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From: United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Ravenhelm news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Munnin Comments On Ravenhelm

Munnin of one man black metal act Ravenhelm, who previously announced the end of the band, has now checked in with the following statement about the history of the project:

"I have made a lot of mistakes with the process of creating the music for Ravenhelm. From ripping the heads off of people who literally told me to stop raping my instruments audio jack, becoming enemies with crooked domestic indie labels, slander, never promoting this shit music and being two faced in some regards, and rushing music recording for the sake of releasing music are just among the plethora of reasons. Hell, being that Ravenhelm may not of been my ‘first’ musical endeavor is not exactly the a reason for me to release sup-bar badly executed music with no flow. Do I wish to take back my past mistakes? Yes, in a way I do. However, if I never experienced this faulty run...how was I ever to expect to evolve from this shit storm of mediocrity?

"Am I stating that I came off as an elitist piece of shit because I am so ‘underground’? Yes, I did very much so. Am I here to ‘apologize’ for it? FUCK NO. In the bitter end of Ravenhelm, I created ‘music’ or whatever you want to call this shit for the sake of loving to write music. I am no ‘uber talented virtuoso of music and guitar’ or what have you. I simply created music because I like to. Many people have had many of years more experience than I do, in which is obvious of the individuals that surround me and my little ‘circle’. I also can't say that I practiced as much as I should, spending more time wiping the floor of scrubs in Halo or decapitating zombie hordes seemed to take center stage, hooked up the studio amp and roared away more of my time and interest. Why not? Sometimes a good video game was more than enough for the time. More...

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Ravenhelm Calls It A Day

Torr "Munnin" Bunnell of one man black metal act Ravenhelm, which was featured in an earlier edition of our "Unearthing the Metal Underground" column, has issued the following update about the project coming to an end:

"As of late, I have been in a part of my life were I find that I no longer need Ravenhelm. The ideologies behind the music, I will always cherish as a part of who I am. However, I do not want to have this project stagnate and be hampered by mistakes I have done in the past that may or may not smeared its name. I don't want to be one of those projects/bands that just does the same thing year in and year out. Further more, I am bringing an end to Ravenhelm. Musically I just no longer feel it, I ran its course and nothing more can really be said or done.

"The latest album now out, 'Runemal' will be the last publicly released album from me, under the Ravenhelm name. You can order the last album through Ziekte Records. Ravenhelm was my gateway project into full time recording. Before this project, I went into long hiatuses without bands or lacking the ability to put music together. I made my fair share of bad choices with Ravenhelm, which I shall not continue again with my future projects. There might be a good dose of Ravenhelm influences in my future musical endeavors, but beyond that the project known as 'Ravenhelm' will be put to an end. More...

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Unearthing The Solo Black Metal Underground

Each week in "Unearthing the Metal Underground," we'll be putting the spotlight on a few quality underground bands in an attempt to get the word out. This week we’ll be uncovering three bands that aren’t connected by geographical location, but rather by their decision to go it alone as solo black metal musicians.

By eschewing the benefits and difficulties inherent to a full band, the solo black metal artist is completely unchained by outside influence. A one man black metal group is only constrained by the limitations of his own imagination to create exactly the sound and feel he wants in any release. With how it easy it has become to create a professional sounding release at home it shouldn’t be any surprise that creative minds would want to completely take the reins of their musical direction. More...

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Ravenhelm Going On Hiatus

U.S. based blackened folk metal act Ravenhelm has checked in with the following update about going on hiatus:

"Ravenhelm back in 2009 and early 2010 has officially finished off the writing and recording of Runemal which took me 8/9 months of work. the release date will soon be announced, the album however will be released with Ziekte Records this summer. I also plan on re-recording a 'majority' of the debut album 'Through Pagan Mist' probably late late late 2010. Which I hope to find a label to release, most likely to go in Ziekte Records as well.Plans are underway for a split album with Appalachian Winter. The tracks for my portion of the album are.... 1.) I, Brother Wolf 2.) Mountain Cabin 3.) Forest Spirits I Speak

"None of these are yet to be written but they will be done shortly after I am finished with the upcoming demo for my Doom/Death side band, VanityVania. There are also plans for one final full length album titled, 'Raven's Caw' to be started on in 2011. Afterwards, the future for Ravenhelm is unknown to me. I have been growing more and more disgusted with the hypocritical natures and politics that govern this so called 'scene.' More...

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Ravenhelm Streaming New Music

U.S. based blackened folk metallers Ravenhelm are currently streaming four new tracks online. The songs "Across Njord's Blue - Part 1," "Runemal," "As The Runes Paint The Menhir," and a re-recorded version of their song "Hail Our Father Wotan" can be heard at the band's official MySpace page.

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