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Band Photo: Dragonforce (?)

Formed: 1999
From: London, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active


The band is powered by the twin guitar assaults of Herman Li and Sam Totman, vocalist ZP Theart, keyboard player Vadim Pruzhanov, bassist Adrian Lambert, and drummer David Mackintosh. A standard line-up for a rock band it may at first appear but DragonForce features a uniquely diverse, multi-cultural line-up (Hong Kong, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Ukraine).

Early DragonForce can best be described as a mix of modern melodic power metal with the fury of speed metal, since than, the band’s style has evolved into a even more distinctive sound of their own. By combining all their favorite aspects of different rock and metal styles they like, ranging from – classic/power/thrash/speed/death/progressive metal/hard rock and video games music, played with a high octane energy, DragonForce’s sound maybe best described as ‘Extreme Power Metal’.

The catchy and instantly memorable melodies that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some outrageous speed, power, complex twin guitar wizardry and extreme metal drumming are just some of the qualities that separate this band from the masses. This sonic fury in no way hides the bands greatest strength - their songwriting ability.

The band started off with a self produced demo which attracted over half a million (500 000) downloads from 1 internet site alone. DragonForce had already toured with the likes of Halford, Stratovarius and Virgin Steele as well as headlining their own shows across England without having an album out. After the release of their debut album, Valley Of The Damned, the band was invited for their first tour of South East Asia, headlining their own shows in Thailand, opening for Helloween on their Japanese tour, and performing to an invited audience in Taiwan.

Latest Dragonforce News

Below is our complete Dragonforce news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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More Dragonforce, All That Remains Dates

More dates have been released for DRAGONFORCE's headlining North American tour with ALL THAT REMAINS and HORSE THE BAND:

September 8 - Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre
September 9 - San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
September 11 - Portalnd, OR @ Roseland Theatre
September 12 - Vancouver, BC @ Croatian Cultural Centre
September 13 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox
September 15 - Boise, ID @ Big Easy
September 16 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Avalon
September 17 - Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
September 20 - Chicago, IL @ Vic Theatre
September 22 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart's
September 23 - Detroit, MI @ Harpo's
September 24 - Toronto, ON @ Docks Nightclub
September 25 - Montreal, QC @ The Medley
September 27 - Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
September 28 - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
September 29 - New York, NY @ Nokia Theatre
October 3 - Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom
October 5 - Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
October 6 - San Diego, CA @ House of Blues

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Ozzfest 2006 Stops In Indianapolis

On Sunday, July 23, the annual metal-gods tour known as Ozzfest, minus Ozzy, of course, rolled through Indianapolis, and the event passed without much out of the ordinary. The day saw a couple of fights, a lot of marijuana, a whole lot of ignorant people who harassed event staff at every turn, and a lot of people waiting to see the last three bands of the night without any knowledge of who played the second and early main stages—a typical Ozzfest. More...

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Metallica Guitarist Loves Dragonforce

Steve Baltin of AOL Music recently asked METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett which new guitarists have impressed him of late.

"I really like this absurd band called DRAGONFORCE," Kirk said. "Those are the fastest guitar players I think I've ever seen. They're like Yngwie [Malmsteen] on steroids. No, they're like Barry Bonds on guitar. It's amazing. I saw one video and I swear to God the guy must've played 75,000 notes."

As for some of the other music Hammett's been digging, he said, "I like MUSE, MARS VOLTA, TRIVIUM, THE SWORD. I think WOLFMOTHER is fun. THE BLACK KEYS. And I've been listening to HANK WILLIAMS, because you've just got to. It's as heavy as ROBERT JOHNSON or BOB DYLAN."

What was the last concert he saw? "Must've been our own show on YouTube. I was watching our Moscow show from 1991 and thinking, 'Damn, we were good that night. What happened?'"

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More Dragonforce, All That Remains Dates

More dates have been released for DRAGONFORCE's headlining North American tour with ALL THAT REMAINS and HORSE THE BAND:

September 8 - Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre
September 9 - San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
September 11 - Portalnd, OR @ Roseland Theatre
September 12 - Vancouver, BC @ Croatian Cultural Centre
September 13 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox
September 16 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Avalon
September 23 - Detroit, MI @ Harpo's
September 24 - Toronto, ON @ Docks Nightclub
September 25 - Montreal, QC @ The Medley
October 5 - Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
October 6 - San Diego, CA @ House of Blues

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More Dragonforce, All That Remains Dates

