"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Astral Winter

From: Australia
Last Known Status: Active

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Unearthing More Of The Black Metal Underground

The metal phenomenon has exploded across the world in recent years, and with the advent of services like YouTube and Bandcamp there's far more music out there than any metal fan could ever hope to hear. That's why each Monday we take a look at three lesser known bands in the metalverse that you should be paying attention to.

We've covered underground black metal extensively in the past, digging up bands that specifically go for a heavily symphonic sound, black metal groups that experiment with non-traditional ideas, and even the highly misanthropic acts.

There's still quite a few underground black metal outfits that deserve a wider audience though, and today we'll cover three that each put a slightly different spin on the style.


Taking a classic kvlt black metal sound, French band Aurvandil drags it out with 9 – 20 minute tracks that lull you in and perform their hypnotic black magic. Aurvandil focuses on a one-two combo, using acoustic and atmospheric segments that explode into fast paced black metal.

While the long song lengths and repetition won't work for everyone, these massive tracks are a journey worth taking if you want black metal to be lo-fi and exude a feeling of years gone past. Following the 2011 album “Yearning,” Aurvandil's latest slab of aural drudgery “Thrones” will see a digital release at the end of April.


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Hammerstorm Working On Debut Album

Australian folk/black metal act Hammerstorm, which features Josh Young of Astral Winter, is now in the process of writing and recording a debut full-length. Additional details will be announced as they are made available. Hammerstorm's bio reads as follows:

"Hammerstorm was originally formed as a viking metal band by original members Josh Young and John Walford in mid 2009. During this time several demos we're written but only 2 proper recordings were released.

"Shortly after Hammerstorm went into hiatus, which lasted several months. It was later decided that there was no motivation to continue Hammerstorm in its former direction. In November 2009 Josh recruited a new vocalist 'Surtur' and began writing music in a new direction.

"With this Hammerstorm was reborn under a new genre self described as 'Atmospheric Ambient Black Metal' Hammerstorm is currently in the process of writing material for a full-length album release." More...

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Astral Winter Reveals New Album Art

Black metal at Astral Winter has uploaded the cover artwork for the upcoming album "Forest of Silence," which can be viewed below. The album's track listing is as follows:

I. Pathway To The Ancient Forest
II. When Moonlight Evokes The Frozen Night
III. The Palace Of The Prophets
IV. As I Embrace The Winter Winds [Instrumental]
V. Defenders Of The Astral Kingdom [Part II]
VI. The Summoning Of Arcane Magic
VII. Forest Of Silence [Outro]

Astral Winter also recently posted several cover songs online. You can check out the band's cover for Wintersun's "Sleeping Stars" here and for Vinterland's "Our Dawn of Glory" at this location. More...

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Astral Winter Posts Vinterland Cover Song

Astral Winter has uploaded a new cover tune to tide over fans in-between official releases. You can listen to the band's rendition of "Our Dawn Of Glory," originally by Vinterland, in the player below. Astral Winter is also offering three cover songs for free download. Click here to nab Astral Winter's covers of "Our Dawn of Glory," "Sleeping Stars" (Wintersun), and "Thorns of Crimson Death" (Dissection).

In other Astral Winter news, the band is currently writing the new album "Forest Of Silence," which is the follow-up to "Winter Enthroned" (reviewed here).

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Astral Winter Posts Wintersun Cover

Josh Young from Astral Winter and Daniel Kuzmanovski of Perpetual Dawn have teamed up to record a cover of "Sleeping Stars" by Wintersun. You can check out their interpretation of the track below.

Astral Winter also recently released a cover of "Frog's Theme" from the Chrono Trigger video game, which can be found here.

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Astral Winter Writing New Album

Black metal act Astral Winter has issued the following brief update about writing the follow-up to the "Winter Enthroned" album (reviewed here):

"Nearly finished writing the next album 'Forest Of Silence' only half a song left to go. Also going to do another cover song soon, 'Our Dawn Of Glory' by one of my favourite bands Vinterland."

Astral Winter has also posted a cover of the Dissection song "Thorns Of Crimson Death," which is available below, or you can find the band's previously posted cover of the Chrono Trigger "Frog" theme at this location.

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Astral Winter Posts Chrono Trigger Cover

Black metal act Astral Winter has posted a metal cover version online of the "Frog's Theme" song from the classic RPG Chrono Trigger. You can check out the track below. Astral Winter also recently released the debut album "Winter Enthroned," and you can find Metalunderground.com's review at this location.

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Astral Winter Offering EP As Free Download

Astral Winter is gearing up to release the new "Winter Enthroned" album (reviewed here), and in the mean time the band is offering a free download of an earlier EP. Head over here to download the "Illustrations of Death" release.

