipharethagirion
5. The Keeping
6. Her Bidding
7. Cup Of Hemlock More...

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Auroch Reveals Details On Upcoming Album

Profound Lore Records has issued details for an impending third full-length album by Vancouver, British Columbia-based death metal faction Auroch. The most unfathomably devastating work to see release yet from Auroch have been captured on the band's unrelenting "Mute Books" LP.

"Mute Books" was mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Prurient, Inquisition, Pissgrave, Black Twilight Circle, Power Trip) and features expansive cover art by Cold Poison Design; each format of the album will also include the artwork in different aspects.

Profound Lore Records will release "Mute Books" on CD, LP, cassette, and digital formats this coming October 21st. The track listing is as follows:

1. Billowing Vervain
2. He Wreaths The Cross
3. Say Nothing
4. Tipharethagirion
5. The Keeping
6. Her Bidding
7. Cup Of Hemlock More...

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Auroch & Mitochondrion Pre-Release New 7'' Stream

Vancouver, BC based death metal outfits Auroch and Mitochondrion premiere the pre-release full-album stream of their upcoming new 7'' split release "Cronian Hour". In Cronian Hour was mastered by Colin Marston and features artwork on a gatefold jacket by Cold Poison.

Hellthrasher Productions expects to ship it in Europe around June 15. Dark Descent plans to begin shipping from the U.S. around June 27. Both companies will sell the 7'' in black or bone white vinyl.

Check out now "Cronian Hour" in its entirety below.

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Migration Fest 2016 Announced

20 Buck Spin and Gilead Media will join forces in Summer 2016 to present the inaugural Migration Festival in Olympia, Washington. Jointly conceived by the two labels, Migration Fest will primarily showcase bands from each label's roster, as well as select other affiliated and respected artists.

The festival is set to take place at the historic Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia on August 12th, 13th, and 14th. Confirmed bands include Auroch, The Body & Krieg collaborative performance, Christian Mistress, Dead To A Dying World, False, Fórn, Full Of Hell, Khemmis, Kowloon Walled City, Krallice, Mutilation Rites, Nightfell, Obsequiae, Pale Chalice, Thou, Vastum, Vhol, And Yellow Eyes.

Approximately six additional bands, including some headliners, will be announced later. There will also be separate after-shows to occur at a smaller local venue. Ticket information, including price and on-sale date, will be announced in the near future.

20 Buck Spin founder David Adelson comments: "I'd heard Adam (Bartlett, Gilead Media boss) was thinking of coming West to do the next iteration of Gilead Fest. I'd been thinking of doing something similar myself for years but never had, and so suggested we join up and do something together. Adam was immediately receptive and the idea for Migration Festival was born right then. Olympia felt right since I'm already based here, and because of its small size and walkability this is a great place to have it, both for locals, and for out-of-towers.

Says Adam Bartlett, "After two successful installments of my own Gilead Fest in this small Wisconsin town it seemed like the time was right to branch out and try something different. The idea to work with Dave and his label on a collaborative event makes perfect sense given our similar music backgrounds and diverse, but complimentary label families. And Olympia serves as the perfect central location for this type of festival." More...

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Auroch Releasing Album On Vinyl

20 Buck Spin has confirmed the first vinyl edition of "From Forgotten Worlds," the pummeling debut album by Western Canadian death metal horde Auroch, this week issuing a March 11th street date for the platter.

With the band sharing members with local throng Mitochondrian, Auroch's debut album assails throughout its duration, summoning incongruous black symmetry with onerous dark death metal chaos that extends a direct blood lineage began by Morbid Angel, Gorguts, Timeghoul, Kataklysm, Cryptopsy and other reapers of the whirlwind.

1. From Forgotten Worlds
2. Fleshless Ascension (Paths Of Dawn)
3. Slaves To A Flame Undying
4. Dregs Of Sanity
5. Pathogenic Talisman (For Total Temporal Collapse)
6. Terra Akeldama
7. Bloodborne Conspiracy
8. Tundra Moon More...