More dates have been released for DRAGONFORCE's headlining tour with ALL THAT REMAINS and HORSE THE BAND:

September 8 - Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre
September 9 - San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
September 11 - Portalnd, OR @ Roseland Theatre
September 13 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox
September 23 - Detroit, MI @ Harpo's
September 24 - Toronto, ON @ Docks Nightclub
October 6 - San Diego, CA @ House of Blues

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Dragonforce Add More Dates, Announced Support

DRAGONFORCE will be embarking on a headlining US tour this September with ALL THAT REMAINS and HORSE THE BAND. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

September 8 - Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre
September 9 - San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
September 23 - Detroit, MI @ Harpo's

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Dragonforce To Headline A One Off In San Fransisco

DRAGONFORCE have announced a headlining gig at The Warfield in San Francisco, CA on September 9. No support acts have been announced as of yet, however, tickets go on sale July 30.

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U Weekly Interview With Dragonforce

Brian O'Neill of UWeekly.com recently conducted an interview with DRAGONFORCE guitarist Herman Li. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

U Weekly: Herman, enquiring minds want to know... Dude, how do you shred so hard?

Herman: "(Laughter) I don't know! That's one of those hard to answer questions. We just play what we think sounds cool and if people think that's cool then we have something in common."

U Weekly: It does surprise many that you never took any formal lessons in your life...

Herman: "No, I pretty much learned from watching videos and listening to music, things like that. I never had any guitar lessons or anything like that. I just played and tried different things and work it out and see what works and what doesn't. I can't read music either. I did think about (taking lessons) but I never really had the time. I used to skip my music lessons when I was in school, anyway. All that stuff about timing and reading, I just skipped it and didn't go."

U Weekly: You call yourself "video game metal." Where does that come from?

Herman: "Our musical influences actually come from video game music! Games in the '80s had great melodies because back than, with such shitty sound to work with then, I guess they had to make great melodies."

U Weekly: Is DRAGONFORCE the only "real" metal band on Ozzfest?

Herman: "It's hard to define what metal is. I think there are a lot of metal bands on Ozzfest — you can say they pretty much are all metal bands — but metal has evolved. As times progress, things change and people approach it differently. People think that metal has to have solos — which I actually don't disagree because metal is the only kind of music that you really can kind of let your guitar go sometimes — but I think there are a lot of great metal bands on Ozzfest like STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. There are some cool bands onstage."

U Weekly: Regardless of what it exactly is, bands that sound like you are not getting signed to big labels such as Roadrunner and playing Ozzfest. What do you think accounts for your rapidly growing popularity?

Herman: "I think it's because the way we approach the music us mixing up styles makes us different from those other bands. That and our live performance is what make us DRAGONFORCE. We do have an identity, people hear our songs and they know who we are."

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Dragonforce Remains Strong On Charts

Last week metal heroes DragonForce debuted at #1 on the Heatseekers Top New Artist Chart with 9,672 units sold of Inhuman Rampage, their latest US release and first for Roadrunner Records. Concurrently debuting at #103 on Billboard Top 200 Chart, Inhuman Rampage, in its first week alone, has already out-scanned Valley of the Damned and Sonic Firestorm’s US cumulative sales. This week the band only saw a 24% drop (typical drop for metal bands is 60%) with 7,348 albums scanned, good enough for #2 on the Top New Artist Chart. As the band performs on Ozzfest’s mainstage and headlines their own off-dates.

Inhuman Rampage features songs such as “Operation Ground And Pound,” 'Revolution Deathsquad,” “Storming The Burning Fields” and the first single “Through The Fire And Flames,” the video for which is receiving spins on MTV2.

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Underoath Debuts At No. 2 on Billboard

Underoath's third studio album 'Define the Great Line' has debuted at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 selling 98,000 units. Dragonforce sold 10,000 copies of their third disc, 'Inhuman Rampage', giving them the No. 103 position. AFI's latest 'decemberunderground' continues to fall and now sets at No. 9. Korn's new DVD 'Live From the Other Side' debuted at No. 3 on Billboard's Music DVD chart.

Sales were down 10% compared to the previous week and down 8% compared to the same week last year. Overall sales for 2006 are down 4% compared to 2005.

