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Latest Merciless News

Below is our complete Merciless news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

Fall Of Summer Announces More Bands

The Fall of Summer team is proud to unveil three more bands of the 2017 line-up all hailing from separate continents. Festival organizers issued this statement:

"First, let's head to North America, in Canada, to welcome the thrash metal legends Annihilator. Led by guitar virtuoso Jeff Waters since their beginning in 1984, they have gone through the decades and different trends without ever surrendering. Get ready to follow Alice on a trip to Hell!

"Now, back to Europe with Merciless! This cult Swedish band formed in 1986 mixes skillfully death and thrash metal for a result that can only please fans of both genres. Don't miss them, since their show at Fall of Summer 2017 will be their first one in France!

"To finish our trip, let's fly to Africa and land in Egypt, to welcome Crescent, a blackened death metal band formed that will also play in France for the first time. Don't get fooled by their oriental melodies, or you will get crushed by their deadly massive riffs!"

Tickets and full info on the upcoming Fall Of Summer 2017 festival can be found by heading to this location. More...

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Eindhoven Reveals First Batch Of 2017 Bands

The ninth edition of Netherlands' loudest festival - Eindhoven Metal Meeting - will take place on Friday the 15th & Saturday the 16th of December 2017, once again at the reputable Effenaar venue in Eindhoven.

During the past few days, the organization has been revealing the first confirmed bands. More bands will be announced soon, but for now this initial lineup was just revealed:

Dool (NL)
Merciless (SE) - Last show ever!
Our Survival Depends On Us (AT)
Pentacle (NL)
Tankard (DE)
Venom (UK)
Vervwoed (NL)

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Xtreem Music Releases Free Compilation Online

Xtreem Music has released a new free compilation for download, entitled "Xtreem Mutilation Vol. 2." The compilation showcases some of the label's most recent and upcoming material. The complete "Xtreem Mutilation Vol. 2." tracklisting is as follows:

1. Necronomicon - Magic Forest
2. Kataplexia - Life Under Earth
3. Putrevore - Obscene Devourment
4. Death Over Threat - Insane
5. Mental Demise - Drowning in to the Mental Demise
6. Gothmog - The Awakening of Lord Strigoi
7. Deathevokation - Rites of Desecration
8. Anal Nosorog - Carpathian Swime + Mandavoshka + Nuclear Winter
9. Psychobolia - Androgynous
10. Demigod - Not Dead Enough
11. Aggression - New Born War
12. Hellwitch - Opiatic Luminance
13. Gorezone - Control Us
14. Yskelgroth - Ascension to the Naught
15. Obscene Gesture - Tear you Apart + Losing my Mind + Don't Matter
16. Disgorge - Pest.Blood.Metal
17. Kronos - The Road Of Salvation
18. Korgull The Exterminator - Devoted to Death
19. Thanatology - Del 51 al 25 + La Clinica de lo Grotesco
20. Merciless - Command to Kill
21. Hour of Penance - Shreds Of Martyr

You can download the compilation, complete with a printable booklet and inlay, here.

You can still download volume 1 as well, which contains the following tracks: More...

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Moonsorrow Reveal "Tulimyrsky" EP Artwork

Finnish folk/pagan metal band MOONSORROW will release its new EP, "Tulimyrsky" (Firestorm), on April 30 via Spikefarm Records. The CD will contain over 60 minutes of music, including a cover version of METALLICA's "For Whom The Bell Tolls".

"Tulimyrsky" (cover artwork) track listing:

01. Tulimyrsky (new song)
02. For Whom The Bell Tolls (METALLICA cover)
03. Taistelu Pohjolasta (from the "Tämä Ikuinen Talvi" demo)
04. Hvergelmir (from the "Metsä" demo)
05. Back To North (MERCILESS cover)

MOONSORROW has been confirmed for the Bloodstock Open Air festival, set to take place August 15-17, 2008 at Catton Hall in Derbyshire England. This will be the band's only UK festival appearance of 2008.

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Harms Way Recording Debut Album

HARMS WAY, the new Swedish quartet featuring Fredrik "Eugene" Lindgren (guitar; ex-UNLEASHED, BORN OF FIRE, TERRA FIRMA, LOUDPIPES, CELESTIAL PAIN), Mr. Dim (vocals and bass; BORN OF FIRE), Erik Wallin (guitar; ex-MERCILESS) and Stefan Carlsson (drums; ex-MERCILESS, DIA PLASMA, TRANSPORT LEAGUE, BLACKSHINE), have inked a deal with Black Lodge Records. The band are currently at White Chapel Music Machine studio in Stockholm, Sweden recording their full-length debut, due later in the year.

According to a press release, HARMS WAY "creates a fresh and heavy form of catchy stoner/metal/rock in the vein of BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN and early IRON MAIDEN but with an touch of the 21st century and bands like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE etc. without any boundaries whatsoever."

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More Bands Confirmed For 2000 Decibel Festival

More bands have been announced for this year’s 2000 Decibel-festival, which will be held May 21st and 22nd in Bengtsfors , Sweden (180 km north of Gothenburg). Five of the bands will play on the festivals two main stages. They are Amaran, Beseech, Merciless, Naglfar and last but definitely not least The Haunted, who at the festival probably will do their first ever show (at least in Sweden ) with original singer Peter Dolving back in the band.

We can also present all the bands that will play on the tent stage. They are Beyond, Electric Earth, Gorefight, Ironware, Repulse, Shattered, Shiftlight, Silent Scythe, Sovereign, Syconaut, Trendkill and The Generals.

Already confirmed for the festival are Cans, Hypocrisy, Pain Of Salvation, Vintersorg, Ablaze My Sorrow, Arise, Astral Doors, Count Raven, Draconian, God Among Insects, Grand Magus, Lefay, Morifade, Månegarm, Notre Dame, Persuader, Tad Morose and Wolf.

There is only one more band to book before this year’s line-up is finalized.

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