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Maryland Deathfest Names 45 More Acts For 2016

Promoters for Maryland Deathfest have announced 45 more acts for the 2016 edition of the annual Memorial Day festival bash. Among the list - U.K. doom metal legends Paradise Lost, U.S. doom metal upstarts Crypt Sermon, the reformed Swedish death act Centinex, U.K. legends Discharge, U.S. thrash legends Hirax, soon to be defunct legends Nuclear Blast, U.K. classic metal legends Satan and the mighty Bay Area thrash act Testament.

Tickets for the event will be available soon. Head over to this location for more information.

The freshly named act list is:

The Afternoon Gentlemen (UK)
Centinex (Sweden)
Claudio Simonetti's Goblin (Italy)
Crypt Sermon
Demonical (Sweden)
Demonic Christ
Deranged (Sweden)
Discharge (UK)
Dopethrone (Canada)
Dragged into Sunlight (UK)
Gets Worse (UK)
Ground More...

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Maryland Deathfest Confirms 30 Bands For 2016

Promoters for Maryland Deathfest have announced the first slew of thirty bands for the 15th edition of the festival to be held on May 26-29, 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland. Among the list includes: Samael (performing "Ceremony of Opposites" in full), Venom and Exicter.

Ticket information can be found at this location.

There are still 50 bands expected to be announced, but so far the lineup looks like this:

Auroch (Canada)
Denouncement Pyre (Australia)
Deströyer 666
Gruesome More...

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Auroch Reveals New Album Details

Canadian chaotic metal entity Auroch has completed work on upcoming sophomore album “Taman Shud.” Profound Lore Records comments:

"Alongside the band's co-conspirators in Mitochondrion (in which vocalist/guitarist Shawn Haché serves as Auroch's bassist while in turn Auroch vocalist/guitarist Sebastian Montesi helms the pulse of death for Mitochondrion respectively), Auroch creates devastating technical yet furious dark sophisticated death metal that summons the classic Canadian death metal spirit (not exceeding the year 1996 of course).

"In what made Canadian death metal such a unique force in said heyday, and what has been carried on through bands such as Mitochondrion, Antediluvian, and Weapon respectively, Auroch will make their mark on the death metal scene even more severe with 'Taman Shud.'

"Following their 'From Forgotten Worlds' debut, which would display Auroch’s skillful take on death metal, 'Taman Shud' takes it up to the next unrelenting level by presenting itself as a more brutal, devastating, more technically insane, and much darker album. With the band’s lyrics and themes that help bring 'Taman Shud' to a higher level of intellect, paired up with the inhuman-like musical execution, 'Taman Shud' is a death metal pillar like none other to be unleashed this year." More...

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Auroch Posts Album Teaser

After revealing the artwork for the upcoming album "Taman Shud," Auroch today releases a teaser trailer for the upcoming album. The clip was created by Antithesis218/Cold Poison Design and can be see benlow.

Auroch's "Taman Shud" album is due out as a CD edition on June 24th, with an LP version licensed to Dark Descent to come out sometime in July. Further details are forthcoming.

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Auroch Reveals New Album Artwork

Vancouver outfit Auroch has revealed the cover artwork for upcoming album "Taman Shud," which was created by Colid Poison.

The new album is due for release via Profound Lore Records on June 24th, 2014 and an LP edition is also being planned for release in July via Dark Descent Records.

 photo auroch_zps7efa86a3.jpg

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Auroch Finishes Writing New Album

Vancouver's Auroch has checked in with the following announcement about finishing the writing process for a forthcoming full-length:

"On this Friday the 13th, we are pleased to announce that we have finished all writing for our upcoming album on Profound Lore Records!

"We will strike in to the Night's heart and record 9 new tracks on February 8th, 2014 at Rain City Recorders.

"Prepare for a draining experience in death metal adultery. We can barely wait to begin the unveiling!"

The band's upcoming "Seventh Veil" EP will also see release soon, and a teaser trailer is available at this location.

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Auroch To Release New EP

Canada's Auroch has issued the following update about the coming release of a new EP:

"We have approved the final vinyl master for the 'Seven Veils' EP, which will be out shortly through Graceless Recordings, and draw nearer to completing the video for it. Until then, rejoice in this lecherous death metal adultery."