The "Winter Enthroned" track listing is as follows:

1. Prologue
2. Illustrations of Death
3. Through Timeless Aeons of Frost
4. Defenders of the Astral Kingdom
5. At the Gates of Forgotten Prophecy
6. Longing For Winter's End
7. Beyond These Frozen Castle Walls
8. Past the Realms of Eternal Ice
9. Epilogue

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Astral Winter Posts New Song Online

Astral Winter has posted a new song online titled "Longing For Winters End." You can check out the song in the clip available below. "Longing For Winters End" comes off Astral Winter's upcoming new album "Winter Enthroned."

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Astral Winter Finishes Recording Album

Astral Winter has issued the following update about finishing the recording for the "Winter Enthroned" album:

"Hails, long time no update (as usual I guess). Well, yesterday the recording for the album was all finished off ending with some pretty sweet vocal tracks.

"Most of the songs have been pretty heavily mixed inbetween recording them, so there isn't a whole heap of mixing left, but enough to keep me busy for a little bit. Also making some adjustments/finishing the artwork. The album is about 53 - 54 minutes in length, with 6 full songs and 3 short instruments (prologue, interlude and epilogue).

"The album will be released on Immortal Frost Productions. Will have more info about the release soon."

You can also find a previously posted teaser clip for "Winter Enthroned" by heading over to this location.

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Astral Winter Posts "Winter Enthroned" Teaser

Australian act Astral Winter has posted a teaser trailer for the band's upcoming album "Winter Enthroned," which can be viewed below. The band also commented on the clip:

"I've just uploaded a 6 minute to youtube which has a short preview of all 9 songs on the upcoming album Winter Enthroned. These songs don't represent the final product as there is still much more mixing and some instrument recording to do.

"All the vocals are done by me (Josh) as just a preview. The actual album tracks will be have Phil's recorded vocals, which we're trying to organize to record very soon! Hope you enjoy."

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Astral Winter Comments On Upcoming Release

Australia's Astral Winter has checked in with the following update about the release of the "Winter Enthroned" album:

"Long time no update. For people still following this I apologize for the lengthy delays in the Winter Enthroned release, but all I can say is each delay is for the better in terms of how it will sound in the end. As for the progress, pretty much every song is finished recording on my end, minus a few solos which shouldn't take long to finish.

"I now have a kick ass drummer lined up in Brisbane, whose going to be recording in mid January. And also have someone from a studio whose going to do a final mix and master for me. Phil should also be doing vocals now replacing me in this position. I'm currently working out all the vocal melodies and making demo vocal tracks for Phil to base his off. More...

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Astral Winter Checks In With Album Update

Australia's Astral Winter has issued the following update about working on a new album:

"I come with another update, for those still following. The album will unfortunately be pushed back again. I'm going to be realistic and say either end of the year or beginning of next year. I can't think of any foreseeable reasons why it would take any longer then that. So that should be the expected time for the release.

"Now to the next issue. The way things are going I (Josh) will now be doing vocals for the entire album. With Phil living in QLD and contact being very minimal this is really my only option. I've recorded vocals to the album version of Illustrations Of Death and showed that to some close friends who all praised the vocals on it, so hopefully they can live up to expectation. I'll probably post a sample of my vocals for that track if there's enough interest for it. As for the progress of the album itself, all that really remains is to record a few solos to some tracks, and 1 entire track is still left to be recorded, then all the vocal recordings for those 5 tracks. I can't see this taking too much longer to complete as most of the hard work in recording is over.

"I do apologize for all the delays in releasing this album, just unexpected things keep happening, and I now work alot more frequently then I did before. I thank you all for your continued support in Astral Winter! I've added a short vocal sample to Illustrations Of Death Hails." More...

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Astral Winter Issues Album Update

Australia's Astral Winter has issued the following update about recording a new album:

"So I thought it was about time to let people know whats going on with the album. The album is progressing pretty well, alot more progress since my last update. Some songs have been fully recorded and mixed (minus vocals) and are sounding great. Still a couple solo leads that need to be filled in, but virtually complete. There only remains 2 full songs to be recorded which i can probably record a majority off in the next couple weeks. I'm having a slight problem with the Choir's and some acoustic bits, but hopefully I can over come that soon.

"At this moment I'm going to aim for a September release, I would like to say it'd be sooner but I'm being realistic. It'll probably be pushed back even further then that, I can't really say for sure at the moment. I'm taking alot of time to make this album sound as good as I can, so I don't want to rush it. I'll also probably be uploading a track from the new album soon just to give everyone a preview of how the album will sound and the quality. I'm thinking I'll upload 'Longing For Winters End.' More...

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