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Band Photo: Dragonforce (?)

Formed: 1999
From: London, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active


The band is powered by the twin guitar assaults of Herman Li and Sam Totman, vocalist ZP Theart, keyboard player Vadim Pruzhanov, bassist Adrian Lambert, and drummer David Mackintosh. A standard line-up for a rock band it may at first appear but DragonForce features a uniquely diverse, multi-cultural line-up (Hong Kong, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Ukraine).

Early DragonForce can best be described as a mix of modern melodic power metal with the fury of speed metal, since than, the band’s style has evolved into a even more distinctive sound of their own. By combining all their favorite aspects of different rock and metal styles they like, ranging from – classic/power/thrash/speed/death/progressive metal/hard rock and video games music, played with a high octane energy, DragonForce’s sound maybe best described as ‘Extreme Power Metal’.

The catchy and instantly memorable melodies that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some outrageous speed, power, complex twin guitar wizardry and extreme metal drumming are just some of the qualities that separate this band from the masses. This sonic fury in no way hides the bands greatest strength - their songwriting ability.

The band started off with a self produced demo which attracted over half a million (500 000) downloads from 1 internet site alone. DragonForce had already toured with the likes of Halford, Stratovarius and Virgin Steele as well as headlining their own shows across England without having an album out. After the release of their debut album, Valley Of The Damned, the band was invited for their first tour of South East Asia, headlining their own shows in Thailand, opening for Helloween on their Japanese tour, and performing to an invited audience in Taiwan.

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Dragonforce Comments on "Reaching Into Infinity"

There is technical and then there is Dragonforce. Listeners try to discredit the band, saying they use too many effects, but an effect can’t make your fingers move with the precision and speed the band possesses. Guitarist Herman Li has made a career out of complex notes. Don’t think Dragonforce is all flash and no substance, though, the band writes very “powerful” power metal songs. Sometimes they’re thrashy and fast, sometimes they’re melodic and slow—whatever the case it, Dragonforce is one of the biggest power metal bands in the world. Even though Mr. Li doesn’t want to acknowledge numbers, last year the band played in front of nearly 200,000 people at Woodstock in Portland, Oregon.

Now the band is gearing up to release another album, “Reaching Into Infinity,” which will drop on May 19. Shredder extraordinaire, Herman Li spoke with me concerning the album, playing live and about their being on another video game. Listen to the interview as you scroll down through the text.


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Interview with DragonForce

On Friday April 2, I had the chance to interview Herman Li online from the power metal band Dragonforce. Herman and I had a great deal of fun doing it, as you can probably tell from the interview. The interview was a true honor. At first I was kind of nervous, though I couldn't show it, I was. In the end that nervousness didn't last very long. Herman quickly was able to make me laugh and enjoy myself. I actually realized some basic things about life though this interview, it was definately a life changing experience for me (ok maybe not, but it did rule). He did, though, give me different answers than I was expecting, and he always added a bit of humor to his responses. I suggest that everyone reading this should at least check it out. More...

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