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Auroch To Release Split With Mitochondrion

Hellthrasher Productions has issued the following announcement about releasing a split between Auroch and Mitochondrion:

"We are very excited to announce our first 7' vinyl EP - a split release between two crushing death metal acts from Canada: Mitochondrion and Auroch.

"This will be a conceptual piece that will run as one 10-minute song (divided in two parts), with one title, and one set of lyrics. Both bands are presently working on their brand new full-length albums for Profound Lore, so this EP should work as a nice (and killer) appetizer.

"The release date is roughly set for early 2014. Stay tuned for more details!"

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Auroch Recording New EP

Canadian band Auroch, which was covered in the Lovecraftian edition of our "Unearthing the Metal Underground" column, is currently tracking a new EP titled "Seven Veils."

Check out photos from the band's time in the recording studio working on "Seven Veils" at this location. Further details on the release will be announced as they become available.

"Seven Veils" follows the band's previous full-length album "From Forgotten Worlds" (reviewed here). You can also hear a song from that previous album below. More...

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MetalRecusants Releases Free Compilation

Today sees the release of the first ever MetalRecusants digital compilation titled "Chants of Death: Vol. 1." The compilation is completely free to stream or download at Bandcamp or in the player below. Artwork was designed by MetalRecusants reviewer Ricardo Esparza. The track listing is as follows:

1. Masachist - Drilling the Nerves
2. Corpse Garden - Burnt by the Light
3. Gortal - Crimens Sollicitationis
4. Nephelium - Burial Ground
5. De Profundis -Dead Inside
6. Decaying - Code Name Overlord
7. Sphere - Homo Hereticus
8. Praesepe – Weakness
9. Haiduk - Black Wind
10. Embrional - The Last Step Into Nothingness
11. Tyrants Blood - Spiral Sea
12. Deivos - Absolute of Hatred
13. Annihilation - Sacrifice of Existence
14. Dismanibus - Blood From A Stone
15. Into Darkness - Levy 9's Death
16. Blood Mortized -Unleashing the Hounds
17. Desolator - Infernal Gathering
18. Just Before Dawn - As Death Breaks the Surface
19. Dormant Ordeal - The Animal
20. Auroch - Slaves to a Flame Undying
21. Resurgency - Craniums of Slain Disciples
22. Engulfed - Supreme Lord of Blasphemy
23. Ectovoid - Splintered Phantasm More...

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Asher Media Offering Free Sampler

Asher Media Relations, which represents some of Canada's best up and coming metal talents, is proud to offer a holiday sampler to fans near and far to head bang their season greetings.

Featuring nineteen tracks of AMR's 2012 roster, the sampler showcases metal genres ranging from brutal death, thrash, power, prog to folk, and a taste of some heavy rock. Download the sampler for free via Bandcamp here or listen in the player below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Titans Eve - Destined To Die 03:08
2. Adrenechrome - Titans Fall 03:18
3. Chariots of The Gods - Tides of War 03:20
4. Auroch - From Forgotten Worlds 04:35
5. Tribune - The Succubus 03:14
6. Mortor - Under The Flag 03:00
7. Psychostick - Jolly Old Sadist 03:24
8. Dark Century - Kill The Crowd 03:55
9. XUL - Mastication of Putrescent Empyrean Remains 05:14
10. Odium - No Way Out 04:18
11. Vesperia - Pints Held High 04:21
12. Scythia - Sailor's Accolade 03:19
13. Edge of Attack - Forever 03:46
14. All Else Fails - This Burden of Life 05:13
15. The Rabid Whole - Future 03:56
16. Arcane Saints - Never Say Die 04:07
17. Project Mars - Hey! 03:07
18. New Jacobin Club - My Smile 02:36
19. The In & Outs - Sleepy Sheep 03:35 More...

