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Gotham O.D.

From: Finland
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Gotham O.D. News

Below is our complete Gotham O.D. news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Gotham O.D. Announces Chinese Tour

After previously canceling several tour dates due to illness, Gotham O.D. has now issued the following announcement about lining up a series of Chinese shows in August:

"Firebox Agency's conquest of the China's growing music market has proceeded to the point when our merry men from Finland's Savo are just about to enter the plane headed for Beijing. The originally planned showlist has grown to total of eight shows and now the tour includes festival performances at MIDI Ocean Music Festival in Rizhao and at MIDI Music Festival in Zhang Jiang.

"The band waits eagerly to get on the way and is going to play awesome shows in every venue. The Finnish craziness and love for rocknroll will be manifesting in the China stages like never before. The singer Ilkka's and drummer Jone's video greeting to China can be found below. At this point the band wishes everyone a great rest of the summer and promises to tell about their adventures in video and text form when they have returned. Now we say Zàijiàn and Bye bye for a moment!"

The currently announced dates are as follows:

5.8.2011 Erjinder live house, Yinchuang
6.8.2011 MIDI Ocean Music festival, Rizhao Olympic Aquatic Park, Rizhao City
7.8.2011 Kui Live House, Hangzhou
8.8.2011 Material Life Live House, Xining
10.8.2011 Gu Bao Live House, Nangjing
11.8.2011 Yu Yin Tang Live House, Shanghai
12.8.2011 Nine Ball Club, Hangzhou
13.8.2011 MIDI Music festival, Zhang Jiang

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Gotham O.D. Cancels Tour Dates

Gotham O.D. recently posted a new song online titled "In a Shell." The band has now issued the following announcement about canceling upcoming tour dates due to illness:

"Unfortunately the band has to cancel a few shows due to an acute illness case within the band. The singer Ilkka has some throat problems so he is unable to perform at least for a few weeks.

"The rest of the band wish Ilkka a speedy recovery and to all a great summer! We'll see you in Backyard Rock, Loviisa in July!"

Additional details on the band can be found by heading over to the official Gotham O.D. MySpace page.

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Gotham O.D. Posts New Song Online

After previously posting a new song online titled "Escape to Salvation," Gotham O.D. has now uploaded another new track.

You can check out the new song "In a Shell" by heading over to the official Gotham O.D. website here. The band's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

22.04.2011 Pashafest, Next Step, Varkaus
23.04.2011 Pub Katse, Jyväskylä
30.04.2011 Music Bar Corona, Pieksämäki
07.05.2011 Alexia, Loviisa
13.05.2011 Castro Pub, Vesileppis, Leppävirta (Semi-Acoustic)
14.05.2011 Savonsolmu, Pieksämäki
21.05.2011 Euro Bike Fest, Pasohlávky, Czech Republic
27.05.2011 Happytime, Savonlinna
28.05.2011 Mopo Rock, Leppävirta
01.06.2011 PimpeRock, Wanhat Weturitallit, Pieksämäki
17.06.2011 Pub Katse, Jyväskylä (w/ Lionsex (UK))
18.06.2011 Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki (w/ Lionsex (UK), The Fallen(UK), Dirty Dealers)
23.07.2011 Backyard Rock, Loviisa
05.08.2011 Mao Live House, Beijing, China
06.08.2011 TBA, Bao Tou, China
07.08.2011 TBA, Huhehaote, China
10.08.2011 TBA, Tian Jing, China
12.08.2011 TBA, Taichang, China
13.08.2011 191Space, Su Zhou, China
14.08.2011 Mao Live House, Shang Hai, China
27.08.2011 Theft City Rock 2011, Varkaus
07.10.2011 TBA, Helsinki

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Gotham O.D. Announces New Tour Dates

Gotham O.D. has issued the following update about lining up Chinese tour dates and streaming a new song online:

"Hi folks! A couple of cool things to tell you about: Gotham O.D has published a new website while preparing for future adventures and releases. Along with the new website a new song, 'Escape to Salvation' can be listened from the site for a short period of time. Enjoy! The band will also be returning to the stages after a couple week's break, check out the site, the song and the live dates here!

