"some music was meant to stay underground..."


From: Manitoba, Canada
Last Known Status: Disbanded

Latest Kuldakaust News

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Agassiz Pushes Back Album Recording

Canada's Agassiz, which was formerly known as Kuldakaust, has issued the following update about new live shows and recording a new album:

"Hello, we are Agassiz. A metal band that infuses 90's black metal with heavy doom. We were once known as Kuldakaust but later through line up changes and a more defined sound we changed our name to Agassiz which resembles where we are from as well as can be tied in with out music.

"We are currently playing a show this upcoming Tuesday at the zoo with Split Lip Grin, We Found The Body and Silence for the Fallen. We also have a show coming up in Brandon on Oct. 30th. It should be a great show. More details will be announced later.

"Now recording. We've decided to push recording our full length back until October. The reasoning is so that we can really take the time to fix all the bugs, be prepared and know what we want to do when we record. In the end we'll have great quality songs which will make our album worth getting. More...

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Kuldakaust Changes Band Name

Guitarist Deadwood of Canada's Kuldakaust has issued the following brief statement about the band changing names:

"It's been some time since we've solidified a line up. Now we've decided to change our name. Our music and style has changed since we got together. You can now find us under our new name. Agassiz [Ag-a-see]."

You can check out the band's new music via the Agassiz MySpace page.

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Kuldakaust Streaming New Demo Track

Canada's Kuldakaust has issued the following update about posting a new song titled "Autumn's Envy, Summer's Death" online:

"We have almost finished a couple demo's up, they just need vocals. We've uploaded a new song. The quality is a little bit crappy because of myspace, and compression, etc. There are no vocals to the track because they aren't quite finished yet but we thought we'd let everyone know we're still alive and writing material.

"We will be playing a show in Brandon MB this Saturday with ANMN, Willow and Illusive Mind Gypsy Crew. If you're in the area or want to take a road trip, c'mon down and watch us! Show starts at 9pm. Also we will be playing a show on September 14th in Winnipeg at The Zoo with Split Lip Grin, We Found the Body (AB) and Silence For The Fallen."

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Kuldakaust Issues Band Update

Canada's Kuldakaust has checked in with the following update about upcoming live shows and working on a new album:

"Hey folks, it's been some time since we've last updated you. Things have been really busy for all of us as of late so some things like the demo's we were recording still aren't complete but they should be soon.

"On August 7th we'll be play a show in Brandon, MB with Illusive Mind Gypsy Crew as well as Wake from Calgary! So if you're in the area come out and support. There may be another band on the bill but so far we've had little luck finding one to play.

"Full Length! How is the process going? Is it done? Well, the writing is 95% done. All our songs are completely written except for some lyrics. Other than that we're fine tuning it all and getting ready to record it all."

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Kuldakaust Checks In With Band Update

Canada's Kuldakaust has checked in with the following update about recruiting new members and recording new material:

"It's been awhile since we've updated everyone out there but we are still alive and kicking. We will hopefully be playing some shows this summer. We've just recently added a Vocalist that goes by the name of Trauma and a Guitarist that goes by the name of Bontey. The songs are getting a lot tighter and dynamic so look out for some demoed songs in the near future, both new and updated.

"Recording....well, we are getting ready for our full length album and in doing so we are going to be recording/demoing some of the new songs as well as the an updated version of an older song. Once done we'll make sure we put them up on our MySpace.

"Finally to end things, we've moved to October's Mist Records, which is the parent label to Beneath the Fog. It's on the major side of labels. We look forward to the new change, the growth and opportunity that has been presented to us."

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Hoarfrost Parts Ways With Guitarist

Hoarfrost guitarist Brett Goodchild has checked in with the following statement about deciding to part ways with the band:

"Dear Frost Legion, I'm taking this time to address you all on my departure from Hoarfrost. I began playing in Hoarfrost in 2008, part of the original line up. I now feel it's time to move on and focus on doing something else. Many of you know that I have another band, Kuldakaust which I will be moving my focus to after I'm finished playing with Hoarfrost.

"I will be playing the Of Human Bondage/Woods of Ypres show on June 19th and the second School's all out show on June 26th which will be my last show. I'd like to thank Kyle, Ryan, Scott, and Craig for the times we've shared on the stage as a band and off as friends.

"I'd also like to thank the fans for supporting Hoarfrost and hope that you continue to support the band after I'm gone, which I'm sure you all will do. Hopefully down the road you'll see a Hoarfrost/Kuldakaust show. To my band mates, friends, and fans thank you for all the great times."

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Kuldakaust Issues Band Update

Guitarist Deadwood of U.K. black metal act Kuldakaust has checked in with the following update about the band's activity:

"First off I'd like to let you all know that our writing is going smoothly. Our new material is developing quite naturally. So you can expect quality material. Second I'd like for you all to know that we've acquired a vocalist and a new guitarist. We will be working hard and making sure we write quality songs for you all.

"Finally, we are ready to take our sound to the stage. We are currently looking for shows to play. So book us know. To do so you can simply message us on our myspace or email: kuldakaust@gmail.com and we'll be sure to get back to you."

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Kuldakaust Writing New Album

Canadian ambient black metal act Kuldakaust has checked in with the following update about writing material for a new album:

"As of late we've been working on writing material and a full length album. The new songs are going to be a bit different from our early stuff. They'll be longer, more ambient and will have a different feel overall. We have also gotten a new vocalist to play with us live and on album...that's all we can say for now.

"In other news our demo is out on Beneath the Fog. You can either get a copy directly from us or through Beneath the Fog. We have limited copies so if you want one, get them now! Once we run out, you'll have to order from Beneath the Fog."

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Kuldakaust Offering Demo As Free Download

Canadian ambient black metal act Kuldakaust is currently offering both the original lo-fi and new cleaned up version of their first demo as a free MP3 download. The demos can be downloaded at this location. Kuldakaust is also currently streaming two new songs from the demo online. The tracks "Winter Wasteland" and "Frost Demon" can be heard at the band's MySpace page.

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