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Lacuna Coil, DragonForce and BTBAM Off-Fest Dates

Lacuna Coil have lined up seven off-date Ozzfest gigs just as "Enjoy the Silence," the second single from their latest offering, Karmacode, is set to impact commercial-rock radio. The Coil will perform with Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu in Englewood, Colorado (July 5); Rob Zombie and Anthrax in Oklahoma City (July 12); DragonForce and Between the Buried and Me in Minneapolis (July 14); Atreyu in Grand Rapids, Michigan, (July 20); Avenged and Bleeding Through in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, (August 8); Atreyu in Nashville (August 10); and DragonForce and Between the Buried and Me in Atlanta (August 11).

In related news, Between the Buried and Me and DragonForce are teaming for more off-dates: June 30 (Eugene, Oregon); July 5 (Colorado Springs, Colorado); July 12 (Fort Worth, Texas); July 13 (Columbia, Missouri, with the Red Chord and A Life Once Lost); July 17 (Traverse City, Michigan); July 24 (Louisville, Kentucky, with Bleeding Through); July 31 (Poughkeepsie, New York); August 2 (Burlington, Vermont); August 12 (Tallahassee, Florida); August 14 (Lake Buena Vista, Florida); August 15 (St. Petersburg, Florida); August 17 (New Orleans); and August 18 (Houston).

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Dragonforce Guitarists In Guitar Hero Showdown

The following message has been posted at the official Dragonforce website:

"Head over to UGO for a one-of-a-kind showcase pitting DragonForce guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman against UGO's video game editors for a friendly joust through the wildly popular video game Guitar Hero. Click here to watch the games, the 'Through The Fire And Flames' video, and an exclusive interview with DragonForce guitarists Herman and Sam.

Then click here to view some great live pics from their recent NYC show and to read their rave review of the band's new album, Inhuman Rampage - the first A review in UGO's history!"

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Dragonforce's "Inhuman Rampage" Album Streaming

MP3.com is now streaming the entire of Dragonforce's new album, "Inhuman Rampage", online here.

The album was released in Europe in January and was also meant to be released in the U.S. at the same time. However, due to label problems the album is now due out in the U.S. on June 20th via Roadrunner Records and will contain the video for "Through the Fire and Flames" as a bonus.

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Dragonforce Post Ozzfest Off-Day Headline Schedule

As previously reported, DRAGONFORCE will be doing the Ozzfest tour this summer with several off-day headline show taking place along the way. Those headline dates - with support from BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME - are now as follows:

30 - Eugene, OR at WOW Hall

5 - Colorado Springs, CO at The Black Sheep
12 - Ft. Worth, TX at Ridglea Theatre
14 - Minneapolis, MN at The Quest (with LACUNA COIL)
17 - Traveres City, MI at Streeters
24 - Louisville, KY at Headliners (with BLEEDING THROUGH)
31 - Poughkeepsie, NY at The Chance

2 - South Burlington, VT at Higher Ground
3 - Clifton Park, NY at Northern Lights (with ATREYU)
10 - Charlotte, NC at Tremont Music Hall
11 - Atlanta, GA at The Masquerade (with Lacuna Coil)
12 - Tallahassee, FL at The Beta Bar
14 - Lake Buena Vista, FL at House of Blues
15 - St. Petersburg, FL at State Theatre
18 - Houston, TX at Meridian

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Dragonforce Video Now Streaming Online

DRAGONFORCE's 'Through The Fire And Flames' video is now available online at this location. Viewing the video will help to represent Metal in the Top Videos chart. Every view counts as a vote so don't delay. Also note that only the Internet Explorer browser can view the video.

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Headline News

Avenged Sevenfold and DragonForce On Ozzfest 2006

It comes as little surprise that Avenged Sevenfold have been officially confirmed as the mystery band on the main stage for Ozzfest 2006. The real surprise announcement is that power metal band Dragonforce, recently signed to Roadrunner Records in North America and rumored to be joining Gigantour 2006, has been added as the main stage opener as well.

Ozzy Osbourne is now slated to headline the second stage on three dates (replacing some dates that he was previously thought to be headlining the main stage):

July 8 - San Bernardino, CA's Hyundai Pavilion of Glen Helen
July 11 - San Antonio, TX at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
July 22 - East Troy, WI at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre

OZZY says, "After 10 years of headlining Ozzfest's main-stage I think it's time for a change. I haven't had a chance to play this close to an audience in years and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it."

