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Formed: 1999
From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Escapetor News

Below is our complete Escapetor news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Escapetor Announces New Album

The Norwegian thrash metal band Escapetor is set to release a second full-length album, entitled "Fear," through Crime Records this October 24th.

"Fear" offers up twelve tracks with a running time of just under one hour, and pre-orders will be available starting September 24th at this location.

A promotional video for the track "Mr. Hyde" can be heard below. The "Fear" track listing is as follows:

1. The Queen
2. Dark Past
3. Unknown Thoughts
4. Dealing with Fate
5. Mr. Hyde
6. Fear
7. Shadow
8. Escapetor
9. Suicide
10. Time
11. Creatures of the Night
12. Folsom Prison Blues More...

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Escapetor Recording New Songs

Norway's Escapetor has issued the following update about recording new material:

"We are slowly making progress in the studio. Just finalized recordings of 3 new songs, which will be announced and presented properly as soon as mixing, mastering, cover-art etc is finalized. Why just 3 songs? This is a pre-release, a teaser, for the upcoming GREAT next release. Which has been a little delayed due to things happening the past 6 months. Like having a new member in the band etc. We are creating new songs, rehearsing and trying to figure out what & where Escapetor will be for the next major release.

"A bit of added truth to the statement about 3 new songs: none of them are really new. One is from back in 2001, from an early Escapetor demo. Another song was actually released on the infamous 'Moments' release Escapetor made back in 2005. This song is haunting us every live-show we do. (Avid fans will by this statement figure out which song it is…) And the 3rd song is from 1969. Yes, a cover-song! It had to happen sooner or later? The mini-release will be presented and made available digitally during the next couple of weeks.

"Being busy in the studio, we haven’t really cared too much about booking gigs etc for the foreseeable future. Hanging out in the studio is just too much darn fun! So, the Emergenza festival/band-battle is basically all we do this fall. We had a blast and made a good show at Emergenza at Checkpoint on October 6th. We made it to the next battle which is Friday November 5th. Be there and support us!"

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Escapetor Announces New Guitarist

Norway's Escapetor has issued the following announcement about recruiting new guitarist Axel Feller:

"Escapetor welcomes guitarist Axel Feller. Axel joined Escapetor a couple of weeks ago and immediately started rehearsing with us in our studio. Axel brings 18 years of guitar-playing and a kick-ass heavy metal attitude to the band. Axel has played in various bands in Germany; Brain Damage, Stromkreis, Bonanzaz. After having moved to Norway Axel spent the resent years focused on composing and recording demos of his songs and awaiting the right opportunity to join a band.

"Escapetor are rehearsing with Axel to get him up to speed on our songs from Moments (2005) and Misanthropia (2009) for the gigs at Chevy´s on May 7th and Helgåråkken June 19th. Beyond those two events, we assume start working on the material we have prepared for Escapetor´s planned release late 2010. We wish Axel welcome on the team, and wish both him and us the best of luck for an exiting time to come."

You can also check out Escapetor songs via the band's MySpace page.

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Escapetor Recruits Second Guitarist

Norwegian metallers Escapetor have issued the following update about recruiting a second guitarist:

"Escapetor will shortly announce a new member to the band. Since Ole Egeli´s departure during the fall of 2009, the need for a second guitarist has been apparent, even though Escapetor kept on playing live-shows with Ragnars guitar alone. Finally the right candidate got our attention. This is a serious and talented guitarist with excellent guitar skills, live-experience and a strong sense for composing and arranging rock music with emphasis on metal. Escapetor will announce the poor dude properly in person in April when new promo-shots are available.

"The decision to take on another musician in the band will slightly affect our plans for the new record. Until further notice the planned recording sessions for May 2010 will be delayed to get our new guy a chance to participate on the recordings and on arranging the new material. This will probably postpone the release-date of the record as well. Regarding live performances we expect to be ready for the stage by mid-May. The next live-performance will be Helgåråkken June 19. Until next time, STAY TUNED!"

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