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Dax Riggs

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Band Photo: Dax Riggs (?)

From: LA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Dax Riggs Interviews and Features

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Dax Riggs Discusses Dark & Diverse Musical Outlook

Dax Riggs doesn’t worry about how others perceive his art. He makes art that is true to his self. The grinding sludge of Acid Bath, a group that has gained a large, post-posthumously cult following since disbanding in the late ‘90s, was something special for Riggs, but he felt confined within the definition of how that band should sound. Sure, the band broke up after the death of its bassist, Audie Pitre in 1997. However, even before that tragic accident, Riggs yearned to create music of a much more diverse nature.

Having lived in New Orleans for much of his life (he’s originally from Indiana) surely instilled an appreciation for the blues. The blues are a major facet of each of his post-Acid Bath bands. Agents of Oblivion, the first band to release an album after Acid Bath, delved into the blues. Agents featured doom-laden movements, but not to the point of his prior band. Deadboy and the Elephantmen emerged after dissolving Agents of Oblivion.

Deadboy eventually morphed into Riggs’ current, solo-dubbed band. This era of Riggs’ music, including his most recent recording “Say Goodnight to the World,” features Riggs’ trademark crooning, darkly profound lyrics and definitive musical similarities. It is merely an extension of his time with Deadboy and the Elephantmen. The Dax Riggs band is a rock band, but with obvious nods to folk, punk, pop, doom, psychedelic, indie rock, blues and other forms of music. His rhythms have such a great appeal that may lead a man to head bang and a woman to dance.

Read on to find out more about Dax Riggs’ career, what motivates him to create such varied music and his plans for the future. More...

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Interview with Dax Riggs

With a laundry list of amazing and incredibly diverse bands on his rap sheet, Dax Riggs is soon releasing his second solo album and then heading on a tour of the U.S. Former Acid Bath/Agents of Oblivion/Deadboy and the Elephanmen vocalist has a legion of loyals, but attracts many different kinds of people with his mix of musics. I caught up with Dax before on the eve of his album release and tour to discuss "Say Goodnight to the World," what he believes his sound is exactly, and the BP Oil Spill Disaster that has affected his hometown. More...

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