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From: Baltimore, MD, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Tribunal news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Tribunal Issues Album/Vocalist Update

Tribunal has issued the following update about working on a new album and recruiting a new vocalist:

"Greetings brothers and sisters! We know this has been a really long time coming, but finally we have some new updates and news regarding the band and its upcoming full length album 'Judgment.' First off we would like to thank all of our die hard fans from across the seas and from right here in the U.S. The amount of positive feedback, undying love, and support from all of you has been amazing to say the least, and its because of all of you that this band continues to thrive and overcome all of the obstacles that have been thrown in our path over the last few years.

"We can't express enough how much we, the members of Tribunal are eternally grateful for all of your support and kind words, and we will continue to bring you the top quality, ass kicking metal that you have come to expect from us over the last couple years. So where has Tribunal been for the last year?? We as a band decided in September 2011 to take a much needed break to focus on events and issues that had arisen with each band member, and our personal lives, some of which were pretty intense things to say the least. Rather than have the band split up and end everything then and there we decided it was best to go on hiatus until all the situations and issues could be dealt with appropriately.

"So....with that being said, we come to the first major announcement....about the ever changing vocalist situation within the band. Its no secret that the band has seen its fair share of vocalists come in to record this long awaited album and get this thing rolling but now it appears that Tribunal has finally found the voice to take this thing to the next level. Stepping behind the mic for the band will be Northern Virginia's own Doug Carter. More...

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Tribunal Announces New Vocalist

Tribunal has checked in with the following update regarding the band's new vocalist after the dismissal of ex-Iced Earth vocalist John Greely:

"Hello brothers and sisters, time for the best and biggest update of 2011 for Tribunal! It is official, Tribunal is proud to announce our new lead vocalist, New Jersey native Sonny Zackeo! After many months of literally searching worldwide and sifting through many, many qualified candidates (including some already known vocalists), we made the decision to bring in Sonny for a live face to face audition with the band so we could get to meet and hang out.

"We were more than satisfied within a few minutes of meeting Sonny. With incredible talent, the most professional of attitudes and outlooks, and an awesome personality Sonny will be out in front of Tribunal bringing the metal as only we do. Sonny will be entering the studio to lay down his vocals on some of the songs already posted. Once completed we are going to pull the songs down off the page and repost the new demo versions with Sonny's vocals added. In addition to the Tribunal songs Sonny will be recording, we have decided to throw in a few surprises as well!

"Keep tuned over the next few weeks as we will be posting a report soon as the recording starts!"

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Tribunal Recruits Former Iced Earth Vocalist

Tribunal has checked in with the following update about the band's activity and recruiting former Iced Earth vocalist John Greely:

"Hello again brothers and sisters, it's been a while since we have updated and we apologize for this. We have been extremely busy in this absence and have a lot of news to report! 1st off we are more than happy to announce the new vocalist who is getting ready to lay his vocal tracks down on the CD as none other than former Iced Earth lead vocalist John Greely! Yes you read that right!! John was the vocalist on the 'Night Of The Stormrider' CD. John and I were introduced by a very good mutual friend and once we spoke on the phone we knew it was a win win situation and a guaranteed 100% match, John's voice will more than compliment Tribunal's Metal! Then came the issue of a drummer which will be announced in a few days, have no worries!

"Once John has laid his vocals we will do a final mix and mastering on the tracks before we send them off for replication! On another subject, my bass rig has had an entire overhaul. I have upgraded to a much better head, the Mighty Ampeg B4R, the true tone monster! Besides the upgrade with new heads I have upgraded my bass cabinets having new custom cabinets made for me that are truly one of a kind! In addition I have designed a one of a kind 8 sting bass to be made by none other than the Master Luthier himself, Bernie Rico Jr! More...

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Tribunal Checks In With Band Update

Maryland's Tribunal has checked in with the following update recording new material and recruiting a new lead vocalist:

"Hello again brothers and sisters of metal, time for another update from Tribunal. Since the amount of mail regarding what the band was up to was overwhelming, we decided to post some of the new tracks without the vocals. A lead vocalist HAS been chosen and will be laying his tracks to the songs very, very soon. In a few weeks we will be making the formal announcement to whom the lead vocalist is as well as our new drummer. Several record labels have already been aggressively pursuing Tribunal so once this recording is complete we are very confident it will be picked up and released by one of the labels.

