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Iron Savior

Formed: 1996
From: Hamburg, Germany
Last Known Status: Active

Iron Savior Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Iron Savior.


Piet Sielck Tells The Tale Of His Rebirth In Metal

Four years had passed before Iron Savior landed with the latest release “The Landing.” In the time since “Megatropolis,” founder/guitarist and producer/engineering mastermind Piet Sielck, unknown to many, was struggling to balance two bands, two record labels and three children. The collapse of his label Dockyard due to betrayal of trust with his partners, Sielck was abandoned with mounting debt which ate at his love of music to the point where he had consciously decided he might give it up.

However, AFM Records struck a deal to buy out the failing label giving Piet the light at the end the tunnel he needed. Then in late 2010, Piet picked up the guitar, the same one he picked up a year prior having found he lost the passion, and wrote half of what would become, ironically, the song “RU Ready.” The first song complete with lyrics would also foreshadow and embody the new Iron Savior, the true metal track “Heavy Metal Never Dies.” Piet had found his passion again and love for metal. In 2011, he managed to leave the nightmare of Dockyard behind, sign a new deal, shed one band (Savage Circus) and release one of the finest Iron Savior albums ever, “The Landing” (see Metal Underground’s review at this location).

Piet checked in with Metal Underground to tell the story of his re-birth in true metal. More...

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