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Axis Of Metal Releases Second Compilation

Axis of Metal has now released a second free online compilation (check out the first one here), which can be streamed or downloaded via Bandcamp or in the player below. Axis of Metal also commented:

"Axis Of The Underground Volume 2 will treat your eardrums to the thrashiest of metal, heinous black metal, putrid death metal, empowering traditional metal, methodical doom metal, boundary pushing progressive metal, the grooviest of groove metal, avant-garde madness, and bouncy folk metal among many other genres and incarnations of heavy sounds.

"We’ve loaded our heavy metal shotgun and are discharging the most comprehensive of compilations to satisfy even the pickiest of nay-sayers and nitpickers. Axis Of The Underground is our way to give back to the genre that has brought all of us years and years of elation and enjoyment. So sit back, crack a cold one, or roll a herbal cigarette and hit play on the bandcamp player below, and be prepared to be whisked away to a heavy metal nirvana. "

1. Obduracy - Virtue And Vice 04:38
2. Razorwyre - Knights Of Fire 03:23
3. Wings Denied - Clockwork 04:50
4. Desultor - Black Monday 03:13
5. Monsterworks - Freewill 04:28
6. Rusted Brain - Caught In The Fire 02:29
7. Scythia - Sailor's Accolade 03:19
8. Symptom - Into The Scalding Spring 05:43
9. Eryn Non Dae - Hidden Lotus 06:12
10. Lich King - In The End, Devastation 04:36
11. Cultfinder - Archangel Burial 02:51
12. Derelict - Shackles Of Indoctrination 05:14
13. Infiltrator - Crush The False 05:59
14. Mares Of Thrace - The Gallwasp 04:36
15. Cryptopsy - Damned Draft Dodgers 03:57
16. Entropy - Encryption 07:11
17. Auroch - From Forgotten Worlds 04:35
18. Fatality - Thrash Fuck Eat Sleep 05:25
19. Gypsy Chief Goliath - St. Covens Tavern 05:56
20. Adrenechrome - Titans Fall 03:18
21. Invective - Systemic 03:22
22. Dire Omen - Deserving Of Ash 03:09
23. Mortor - Under The Flag 03:00
24. Bushwhacker - Forest Lord 08:09
25. Abstract Violence - S.N.M. 03:25
26. Seprevation - Sea Of Thoughts 03:02
27. Luna Azure - Meadows Of Spring 06:43 More...

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Unearthing The Lovecraftian Metal Underground

The metal underground is a truly vast and unexplored place, and every week we try to bring a few bands to light that metal fanatcis may not otherwise have a chance to discover. Today we’ll unearth the Lovecraftian underground – three bands that primarily (or even solely!) draw their lyrical and musical style directly from the works of the master of cosmic horror and weird fiction: H.P. Lovecraft.

This style should perhaps more accurately be described as the “Cthulhu Mythos” underground, as many bands don’t stick strictly to Lovecraft’s works alone, but rather pull from the greater mythos created around his work and expanded upon by many novels, games, and movies through the last several decades. Outside of music, the Lovecraft phenomena is an interesting topic deserving of several books, as it has developed amazingly far to become a mythos within a mythos. There are entire religious practices now based around the fake books described in Lovecraft’s stories, along with ceremonial magical traditions using the names and titles of Lovecraftian entities. There is even a graphic novel that postulates Howard Phillips himself really had contact with alien things, but wrote stories about them to make humanity think it’s all fake and keep us off the trail of the horrible truth.

Mind shattering horror and unknowable, malicious entities beyond humanity’s ken are material ripe for heavy metal, which has pulled from this mythos liberally during the past 25 or so years. From Metallica’s “The Call of Ktulu” to the Septicflesh track “Lovecraft’s Death,” bands large and small have paid homage to the seafood hating man who warned his fellow Earthlings to stay out of the oceans and away from the stars.

Space Mirrors

We’ll start off with something a little off the beaten path this week – a gloomy rock opera style group featuring members of bands such as Hortus Animae and Hawkwind. The international act Space Mirrors is definitely a different trip than many metal fans might be used to, but if you ever enjoyed Tiamat or anything that’s along the lines of gothic rock you should be right at home here. Use the silver key and take a journey through the dreamlands through the clips available below.


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