Also announced is that Ozzfest emcee Big Dave and professional Ozzfest party guy, Eddie, have begun their nationwide search visiting 19 of the festival's 26 cities to find the first-ever Miss Ozzfest. The duo will be accepting entries and taking photographs of Miss Ozzfest candidates in each city. Throughout the summer the Ozzfest fans can vote for your favorites at Ozzfest.com. All entries collected from Big Dave and Eddie will be posted for you to vote on. The top three in each city will be awarded FREE tickets to the show in their city, where at some point during the evening's festivities, the three contestants will be presented on stage to the fans who will vote on a winner. Photos of each winning contestant, including the top vote getters from Raleigh and West Palm Beach, will be posted once again on Ozzfest.com, where fans can pick their Miss Ozzfest 2006. Final voting will be held at Ozzfest.com on August 7 and 8. The winning beauty will be awarded the grand prize and receive round trip airfare and accommodations for her and a guest to attend the year's final show August 13 in West Palm Beach where she'll be crowned Miss Ozzfest 2006.

Here's a recap of the complete official Ozzfest 2006 lineup and tour dates: More...

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Into Eternity Issue Studio Update

Canada’s technical metallers INTO ETERNITY are currently hard at work recording the follow-up to 2004’s groundbreaking, Buried In Oblivion. Calling in, guitarist and mainman Tim Roth said. “This week Jim (Austin) finished tracking drums on six songs, and I’ll start recording all the guitar parts Thursday. Hopefully I’ll be done this weekend as we start recording Troy’s bass on Monday and are shooting to get to vocals recorded by next weekend. All signs point towards an early fall release, if all goes well. I’d also like to say that the New England Metal Fest went great, and we got some great photos from that trip, check them and our photos with Dragonforce out here. We also posted photos from our sold-out hometown show there as well. That’ll have to tide you guys over until we get back on the road. See all of you later this year!”

INTO ETERNITY spent 2005 circumnavigating North America on six different continent spanning tours. Returning home to finish writing material for this new album the band also performed at the New England Metal Fest before supporting Gamma Ray on the East Coast.

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Dragonforce Sydney Performance Photos and Videos

Photos of Dragonforce and Black Majesty, plus two videos from the sold out Sydney, Australia show have been posted on Pyromusic.com. You can check them out here.

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DragonForce Selling Out North American Tour

Tickets for DRAGONFORCE's upcoming North American tour with PROTEST THE HERO and SANCTITY are selling out quickly. The following is the current status of the band's tour:

April 28 - Toronto, ON @ Opera House - SOLD OUT
April 29 - Montreal, QC @ Medley
April 30 - Worcester, MA @ New England Metal and Hardcore Festival
May 2 - New York, NY @ Avalon - SOLD OUT
May 3 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
May 4 - West Springfield, VA @ Jaxx - SOLD OUT
May 5 - Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom
May 6 - Chicago, IL @ Metro - SOLD OUT
May 8 - Denver, CO @ Cervantes
May 10 - San Francisco, CA @ The Pound - SOLD OUT
May 11 - Los Angeles, CA @ Whisky - SOLD OUT

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Trivium, In Flames, Opeth Metal Hammer Nominees

The nominations for the fourth annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards — which this year takes place on Monday, June 12 at Koko in Camden, North London — were recently announced. In keeping with the "Valhalla" theme of this year's awards, Metal Hammer magazine have teamed up with the crew of the "Hammer of the Gods", an authentic full-size replica Viking longboat, to launch both the awards on June 12 and the team's cross channel row, which takes place on the weekend of June 3 to raise money for charity Task Brazil.

Leading the field for nominations are longstanding rock and metal purveyors Roadrunner Records, with a staggering total of 14 nominations for the label that is home to acts as diverse as SLIPKNOT, MACHINE HEAD and award-nominated DRAGONFORCE. Coming in a very close second for overall nominations is major label powerhouse Warner Music with an impressive 11 awards for their roster of breakthrough U.S. rock bands MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and AVENGED SEVENFOLD (a favourite of Radio 1's Jo Whiley), as well as Valley boys FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND and Finnish rockers H.I.M. In a complete whitewash of the category, Warner Music have secured four of the five nominations in the "Best Video" category, with the fifth and final nomination going to Roadrunner.

Going head-to-head with a joint total of four nominations are Sony and Universal, while EMI have secured two nominations for metal stalwarts and British institution IRON MAIDEN. Coming on strong is independent challenger to the rock throne Visible Noise marginally trails Sony and Universal with three nominations including "Best UK Band" and "Album of the Year", both for BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE. U.S. alternative rockers COHEED & CAMBRIA have surprised many with 3 nominations including appearances in the prestigious "Best Album" and "Best International Band" categories.

The full nominations list for the fourth annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2006 is as follows: More...

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