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From: Canada
Last Known Status: Active

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Wdnfra Parts Ways With Bassist

Canada's Wdnfra has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band's bassist:

"You heard me right everyone, we are now looking for a new bassist. We could get into the details but we won't, it's just time for a change. We wish Jo Good luck in his future project(s) and we had a good time in the past with him filling the bass duty. So yeah! while we are searching for our new guy, we are writing new songs and ideas and are trying to find new ways to promote and manage the band with the Cd Sales and all! Here's basically what we're looking for with the new guy:

-Needs to be talented
-Have a Passport (or able to) with no criminal case so we can tour anytime.
-Have a passion for Heavy Metal
-Knows how to play Super Smash Bros Melee. (we're not kidding!)
-Has to speak french so the chemistry is perfect (English is a plus)
-Having is own professional gear is a plus but we can work on that.
-Being able to practice 3-4 times a week and help us pay our local (Per Month place 24/7)
-The will and eager to just go out there and destroy!

"We are really hoping to find our new guy soon so we can move forward with this as we're planning an European tour for next summer and the eventual recording of a second album. More...

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Wdnfra Writing New Material

Canada's Wdnfra has checked in with the following update about writing new material:

"First of all, thank you all again for the support you've been giving us, by buying our album on iTunes, or on paypal** to get the real copy, it's very appreciated! **For Those who did not received the Cd yet don't worry, we had a little management problem but now everything's under control and you should receive it very soon!

"After one of our biggest show so far, if not THE biggest at le National November 5th, WDNFRA will be entering a new era, by writing and recording new songs for you to hear, hitting the stores as we now have our official UPC code, Radio interviews, and many more surprises!

"We are also now on Touchtunes but in the USA and Canada, so if you ever ran into a bar that has a touchtune jukebox, play a song or two from our band, would be really cool from you guys, most of the places we are on the main screen, so just go in the W's and you'll see our album cover with all the songs! (Now what and Inner Pain cost only 1 credit as there the promoted songs!)

"Something we're also working on is having some WDNFRA tabs, people ask me about this every single day and i think it's more then about time to at least have the guitar tabs for you fans out there! More...

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Wdnfra Cancels Mexican Tour

Wdnfra has issued the following update about canceling the band's previously scheduled Mexican tour dates in November:

"To our biggest disappointment, our mexican tour in November wont be happening, due to complications with the promoters and failure to achieve everything we talked about in the contract.

"We feel very sorry for all the fans that were expecting us, and we really hope we can work out everything to come back as quickly as possible, we talked to the promoter in it might be possible that the tour happens somewhere in the beginning of 2011.

"We had the best time ever in our last mexican tour, and we were really looking forward to rock out there once again, but i guess everything happens for a reason, let's really hope we come back soon, and thanks for all the support and excitation you fans out there gave me in the past few months. Viva Mexico cabrones y Hasta muy pronto!"

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Wdnfra Issues Recording Update

Canadian act Wdnfra has issued the following update about recording new material:

"What's up everyone! As you probably know we are currently recording a new song! 'The Blight Time' is doing very well, only the vocals and base remains to be done, and then we'll be able to let you hear this new kick ass song! We're very glad of where WDNFRA's going at the moment, and we almost reached a quarter of a million views on our page, pretty exciting!

"Other quick news well the movie 'a l'origine d'un cri' which has the song Joyful Fails in it will hit theaters Friday September 24th, be sure to check it out! We have a concert this Wednesday august 25th at le café campus in montreal, be sure not to miss it as we'll be playing our new song and a few covers of your favorite bands!

"Keep rockin, and thanks again to all our fans for the support! We'll keep you updated about an eventual release date for 'The Blight Time,' and of course all comments before then are welcomed and appreciated!"

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Wdnfra Recording New Song

Canada's Wdnfra has checked in with the following update about recording new material:

"What's up everyone! Quick news to announce that we are currently recording a brand new song! It's gonna be a demo version recorded in our own local with our own gear, and we're very glad to be able to record new stuff and present it to you! I know nothing about how it will sound, but I can tell you that the song itself kicks ass!

"The song has no official name yet but we're very close to one! we'll keep you informed! We'll be playing this new song at our next concert, which is august 25th at café Campus in Montreal, only 10$ so see you there hopefully! Keep rockin!"

You can also check out Wdnfra's music via the band's MySpace page.

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Wdnfra Planning Mexican Tour

Canadian thrash act Wdnfra, who embarked on a Mexican tour in March, has now issued the following update about returning for more tour dates in November and seeking a supporting band:

"What's up everyone! I'm here to announce that we will be touring Mexico again in November, and we would like to have another Canadian band to tour with us! The tour will take place from mid-November to the beginning of December, for a total of 3 weeks! Will be something like 12 concerts in total, in different towns and areas of beautiful Mexico! I am searching for a band that is motivated and dedicated to there project, because it's not a small random tour, it's quite a big deal! More...

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Wdnfra Song To Appear In Movie

Canadian thrashers Wdnfra have issued the following announcement about their song "Joyful Fails" appearing in an upcoming movie:

"That's right everyone, Joyful Fails has been selected to be played in a movie! Joyful Fails will be played in the upcoming movie 'A l'origine d'un cri' by Director Robin Aubert (st-martyr-des-damnés). The song plays for a good 1:50 in a fight scene happening in a stripper club, can't get more metal then that haha! The movie will be released in fall 2010 in canada as well as in europe, the movie is originally recorded in french so it might not hit the USA screens yet but they should translate it eventually!

"We are very excited about this because its gonna be great exposure for WDNFRA and it's a great honor to take a place in the quebec movie industry! The movie will be starring Michel Barette, Jean Lapointe and Patrick Hivon, 3 well-known actors here in Quebec so we're very proud! Here's the trailer, with English Subtitles! Enjoy! Keep rockin everyone and lots of great news still to come in the next few weeks!"

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Wdnfra Checks In With Band Update

Canadian thrashers Wdnfra have checked in with the following update about the band's latest activity:

"Hey What's up everyone! We're working on a lot of things right now to make sure WDNFRA makes another big step so we're glad to announce that we'll soon be on iTunes, as well as 40 other webstores including Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster and a lot more!

"Since it always takes some time for these websites to process everything we can't exactly say when it's gonna be up but from what we've seen and heard from other bands, it should take about a month or two, which is shortly! We'll keep you informed as always and we hope you'll support us buy buying a song or two or even the whole album! Keep rockin!"

You can also check out several Wdnfra songs via the band's official MySpace page.

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