"As well as the 10 songs on the CD we recorded some covers songs as well... one of which we will post on the page in an instrumental version within the next few weeks. Once the entire recording sessions are totally wrapped up and the drummer has been chosen, the band will enter the rehearsal studio for preparation to tour in support of the release which will be titled 'Judgment.' Several showcase shows will be booked, with any remaining local shows being in support of larger national acts only or festivals.... We will post another update prior to making the announcement of the new members. Thanks for the support and Stay Metal!"

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Tribunal Issues Recording Update

Maryland's Tribunal has issued the following update about recording new material:

"Hello again friends, time for another update! All the bass tracks have been recorded so all the music is 100% recorded for the CD, and Eric's bass tone is nothing short of vicious! Now, the 10 songs will be mixed to hand to the vocalists we have narrowed things down to definitely close more than one chapter and put to a definitive distance between this band and any incarnation of it in the past!"

You can also check out Tribunal's music via the band's MySpace page.

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Tribunal Issues Recording Update

Bassist Eric Meeks of Maryland's Tribunal has checked in with the following update about the band recording new material:

"The recording is almost 100% complete! 9 of the 10 songs have the guitars and drums finished, only awaiting bass and vocal tracks! The last song (which was an instrumental, will explain momentarily) is being rewritten, rearranged, and rerecorded as we speak. Now to explain the last statement. Under the moniker that the band previously used, we recorded what became a 9 song demo, including the 4 songs that are currently posted on our page. Unfortunately for us, the over zealous, jackass band member who was producing those recordings decided he was going to bastardize our music by putting his unwanted touches to our music, thus tainting and changing the songs from their original form.

"I am thrilled to report today that not only have the songs been unbastardized, but restored to their original forms (or as closely as we could get them), with all of the extra unwanted added parts having been removed and replaced with properly rewritten parts implemented in their places, and in some places upgrades have been done to further tweak the songs making them all the better even yet! Blessed Armageddon was made into an instrumental because of the additional unwanted parts that were added, making it too much effort for an inexperienced vocalist to even try to make an effort to sing over.

"The band also has moved out of our old rehearsal studio. The working environment in that facility has really degraded over the last year, seeing it become more of a party palace with way too many unneeded or unwanted distractions. Not to mention this was done in even FURTHER attempts to distance ourselves from former band members and what they represent, just another way to cut old, dead, unwanted ties. More...

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Tribunal Parts Ways With Vocalist

Maryland's Tribunal has issued the following announcement about parting ways with vocalist Robert Bradley:

"Time again for another update. Today marks the departure of Robert Bradley as vocalist with Tribunal. To state the facts and oppress any false statements this parting is due to creative and directional differences, as well as a mutually agreed and understood parting on both sides. There is no animosity as the band wishes Robert well in all his future endeavors. The auditions for the new voice of Tribunal will start next week, with several already having expressed interest. The recording of the record will continue as scheduled!

"I will be laying bass tracks to the new material so we can mix it and get it out to the new potential vocalists, once completed we will be pulling the 4 songs down from the page and rerecording them, as well as some arrangement tweaking ( replacing parts etc etc ) and new lyrics and title for the track now know as 'Deceiver.' I will post another update in a few weeks after round #1 of the auditions are over."

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Tribunal Issues Band Update

Maryland's Tribunal has checked in with the following update about the band's activity:

"Hello again friends, time for another update on what's been going on lately. The band has been working very, very hard to get the set ready for this Saturday night as we invade Sinix in Baltimore. We will be debuting new material that we have never played live before as well as some surprises! This is going to be a special homecoming show for us. Sinix is the 1st place we played years ago when we were under another name and the club also had another name as well. Since then, both us and the club have upgraded ourselves and changed our names. This will be our debut show there as TRIBUNAL!

"Now onto some other news....The band is signing a deal with an agency very, very soon! Yes you heard correctly! Tribunal WILL be signing a deal with an agency within the next week! This agency is a top notch agency that will be very helpful and instrumental in helping Tribunal get to the next level! We WILL be playing in both new venues and new territories for the band and are extremely excited about this! More...

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