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Latest Jaldaboath News

Below is our complete Jaldaboath news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Jaldaboath To Release New EP

Medieval folk metallers Jaldaboath have issued the following announcement about recording a ne EP to see release later this year:

"Sir Jaldaboath has recently recorded the calls to arms for the Knight's team in the online gaming extravaganza that is Pirates, Vikings and Knights 2! You can download and play this wholesome game and kill your enemies whilst not even venturing onto the field of battle - furthermore, 'tis all for free! So, get on yer 'orse and sally forth to this location where work is underway on the new update (due for release very soon).

"In other news - Jaldaboath are working on a new as-yet-untitled EP to be released mid 2011 as a free download and very limited edition CD!"

You can also check out Jaldaboath's video for "Hark the Herald" here.

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Jaldaboath Working On New Material

Medieval folk metallers Jaldaboath have checked in with the following update about working on new material:

"Dearest brethren and siterlings, Jaldaboath are currently undertaking ground-works for the next release in the story of our continuing crusade through the medieval lands of lunacy, debauchery and total annihilation of all manxome foes... Although recording with a donkey-powered multi-track in the 14th Century can take some time, we are hoping to have something ready in early 2011 (your time, not ours !).

"Meanwhile, as the vestments have not as yet been forthcoming from Napalm Records, we hope this may be rectified by our very own sack-cloth mercers in the months to come. Onward to bowel exctreting doom - raise the crummhorns!"

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Jaldaboath Posts "Hark The Herald" Video

Medieval folk metallers Jaldaboath have posted a music video online for the song "Hark the Herald," which is off the band's latest album "The Rise of the Heraldic Beasts." The video clip can be viewed below.

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Jaldaboath Signs To Napalm Records

Medieval folk metallers Jaldaboath have issued the following update about signing to Napalm Records:

"Mighty brethren hordes, I scribe to you on the business and strategies of our war. As we all know, the field of battle is in constant flux with the ebb & tide of fortune, and further-more is not a cost-free venture. Even the mighty Knights of Jaldaboath are susceptible to the whims of the crown and the usurer in these times of high austerity!

"Thus, in planning campaigns of war and victory, truces must be made and the rivalries and mistrust of the past must be set aside for the greater good of Hammering Heraldic Metal, enabling us to mount sieges and battles and progress towards total victory over the Wyvern’s minions.

"From behind the walls of Rhydian, we received a message by carrier pigeon from our distant Teutonic cousins Napalm records: 'all misunderstandings to end. Stop. We admire the length of your swords. Stop. The jingle-jangle of Jaldaboath must never stop. Stop. Join us for greater victory. Stop. (message ends)' More...

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Jaldaboath To Release New Album

Medieval folk metallers Jaldaboath have announced their new album "The Rise of the Heraldic Beasts" will be released on April 23rd, 2010. Death To Music Productions has issued the following statement about releasing the album:

"The tireless trio of medieval loons known as Jaldaboath have finally announced the release of their debut album 'The Rise Of The Heraldic Beasts' After being waylaid for over a year by unreasonable changes of contract by Napalm Records, Jaldaboath have decided to instead release their debut through Death To Music Productions! Obviously there is a massive difference in what Napalm Records could have offered the band in comparison to DTM, but 'Grand Master Jaldaboath' is well known for not putting up with label nonsense, and has decided that it is time for the album to be released. The 10 track album is a collection of jousting jigs both old and new, detailing thew high adventures of these fearless troubadour knights. You can order this CD exclusively now - all orders will be dispatched to arrive on St. Georges day (that's the 23rd of April for those not in the know!)"

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