"Exciting tour info: Gotham O.D will be touring in China for a couple of weeks in August. The tour will take our heroes from capital city Beijing to Bao Tou, Eastern Mongolia and back to eastern seaboard, the tour ending in Shanghai. Gotham O.D is very thrilled and can't wait to perform Scandinavian heavy rock to our chinese friends! The tour dates can be found here! More info and details updated later."

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Gotham O.D. To Record New Songs

Finland's Gotham O.D. has issued the following update about starting the pre-production for new material:

"Gotham O.D has started the pre-production in preparation for forthcoming releases. The band published their second album, Disbeliever in March 2010 and toured their home country actively making almost 30 shows last year. The band has no intentions to lay and rest, instead they head out towards new adventures.

"The guys start to record new material already in February, and in charge of production is Kai 'Hiili' Hiilesmaa, known from collaboration with Poisonblack, The Man-Eating Tree, The 69Eyes, HIM, Sentenced and Apocalyptica, to mention a few."

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Gotham O.D. Comments On Charity Show

Finland's Gotham O.D. has issued the following announcement about an upcoming charity show:

"Gotham O.D plays a couple of semi-acoustic gigs in Helsinki at the beginning of January. The Friday 7.1. show is in Villi Wäinö, where a charity event is held to help out Ramro Shati orphanage in Nepal, Long Way Home charity organization in Guatemala and Club Union de los Pibes charity organization in Argentina. Gotham O.D is one of the headlining acts along with Dead by You and SaraLee. The event is hosted by Radio SuomiPop's Petra Kalliomaa and Groove FM's Johanna Hautasaari.

"The event's promo/info video by Jone can be found here! Welcome to the event, everybody! For once you can rock, roll, rave and revel for a good cause!

"Unfortunately the Pacifico gig on 6.1. will be postponed to a later date in spring, probably to March. This is due to the venue's desicion. But instead, welcome to the shows in Villi Wäinö on friday and Stage on saturday!

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Gotham O.D. Announces New Live Shows

Finland's Gotham O.D. has issued the following announcement about adding on more live shows:

"Some new live dates added. Our friends in Helsinki are cherished in January, we do a series of three semi-acoustic gigs at the city centers cozy and atmospheric bars. Welcome! Although we have taken the acoustic shows to our repertoire, of course we continue to do the heavy rocking electric gigs also, so don't you worry!"

The upcoming Gotham O.D. tour dates are as follows:

10/15 2010 Music Bar Corona Pieksämäki, Etelä-Savo, FINLAND
10/16 2010 PUB KATSE Jyväskylä, Keski-Suom
12/17 2010 Kulttuurikeskus Poleeni Pieksamäki, Etelä-Savo, FINLAND
1/6 2011 Pacifico Helsinki, Uusimaa, FINLAND
1/7 2011 Villi Wäinö Helsinki, Center, FINLAND
1/8 2011 The Stage Helsinki, Uusimaa, FINLAND
Mar 18 2011 Villi Wäinö HELSINKI, Uusimaa, FINLAND

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Finnish Bands To Perform Type O Negative Tribute

Members of Beyond the Dream and Gotham O.D. will be performing under the titled "United" for a Type O Negative tribute show at Nosturi in Helsinki on June 5th, 2010. The other currently confirmed bands for the show include: Dark Filth Fraternity, Dead Shape Figure, Depressed Mode, Ghoul Patrol, Grendel, Sinisthra, Throes of Dawn, Tukkanuotta, Thrashgrinder, and Vanguard.

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Gotham O.D. Streaming More Songs Online

Gotham O.D released their new album "Disbeliever" on March 3rd, 2010. The band is now currently streaming the second half of the album online at the official Gotham O.D. MySpace page. The track listing for the album is as follows:

The track listing is as follows:

1. Into the Light
2. Glowing Goodbyes
3. Brave?
4. Change (Home/Later/Silence)
5. I Will Prevail
6. Grind

7. My Reflection
8. Disbeliever
9. The Circle
10. Till the End
11. Mea Gloria Fides
12. Just Kill Me

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